PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Create App-Specific Passwords for Two-Step Authentication

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Last week, Apple sent out an email reminder to everyone using two-step authentication that third-party apps that use iCloud data require app-specific passwords. If you have recently received notification in certain apps, like Outlook, Mozilla, or BusyCal, that your iCloud account isn’t authorized, the problem may be that you will need to set up an app-specific password in order to log in.

We’ve got a quick tutorial to explain how to generate an app-specific password for these third-party apps that require it.

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GT Advanced Technology Wants Out of ‘Oppressive’ Agreement with Apple

GT Advanced sapphire

As information surrounding the recent bankruptcy filing of Apple’s sapphire glass supplier, GT Advanced Technology (GTAT), continue to unravel, things get more and more unusual. Recent court filings supplied by MacRumors show that the company is requesting to make null and void all existing agreements it has with Apple relating to sapphire production operations.

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iOS 8’s Autocomplete Writes Lyrics for Song-A-Day Musician Jonathan Mann

Jonathan Man

One of the first things I did after downloading iOS 8 was repeatedly tap the predictive word suggestions offered by my keyboard. It was pretty funny. Most of my sentences started with “I love you,” but would quickly deteriorate into a confusingly hilarious bit of text.

Musician Jonathan Mann appears to have had the same idea. Only he actually turned the autocomplete nonsense into a pop song that is kind of catchy. The four-minute video shows a finger tapping away at the predictive word suggestions over and over. Mann sings the resulting run-on sentences in a Beck-like pop tune.

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Finnish Prime Minister Blames iPad and iPhone for Ruining Economy

The world should be patting itself on the back for reducing paper waste. Since the advent of the iPad and other tablets, people just don’t use paper for nearly as much as they used to. This may be good for the trees, but it is not particularly good for Finland, as papermaking is one of the company’s largest industries.

Standard & Poor recently downgraded Finland’s sovereign debt from AAA to AA+, which prompted the country’s prime minister, Alexander Stubb, to blame Apple for the downgrade.

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Supposed iPad Air 2 Components Appear as Apple Event Nears


Over the weekend, new images surfaced of what claims to be components for the next generation of iPad Air, due to be unveiled this Thursday. The images show evidence of a logic board with the A8X chip, Home button flex cable with Touch ID compatibility, front panel, and volume control flex cable.

The front panel in this series of leaked images does not appear to be significantly different than the iPad Air, but it does include cutouts for Touch ID, which supports the many rumors that Apple’s tablet line-up will include the feature.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Skylanders Trap Team


Activision finally released its new interactive iOS game this week. Young fans of the Skylander series can grab a starter set from Toys ‘R’ Us, connect the portal to their iPad, and go deep into the dragon filled world of adventure.

Skylanders Trap Team is a monster-capture game where players can use a physical Master Trap portal to interact with characters in a digital environment. Connect your Skylander dragon to the portal and see it come to life on your iPad.

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Apple’s Sapphire Glass Supplier Requests to ‘Wind Down’ Operations During Bankruptcy Hearing

Apple Sapphire Plant Mesa AZ

Things just keep getting weirder for Apple’s U.S. sapphire glass supplier, GT Advanced Technology. On Monday, the company unexpectedly filed for bankruptcy, even to Apple’s surprise, plummeting its stock value by 90 percent. On Thursday, during GT’s Chapter 11 court hearing, the company would not disclose information relating to its filing due to a confidentiality agreement it has with an unnamed third-party.

Today, Re/code is reporting that GT has requested permission from the bankruptcy court to close down the Arizona plant, even after the company stated that it planned to remain operational while it reorganized its finances.

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Jony Ive in the Spotlight, Tells Vanity Fair What he Learned From Steve Jobs

Jony Ive

New York’s Fashion Week put Apple in the spotlight in a new category earlier this month. Fashion celebrities were seen fawning over the company’s upcoming Apple Watch, due in early 2015. Thanks to the new wearable computer, Apple’s design guru has overshadowed its CEO as the executive to talk about on the red carpet. Jony Ive has made the rounds with a few media giants in the fashion industry. This week, he sat down for an in-depth interview with Vanity Fair.

In the interview, conducted at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco, Ive talks about the design process at Apple, where the idea for the Watch came from, and his early days with the company.

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Apple to Live Stream Next Weeks’s iPad Event

Apple Live Stream Oct

If you were wondering whether you’d get the opportunity to watch Apple’s next media event on Oct. 16, fear not. You’ll be able to live stream the entire affair from the comfort of your living room (or office, depending on what you are doing next Thursday).

Apple just added a link to its main web page directing people to return on Oct. 16 at 10:00 a.m. to watch the supposed iPad event in real time with the rest of the tech world. You can even add a reminder to your calendar directly from the page.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Dragon Quest II

 Dragon Quest II 1

Last month, Square Enix launched the first in the Dragon Quest series for iOS. Today, the company made good on its promise and has released Dragon Quest II for fans of the role-playing adventure game from more than a quarter of a century ago. Continue the saga of Erdrick’s Legend as you fight to save the kingdom and destroy the evil sorcerer.

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