Apple’s iWatch Could be a Fitness Nut’s Dream

iWatch Mockup Via

iWatch Mockup Via

This whole iWatch thing is getting out of control. Yet, I’m already pretty excited about the possibilities of what a wearable computer from Apple could potentially be like. One possibility is that Apple will focus on making the iWatch a fitness-based device. Look out Nike, Apple has its sights on you.

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Chillingo’s Next Hit ‘Modern Command’ Blasts into the App Store

Modern Command MainTanks are the new “black.” There have been a couple of new titles launched in the App Store recently that feature the battle-hardened transport. Today, Chillingo has launched the newest from game developer Level Eight and it features plenty of tanks. But it also includes massively equipped missile towers, low-flying warplanes, and colossal enemy attack ships.

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Smash iPhone and iPad Game ‘Flappy Birds’ Generates More Than $50K Per Day for Dev

Flappy BirdSay what you will about Flappy Birds, it has become a bizarre success story for game developer Dong Nguyen. While major game development companies churn out title after title in hopes of hitting the big time with at least one of them, Nguyen sat at his desk after work for a couple of days and created a game that has captured the nation. Now that free, advertisement supported game generates $50,000 per day for Nguyen and his small company, dotGears.

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12-Year-Old Twins Create Mobile Game ‘ZooZoom Crew’ with the Help of ‘Doodle Jump’ Creator

ZooZoom Crew 4ZooZoom Crew: Snow Adventure is a ski-themed downhill racing game featuring a cast of cute zoo animals. Players zoom down the slopes by tilting their device left or right, picking up coins along the way. This fun-filled adventure game was created by a set of 12-year-old twin girls, along with their “skiing passionate” family. Game developer Igor Pusenjak of Doodle Jump fame sat in on the creation of ZoomZoo Crew as an advisor.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: George Harrison’s Guitar Collection on Sale for $0.99

the guitar collection george harrison 4A few years ago, Bandwidth launched a comprehensive app that shows off George Harrison’s collection of historic guitars, including his Rickenbacker, Gretsch, and Telecaster. In addition to the detailed, 360-degree images, fans can hear George playing, watch videos of other celebrities playing his guitars, and listen to interviews with legendary musicians.

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PadGadget Daily App Deal – 8 iPad Apps on Sale

PadGadget Daily App Deal – 8 iPad Apps on SaleFor today’s Daily Deal we’ve found 8 great apps to add to your iPad collection.  We have 4 productivity / entertainment apps and 4 game apps in today’s bundle.

We used our PadGadget Apps Tracker to find these great deals and we’ll continue to look for the best app deals as they pop-up. Some of these apps are up to 75% off, several are even free, so be sure to check them out because they are on sale for a limited time.

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Keep your iPad and iPhone Connected with Iridium’s Satellite WiFi Hotspot

widget1_imageIt happens to all of us. We are traveling across country, or visiting family in a very small town in the mid-west, or are at a coffee shop that (gasp) doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi. Whether you are trying to find out who starred in Xanadu, want to know where the closest sushi restaurant is, or really need to send an email to your boss, Iridium has you covered with the first portable satellite hotspot to connect to any smartphone or tablet. You’ll never be without Internet access again.

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President Obama Turns Camera On Press With iPad to Promote ConnectED Initiative

obama_ipad_reuters_360x270Over the past few days, President Barack Obama has been making the rounds to promote his initiative to get students connected with proper high-speed wireless Internet and hardware to support it. Yesterday, the President announced that Apple, among other tech companies would be donating to the ConnectED program.

Today, Reuters reported that Obama, while visiting a middle school in Adelphi, Maryland, showed off his capabilities with one of the iPad tablets on hand. He launched the native camera and began filming his surroundings. Read More »

Padcaster Set to Release iPad mini Version of Poplar Mobile Production Studio


The critically acclaimed Padcaster is at the center of another Kickstarter campaign after being featured in the ‘Your Verse’ iPad commercial from Apple. I was impressed when I wrote about the Padcaster Mini last year and I remain a supporter of the product, but it seems that with one failed Kickstarter the new campaign is going to have to make a bigger impression.

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New Captain America iPad Game Slated to Hit in March

Captain America 1Captain America will be back on the Big Screen on April 4 in the super hero sequel “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. Around the same time, Gameloft, in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment, will launch the next epic super hero game.

Captain America will finally get his own game on iOS. No more teaming up with the big dogs. This time, the engineered soldier of the future is the big dog.

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