Apple Watch a Surprise Hit at Paris Fashion Week

Apple Watch Fasion Week 2

As we inch closer to the launch of Apple’s next big thing, fashionistas were given the chance to get a special glimpse of the Apple Watch during the Annual Fashion week in Paris. Upscale fashion boutique Colette announced a one-day only event in collaboration with Apple and the night before, snapshots were coming in from Twitter of a window display that would turn heads on the runway.

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Apple Applies for Touch-Based Interactive Holographic Display in Latest iPhone and iPad Patent

Apple 3D Hologram Patent

Apple is always looking for new ways to make our lives easier and impress the world with new innovations. If you look at patents that the company has applied for within the last decade, you’ll see that Apple has a lot of irons in the fire and a lot of ideas for future technological advancements. The company’s patent list reads like science fiction.

Today, Patently Apple discovered a new patent for an interactive three-dimensional holographic display that does not require any glasses or other reflective medium and works along side Mac computers and mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad. The images would be displayed using beams of light emitted from multiple micro lenses.

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iOS 8.1 Beta Includes Features for Upcoming iPad’s with Touch ID and Apple Pay

Touch ID 1

Apple has already begun seeding the first beta version of iOS 8.1 to developers. Of course, with big updates to an operating system comes tech info on what those updates will be. Acccording to developer Hamza Sood, iOS 8.1 includes Apple Pay content and shows evidence of Touch ID support for the next generation of iPad.

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Waze Version 3.9 ‘Places’ Adds Up-To-Date Info on Businesses


Whenever I’m about to go someplace I’ve never been, I try to get as much info ahead of time as possible. I’ll use Google Earth to try to get a visual description of a building. I’ll look up Yelp reviews to see what is good or bad. I’ll even try to find out what the parking situation is like, just in case I need to plan ahead for a long walk.

This week, Waze updated their social networking map app to include the ability to add and edit current pictures and information about businesses and residences. Now, you can take a picture of a restaurant that recently closed down and post it to Waze to let others know not to waste their time.

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Still Palin’ Around, Samsung to Supply iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro Display for Apple

iPad Pro

Apple is supposedly working on a 12.9-inch iPad model. Rumors have been bubbling up recently that the larger sized tablet will be ready sometime in early 2015, will sport the, slightly better, A8X processor chip, and might even come with 2GB of RAM. Today’s rumor is that Samsung will be on deck to supply the display screens for the so-called “iPad Pro.”

According to Korea-based news site inews24, Samsung will supply Apple with display panels for both the second-generation iPad Air and the iPad Pro. Samsung will supposedly begin manufacturing the panels, which are said to feature IPS technology, in the coming months.

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Apple Watch’s AMOLED Screen to be Pricier than Competing Screens

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is still months away but information is continuing to trickle out about its capabilities and technical components which point towards continued innovation and high quality design. The display design uses a plastic AMOLED design that is lighter, thinner, higher quality, but cost several times more than the standard glass LED displays.

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Apple Breaks Standard Software Development Cycle by Working on Multiple iOS Releases Simultaneously

21 iOS Updates

In the past Apple would begin field testing new iOS versions only after finishing previous versions, which makes sense considering the sequential nature of those versions. The problem is that iOS has rarely been as polished as it should be when compared to hardware releases and so Apple is either shortening its development cycle to have new iOS versions be ready sooner or breaking away from the iOS and iPhone release pairing to make them both independent. Apple also has to worry about how iOS is at the center of so many new products and services, which means that updates have to be tied to their releases as well.

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Apple Watch Rumored to Hit the Runway at Paris Fashion Week

22 Paris

We may get to see more Apple Watches in the wild during a special event in Paris at its annual Fashion Week. The Tuesday event is being co-hosted by Apple and fashion store Colette, and the invitation features a series of bubbles which look suspiciously like the Apple Watch home screen and suggests that Apple will be showcasing the watch.

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Foxconn Working to Reduce Reliance on Apple iPhone Business


Foxconn has been associated with Apple for a long time and many consider it to be an ‘Apple’ company. The reality is that Foxconn Electronics survives because of the work it does for Apple but they are expanding their business in an attempt to diversify and reduce their reliance on Apple.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Post-It Plus

Post It Plus 1

Even though I have all the world’s technology at my fingertips, I still reach for my Post-It notes on occasion for scribbling down reminders. Sometimes, they are stuck to my computer screen. Sometimes, I fold them in half and stuff them into my wallet. No matter how advanced the digital age becomes, it seems like the Post-It note will never be obsolete.

Now, with Post-It Plus, you can transform your physical sheets of colorful sticky paper into digital ones. Plus, you can organize and categorize your notes and share them with others.

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