Square Reader for EMV ‘Chip Cards’ Coming Soon for iPad and iPhone

Square Reader 3

A few months ago, I received new credit cards in the mail from my credit card company. Nothing was wrong with my previous cards, but these new ones had a small, square chip right no the outside. It turns out that the U.S. is finally updating the way credit cards are read at retail terminals. The chips encrypt every transaction made, making it harder for hackers to steel information.

Today, Square announced that it would be offering updated chip card readers so retailers can take part in offering extra security to consumers without having to pay hundreds of dollars for new terminals.

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Walmart Releases Black Friday Preview, Apple Products on Sale

Walmart Black Friday

I guess we should stop calling it “Black Friday” since the new trend is to start the mayhem on Thursday. Maybe we should call it “Thanksgiving Day Ruined Sale” instead. Just a day after Best Buy revealed its Black Friday sale preview, we’ve got a lists of “door buster” deals you can get on sale at Walmart starting on Thursday, Nov. 27 at 6:00 PM.

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Microsoft Updates Visual Studio – Now Allows Developers to Build iOS Apps

40 Soma_Web

.NET and Visual Studio have been exclusive Windows development tools for many years, but everything is about to change. In an announcement by S. Somasegar on his blog, the corporate vice president of the Developer Division at Microsoft laid out a plan to expand the developer tools across various platforms, including an expansion to mobile systems. The tech world continues to change and mobile technology is clearly here to stay.

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iOS 8 Adoption Rate Remains Steady, Now at 56 Percent

ios 8 adoption nov. 12

As exciting as Apple’s newest operating system is, it is still hasn’t reached the fervor that it’s predecessor did at this early stage. The latest news, approximately two weeks after iOS 8 passed the halfway mark, is that the adoption rate has remained fairly steady, increasing by four percent.

I’ve noted in the past that two major factors in this slower adoption are partly due to a lack of full jailbreak support combined with the size of the download being too big. Earlier this week, Pangu released an untethered jailbreak for iPhone models all the way back to the 4s, plus all iPad devices and the iPod touch 5. Additionally, Pangu 1.1.0 includes Cydia, which is what many in the jailbreak community have been waiting for.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: DIY Gadget Cable Organizer

DIY Cord Organizer 2

Thanks to the kind of work I do, I have dozens of awesome gadgets and accessories for my iPhone and iPad. Whether it is a Bluetooth speaker, a wireless pedal board, or a keyboard case, I’ve got stuff that needs to be charged. Of course, each one has its own special cable, too. Let’s not even get started on older devices.

I used to keep all of my cords stuffed into the top portion of an old blank CD storage container. However, that got out of hand as more and more cables were added to the pile. I had to find a way to organize my cords and keep them tucked away, while still making them easy to get to when I need it.

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Touch ID and Apple Pay Prove to be Useful Accessibility Tool

Touch ID iPad

Touch ID has made it easier for everyone to conveniently unlock their iOS device. Apple Pay has made purchasing goods as easy as using Touch ID. One additional asset the two features have may be the best technological advancement for disabled users. According to freelance writer Steve Aquino on iMore, they are “inclusive and empowering” for someone with cerebral palsy.

Aquino wrote an article in 2013 about how Touch ID made it easier for him to unlock his iPhone 5S. He noted that, for users with motor skill issues, the feature relieved the hassle of trying to type in a passcode.

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iOS Security Flaw Reported, ‘Masque Attack’ Could Trick Users into Downloading Virus


Last week, we found out about WireLurker, a malicious virus specifically designed to infect OS X and iOS software. Users in China are being targeted when they download non Mac App Store programs that carry the virus, which then transmits to iOS devices via a USB connection.

This week, a new report has come out that Apple’s enterprise/ad-hoc provisions make it possible for attackers to replace an official app with a Trojan. Dubbed “Masque Attack,” this flaw could potentially “pose much bigger threats than WireLurker.”

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Tim Cook Discusses Apple Watch, Apple TV and iPhone in Latest Interview

39 Cook

We all know that Apple has changed in the Tim Cook era with greater press accessibility, increased openness with customers, and the release of products which Steve Jobs had openly criticized. In a new conversation with Cook, The Wall Street Journal discussed many of the recent hot topics with Apple and he displayed a sensitivity to the appetites of consumers that is something Apple users aren’t always accustomed to.

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Best Buy Reveals Black Friday Deals, $100 Off iPad Air 2

Black Friday

You are probably thinking that it is just too soon to start worrying about holiday shopping. Guess what? Black Friday is two-and-a-half weeks away. If you are one of those early birds that is already looking for the best bargains shortly after Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll be happy to know that Best Buy has already released its Black Friday sale preview and the iPad Air 2 is on the list.

Best Buy always offers some of the best deals on Apple products and this year is no exception. In addition to discounts on the iPad line, the electronics retailer is offering reductions for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and even a slight drop in price for iMac desktop computers.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How To Remove a Trusted Device from Two-Step Verification

How to remove a trusted device 3

By now, you know just how important I think it is to set up two-step verification on all of your iOS devices. There have been a number of famous attacks that could have easily been avoided had the device owners simply enabled two-step verification.

If you were smart and activated the feature, you’ll know that Apple requires you to set up at least one trusted device that can be used to verify your identity during the second step. But, what do you do when you sell or give away that trusted device? You wouldn’t want to accidentally send your special secret code to the wrong model iPad, which could easily be done by mistake if you set up your new device exactly the same as your old one.

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