DODO’s New ‘Vintage Love’ Case Will Impress Your Lady This Valentine’s Day

VintageLove_iPadAir_Ext_1024x1024Case maker Dodo is always thinking of something different to cover your iPad. The company made a huge hit with its original book style case. In 2012, the company opened up the design process to users, so anyone could customize the perfect DODOcase for their personality. The have even teamed up with Pan Am to produce iPad cases that look like a mid-century pilot’s log.

What makes the DODOcase stand out is the way it is made. The San Francisco, CA based company employs traditional bookbinding techniques to create each handcrafted cover. Today, the company launched a beautiful love-themed cover that will make the woman in your life swoon.

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Apple’s iPad Continues to Be the Most Popular PC, Keeps Market From Declining

Canalys PC Sales 4Q13A few years ago, research firm Canalys decided that tablets should be considered PCs instead of fitting into some other mobile device category, or being separate from everyone else entirely. Because of that, Apple skyrocketed to become the number one PC seller in the world. This year, thanks to a decline in traditional PC sales, the iPad helped the category maintain growth that would have otherwise not existed in fourth quarter of 2013.

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Apple’s iWatch May Be Solar-Powered and Healthy, Will it Benefit the iPad?

iWatch 2On Sunday, The New York Times published an article regarding Apple’s attempt to create a better battery. Not only does the iPad maker want a power source that will last longer, but plugging in is no longer an option. This morning, Gigaom published an article that suggests that Apple’s new iWatch will be solar powered. Plus, the wearable computer will come stock with a new “Healthbook” app that the company plans to launch in its next big mobile operating system update. Both bits of future technology would be a great addition to the iPad, but will Apple spend the research and development effort to integrated those features in future tablets?

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Apple Releases Mac 30th Anniversary Promo Video Shot Entirely on iPhone

Mac 30 year iPadApple’s iconic flagship computer celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Last week, the company updated the website with a video showing the history of the Macintosh over the years. Around the same time, tech bloggers were predicting that Apple would participate in this year’s Super Bowl, the way it did 30 years ago. No “30 years of Mac” advertisement made it to the multi-million dollar airtime space.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: Stupid Autocorrect, How to turn off the Autocorrect Feature in iOS

Autocorrect 2It happens to all of us. Sometimes, the mistake is harmless and just makes us look like we are bad at grammar. Sometimes, iOS’s autocorrect feature gets us into deep trouble, or just makes for a very funny joke. This week, we are going to show you how to turn off the autocorrect feature on your iPad so that, when you are quickly typing those iMessages and emails, you won’t accidentally hit send before correcting, “Can you give me a rise to the shaping mall?”

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Launch Center Pro for iPad

Launch Center Pro for iPadThe week has refreshed and so has the App Store. Every week, Apple puts up a handful of apps and games under various spotlights. One such spotlight is the Editor’s Choice. Last week, Apple put In Fear I Trust on the front page of the App Store. Have you managed to escape yet?

This week, Apple has noted the release of Launch Center Pro for the iPad. This productivity app makes it possible for you to perform actions on your iPad with one tap. No more opening an app, going to a section, tapping a function. You can redirect actions into Launch Center Pro for quick use.

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LEGO Star Wars Game Brings the Force to Arcade Shooters

Star Wars

It’s no secret that my kids and I love playing Lego games on my iPad and so I was excited to see a brand new Lego arcade shooter game featuring Star Wars Microfighters. This is a great gaming experience that has just the right mix of casual fun and strategic game elements. There’s a big storm in Denver today and so I’ve played quite a few of the 18 levels and I plan on finishing it up over the weekend.

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Future Gen iPad Could Be Even Smaller While Maintaining Same Screen Size

Force Sensing 1

One look at the iPad Air and you can easily tell how Apple was able to make it so much thinner than every previous iPad. The landscape bezel is significantly slimmer. The reduction in finger space is well worth the cost to have a lighter tablet. However, the missing edge can cause accidental actions in some instances. Personally, I’ve only noticed that error once or twice in the past few months. It has happened, though. According to a new patent from Apple, there may be a time in the future when the iPad will shrink even smaller in size and the bezel won’t even be an issue thanks to smart sensor technology that would detect whether the screen was being touched for action, or simple being held.

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‘Candy Crush’ Creator Getting Flack for Trademark of the Word ‘Candy’

Candy JamNormally, when you hear about a company going after independent game developers, it is usually some patent troll that is only in the business for the sole purpose of suing people who infringe on some patent the bought off of a derelict company. You don’t usually hear about the makers of one of the most profitable games in the App Store going after independent game developers over the use of common words.

Thus is the case with the makers of Candy Crush Saga. Apparently, King, the game’s developer, recently succeeded in trademarking the word “candy” in Europe and has subsequently had some games pulled from the EU App Store for infringing on said trademark.

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Research shows Freemium Apps on the Rise, iOS Still Top Choice for Devs

App Annie 2Yesterday, EA Games launched a port of the 1997 empire building game Dungeon Keeper. While it stays true to the original gameplay in most respects, it happens to be free to download and incorporates the pay-to-play timed action mechanics. This, of course, caused outrage at fans of the original title (Frankly, I found it to be a bit much myself). Gamers call companies that engage in free-to-play, or “Freemuim” tactics frauds, tricksters, greedy, and more. Why would a game company continue to launch free-to-play titles when so many people hate it?

Well, according to research firm App Annie, it is because the free-to-play game model makes bank. In 2013, the freemium business model took 93 percent of games app revenue, up from 86 percent the previous year.

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