Top Tip: How to keep your iPad Safe from Phishing Scams

Phishing Email 3It turns out the email was legit, but it reminded me of how difficult it can be at times to tell when you’ve received a phishing email. So, I’ve got a few suggestions for how to identify fake email addresses and web links within an email that you receive.

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Let Your Kids Take a Ride Through Space with Astropolo

Astropolo 3

If your little one has a hankering for space travel, this paper craft game may be just the right title to trigger an imaginative adventure.

Astropolo is a handcrafted group of eight mini games that little ones can play. Each game features a different mechanism, requiring players to interact in a variety of ways with the story’s character.

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Now you Can Make Any Pair of Gloves Touch Screen Ready

Nanotips 4Winter has traditionally is a tough time to use your iPhone or iPad outside while using gloves or mittens. This week, we focus on a product that will make it possible for you to make DIY touch screen items out of just about anything, no sewing required.

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How-to: Moving Audiobooks from your PC to your iPad or iPhone

Audiobook Sync

I know there have got to be some people out there who are having trouble getting audiobooks they’ve downloaded on their computer onto their iPad (or iPhone). It is a fairly simple process, but Apple doesn’t make it completely clear. Even after you think you’ve properly downloaded one onto your device, you may have trouble finding it. Check out our tutorial on how to get your audiobooks onto your iPad and then where to find them once they are there.

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How to Remove Duplicate iTunes Match Songs from your iPad

How to Remove Duplicate iTunes Match 4

If you subscribe to iTunes Match, there is a chance that you have experienced an issue with duplicate content on your iPad. The reason is that iTunes Match doesn’t simply replace music already on your iPad but instead adds music to your device. So, if you already had music on your iPad or you sync your music when you connect to iTunes, both versions (iCloud and local) will show up. There is an easy way to remedy this situation.

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Report Finds Santa Preferred Apple Devices this Christmas


From the looks of things, Apple had another stellar Christmas. The folks at Flurry analyzed Christmas device activations and Apple crushed the competition with nearly three times as many devices activated as Samsung who was the next closest in device activations. The gap with Microsoft was even larger with Apple activating nearly nine times as many devices over the Christmas holiday.

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DIY IkeaPad iPad Stand

IkeaPad Stand 2If you are looking for a very simple do-it-yourself iPad stand project, IkeaHackers has a great selection of simple tutorials, many of which are so simple they only require a minimum amount of work. The hardest part is going to Ikea to get the items needed.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: Tablet Case Designed by Hypernoodle


We’ve got about three weeks to finish all of our home decoration crafts and our handmade gifts before Christmas comes knocking on our doors. If you have big plans, but lack the ideas to get started, we found a great sewing project so you can make a beautiful sleeve for someone’s iPad.

A particularly interesting note about this project is that the original pattern came from Etsy seller Hypernoodle. Not only is this project handmade, but it comes from the DIY crafting community, as well. So, if you are handy with a sewing machine, you can add this project to your weekend project list.

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MamaRoo Lets You Control Baby’s Comfort from your iPad or iPhone

MamaRoo 3

As much as every mom loves to rock their baby to comfort them, it isn’t always easy to cook dinner, clean house, or take care of monthly bills while bouncing little Johnny to sleep. That’s why baby seats are a nice distraction for busy parents. There are so many baby seats out there that manufacturers have even mastered the electric seat. They swing on their own, vibrate to make toys giggle, and play calming music.

The MamaRoo is one such baby seat, only it sways instead of swinging. Oh, and you can control it from your iPad or iPhone, so you don’t even have to stop washing dishes in order to coo your tiny human back to sleep.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to add a Credit Card to Safari Keychain using the iPad Camera

How To Scan Credit Card iOS 8

When I first started storing my credit card information in Safari Keychain, it was such a daunting task to fill out all of the information for each and every card. Numbers, expiration dates, names. It goes on forever. Plus, if you make a mistake when typing in a card number you’ve got to start all over again.

With iOS 8, Apple made it possible for you to add new card numbers to Safari Keychain just by scanning your physical credit card. We’ve got a tutorial that explains the steps to adding credit cards with your iPad’s camera on iOS 8 today.

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