Ozobot, the World’s Smallest and Smartest Line-Following Robot

Ozobot 1I love desktop robots. They are so cute. Tiny little remote controlled machines that walk around on your table, distracting you from mundane work are great fun. I especially like the ones that can be used in conjunction with the iPad. That’s why I’m so excited about the Ozobot. This little guy is small enough to fit in your closed fist, but smart enough to know whether it is working with a digital surface or a physical surface.

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Spotify Streaming Music is Basically Now Free on iPad, Shuffle Play Now on iPhone

Spotify 2Last month, Spotify updated its mobile streaming music service for the iPhone and iPad that made it possible for users to listen to music in a slightly more on-demand version than previously available. Before December 2013, users needed a paid subscription to listen to artists or albums that they wanted to on iOS. Then, in December, the company updated the service to allow iPad users to listen to personal and friends’ playlists, but the iPhone was still limited.

Today, Spotify updated its app to allow shuffle play for iPhone users. Plus, you can now listen to any song, anytime on the iPad without needing any paid subscription.

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Olloclip for iPad Seen in the Wild at CES 2014

Olloclip for iPad at CESA few years ago, it was becoming clear that the iPhone was quickly taking the place of traditional digital cameras. with all its bells and whistles, Apple’s iOS camera still didn’t offer a few of the fan favorites of the average photography hobbyist, like a macro  and wide-angle lens. An ingenious developer came up with a simple and effective solution that has since captured the hearts and minds of iPhone photographers everywhere with the Olloclip. As usual, an iPad version was nowhere to be seen.

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PadGadet’s Sound Stage: IK Multimedia Unveils Hands-Free Shredding with iRing

iring-fx-handWelcome to the first edition of our weekly music column of 2014. Each week, we search the Web for exciting apps and accessories that we think musicians and fans of music will love. Last time, we told you about the water-resistant Sound Splash from ION. You can take your music out in the snow and not worry about ruining your speaker.

As a new year begins, we have been lucky enough to get a glimpse into what the rest of 2014 has in store for us thanks to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Of course, on of our favorite iOS music accessory makers was on hand to show of their new products for the New Year.

This week, IK Multimedia has unveiled a new product for iOS that makes it possible for you to activate your music apps without needing to even touch the screen.

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Scosche Looks to lighten your Load with Super Small iPad Charger

SCO-superCUBE-low-resAnyone using an iPad that is third-generation or newer will probably have seen that dreaded popup message when trying to charge a tablet that reads, “Charging is not supported with this Accessory.” I’ve even seen that message when I connected my iPad to my computer. It can be very frustrating when your charging options are limited. The reason this normally happens is because some chargers don’t have enough energy to charge the more powerful devices. Updating to a faster mobile operating system seems to exacerbate the problem.

Schoche is offering a solution to the problem with a 12-watt charger meant to charge any device to its fastest possible rate. The charger is also small enough to fit in your back pocket, so you won’t have to worry about taking up extra space.

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The Joy Factory Debuts iPad Mounting Systems & More at CES


Yesterday at CES, The Joy Factory unveiled a new line of iPad and tablet accessories, including mounting accessories fit for projection stands and wheelchair systems, a new stylus line and rugged cases.

“Consumers continue to the push the boundaries of tablet and smartphone usage,” said Sampson Yang, president of The Joy Factory. “In response to a growing demand for accessories that can transcend device usage in business and recreational environments, The Joy Factory is unveiling its new line specialty iPad and universal tablet mounting systems and iOS mobile accessory solutions for work, home and everywhere in between.”

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PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: DIY Custom Instagram iPad Cover

Instagram iPad Case 3Welcome to the first DIY iPad Project Spotlight column of 2014. A new year means a new set of awesome, cute, and useful DIY projects for the iPad. Each week, we scoure the Internet for projects we think are fun and easy to do at home. Last week, we told you about the colorful headphone project. All you need is a couple of bottles of nail polish to turn mundane into miraculous.

This week, we found a fun project to turn your “Best of” Instagram pictures into an iPad case. This project is not made from items you can find around the house, but it is a great memory keepsake idea for displaying your photos.

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Signal’s New ‘RP One’ iPad Game Controller Takes Styling Cues from Xbox


Wireless gaming controllers for iOS are all the rage right now. Newcomer ‘Signal’ is premiering their first offering at CES called the RP One. This controller connects via Bluetooth and will be available for $99.99 in the first half of 2014.

The RP One looks similar to an Xbox controller and as long as they have steered clear of copyright infringements, I would hardly call mimicking one of the best controllers ever a bad idea. While it certainly lacks imagination in the design category, I think new controllers on the market are good for everyone and will hopefully help bring down the ridiculous prices.

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Incipio Unveils New Line of iPad Accessories at CES

Incipio CESThe 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in full swing and lots of gadget and accessory makers are unveiling new products that are scheduled to launch later this year. Incipio is one of those companies with high hopes for the New Year. Today, they have announced the upcoming launch of four new products for the iPad that are sure to be crowd pleasers at this year’s conference.

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Kensington Releases New iPad Air and iPad mini Case Lineup to Keep your Gear Safe

Kensington BlackBeltAs the new year starts to roll in, we will begin to see more and more accessory makers launching new and exciting products for Apple’s iPad Air. The newest full-sized tablet from Apple received a complete redesign that made it impossible for you to use your old cases, covers, and sleeves without dealing with some sizing issues. I had to finally let go of my favorite Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio when I purchased the iPad Air.

Kensington knows that there are thousands of people like me out there, who are in search of a new case to protect my tablet from daily use. The company has just announced the launch of 14 new cases that are specifically designed to withstand spills, drops, and other mishaps that take place every day.

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