Research shows Freemium Apps on the Rise, iOS Still Top Choice for Devs

App Annie 2Yesterday, EA Games launched a port of the 1997 empire building game Dungeon Keeper. While it stays true to the original gameplay in most respects, it happens to be free to download and incorporates the pay-to-play timed action mechanics. This, of course, caused outrage at fans of the original title (Frankly, I found it to be a bit much myself). Gamers call companies that engage in free-to-play, or “Freemuim” tactics frauds, tricksters, greedy, and more. Why would a game company continue to launch free-to-play titles when so many people hate it?

Well, according to research firm App Annie, it is because the free-to-play game model makes bank. In 2013, the freemium business model took 93 percent of games app revenue, up from 86 percent the previous year.

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Ideas on Where to Watch the Super Bowl Online


The big game is almost here and if you are one of the many who have cut the chord on traditional television options, then you’ll need to find an alternate way to watch the Broncos beat the Seahawks. The good news is that it is easier than ever to enjoy the Super Bowl, thanks to Fox offering a live stream of the game with no strings attached.

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Apple Retail Stores Equipped to ‘Sniff’ out Foul Smelling Body Odor

Apple retail storeWriter Rocco Pendola of The Street recently wrote an article about how his local Apple retail store in Santa Monica (3rd Street) smells bad. According to his “investigation” the store in question reeks of body odor, which is strongest early in the morning.

After visiting the store and questioning employees, Pendola was directed to a sensor that is supposed to “sniff out” bad smells and trigger the ventilation system. While Pendola’s story was not exactly journalistic work at its best, it is interesting to note that he was able to confirm that, at least the Santa Monica 3rd street location does have carbon monoxide sensors that also help clear out the stink if it gets to be too much.

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MLB ready to have thousands of iBeacons for game day


The new big tech in advertising is being rolled out to sporting venues all over the United States. You can see it in action around the big game this weekend and now is claiming that MLB is prepping their stadiums as well. iBeacons are very new, which makes such rapid adoption slightly unprecedented, but thousands of people are already being led around and pointed towards event related destinations.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Dungeon Keeper

dungeon-keeper-promo-iosOne great thing about the App Store is that, every so often, a company launches a classic game that brings back all our childhood memories. Whether you grew up in the 1980s, 1990s, or later, chances are, one of your favorite games as a kid either has, or will make it to iOS eventually (Nintendo, not included). Last week, we told you about a Russian Hockey game from 1984. Who would have known that, 30 years later, that same country would be hosting the Winter Olympics.

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iPort Updates Inductive Charging Sleeves for New iPad Models, Expands Control Mount Series

Launchport 1iPort, the maker of the LaunchPort inductive charging and magnetic mounting systems has just announced two new products for their line of iPad sleeves. Now, you can charge your iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display faster than Apple’s own power adapter. Plus, the new in-wall iPad mount makes the iPad Air fit seamlessly into your wall for space-saving use.

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Facebook to Launch iOS News Reader App ‘Paper’ on February 3

Paper 1Today, Facebook announced the upcoming launch of a new app that is both separate from and connected to the social networking site. Paper, a news reader app, does more than aggregates news that you might like. It brings your friends and family’s stories to you.

According to the company’s blog, the first section of Paper will be the user’s news feed, where they will see photos, videos, and long posts. You can customize Paper ton included other sections, including themes and topics, like photography, sports, food, and more.

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SwiftKey’s Predictive Keyboard Now Available on iPad with ‘SwiftKey Note’ App

SwiftKey Note 1Now that the iPad has been out for a few years, and is even in its fifth generation, people have started getting used to the on-screen keyboard. You just don’t hear as many complaints about it as you used to. It doesn’t mean Apple improved the keyboard. Other than the way it looks, it hasn’t changed. It is still kind of a pain. That’s why keyboard cases are so popular. That’s one reason Microsoft brags about having a better tablet. Apple’s iPad keyboard is great as a touch screen feature, but not particularly productive.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: IK Multimedia Announces New iRig Mic HD

iRigMicHD+iph5s+ipad+mac+cablesIt appears that this is going to be the year of supercharged versions of IK Multimedia equipment. Not only has the company launched an HD and Pro version of its iconic iRig instrument adaptor, but the iRig KEYS PRO just came out recently, and now the iRig Mic has been updated with HD technology. Last week, we had a hands-on review of the iRig KEYS HD. The big brother keyboard is the perfect companion for the musician on the go, who also wants larger keys.

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Drink Giant Pernod Ricard Unveils iPad Controlled Cocktail Mixer


In a project dubbed ‘at-home mixology’, the iPad finds its way into semi-automated drink mixing. The announcement of an experimental cocktail mixer showcases one of the smartest new designs that I have seen in some time. Project Gutenberg is a collection of modular drink containers that are controlled and monitored through an app, which makes the process of mixing drinks more efficient from beginning to end.

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