Apple Watch Rumored to Hit the Runway at Paris Fashion Week

22 Paris

We may get to see more Apple Watches in the wild during a special event in Paris at its annual Fashion Week. The Tuesday event is being co-hosted by Apple and fashion store Colette, and the invitation features a series of bubbles which look suspiciously like the Apple Watch home screen and suggests that Apple will be showcasing the watch.

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Foxconn Working to Reduce Reliance on Apple iPhone Business


Foxconn has been associated with Apple for a long time and many consider it to be an ‘Apple’ company. The reality is that Foxconn Electronics survives because of the work it does for Apple but they are expanding their business in an attempt to diversify and reduce their reliance on Apple.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Post-It Plus

Post It Plus 1

Even though I have all the world’s technology at my fingertips, I still reach for my Post-It notes on occasion for scribbling down reminders. Sometimes, they are stuck to my computer screen. Sometimes, I fold them in half and stuff them into my wallet. No matter how advanced the digital age becomes, it seems like the Post-It note will never be obsolete.

Now, with Post-It Plus, you can transform your physical sheets of colorful sticky paper into digital ones. Plus, you can organize and categorize your notes and share them with others.

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Apple HealthKit Apps Begin Appearing in App Store


After a tumultuous couple of days, Apple was finally able to push an update to iOS 8 that fixed the fairly egregious error with causing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners to lose cell service and Touch ID. By this morning, you were probably already prompted to update.

Within a few hours of the update going live HealthKit created apps have started to appear in the App Store. Now, apps that use the HealthKit software development kit (SDK) can send information to Apple’s Health app so you can track such things as diet and exercise without having to open multiple apps.

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Apple Makes iPhone More Secure, Police Claim it is now the Tool of Choice for Criminals

iOS 8

To add to the poor publicity Apple has been dealing with for the past week, Chicago Police’s chief of detectives is speculating that Apple’s new extra-secure mobile operating system, iOS 8, is like a magnet for pedophiles. First people are accusing Apple of collaborating with the NSA to give away user information. Now people are complaining because iOS 8 is too secure. This company can’t seem to get a break.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Speedball 2 Evolution

Speedball 2 3

In the late 1980s, cyberpunk was all the rage. Movies like RoboCop, The Running Man, and Total Recall graced the big screen. Around that same time, a sports-based video game called Speedball made its way onto gaming consoles. The game takes parts of ice hockey and handball and mixes it with hand-to-hand combat against opposing teams.

Speedball 2 Evolution is an iOS version of the popular sequel, which originally launched in 1990. Players can dive into a full career campaign season or spend a few minutes on a quick match.

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NBA’s L.A. Clippers to Ditch iPads After Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Buys the Team

Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer poses for a portrait in Culver City, Los Angeles

I’m not surprised that Steve Ballmer is going to be using Microsoft products with the L.A. Clippers and frankly I don’t think it will make any difference with how well the team performs, but I can’t find a single way that the switch will help the Clippers win a championship. I respect Ballmer for being a brand loyalist and I think he will be good for a franchise in need of a responsible leader but I hope he doesn’t expect all of the players and coaches to give up their iPhones.

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Create Your Own Galaxy on the iPad with Intersteller

 Intersteller 5

Christopher Nolan’s next blockbuster hit, “Intersteller,” is set to hit the big screen on Nov. 7. To get fans excited about the sci-fi adventure, Paramount has just released a simulation game that lets players create and customize an entire galaxy.

Intersteller (the game) is a multi mode adventure that lets players create any type of solar system with dozens of different options. Plus, you can head out into the greater galaxies to explore the known and unknown universe. Collect research data from other players’ solar systems, stay on course to avoid black holes, and upgrade your ship to reach further into space.

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Apple to Replace Bent iPhone 6 Plus Phones that Pass ‘Visual Manual Inspection’ Test

Photo Courtesy of Hanzoh Via MacRumors

Photo Courtesy of Hanzoh Via MacRumors

Earlier this week, word began to spread that some iPhone 6 Plus owners were experiencing issues with the durability of their device. We’re not talking about crushing it with a sledgehammer, dropping it from six feet up, or even putting it through a blender. Apparently, some iPhone 6 Plus have noticed that their devices have bent from such sedentary activities as sitting.

Apple has suffered a number of setbacks since Sept. 9, when the company’s live stream of the media event where the iPhone 6 was unveiled performed poorly. On the day that preorders were supposed to be available, Apple’s own online store was down for the first 20 minutes. Then, yesterday’s update to iOS 8.0.1 disabled iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cellular service.

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Apple May Bring Back the ‘X’ Model Processor Chip for the iPad Pro


We are only a few weeks away from finding out whether Apple will hold a second media event to unveil the next generation of iPad. Leading up to what will most likely happen on Oct. 21, we are going to hear a lot of rumors about what to expect. Although not expected until early 2015, Apple may unveil a 12.9-inch so-called iPad Pro. To support the claims that Apple is making a larger sized tablet, TechNews is reporting that it will feature a beefed up version of the new iPhone 6’s A8 processor chip.

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