Twitter App Update Adds new Swipe Interface and Improved Direct Messaging

Twitter 2Twitter just announced an update to its official app that adds a few new features that fans are sure to enjoy. Now, users can swipe between timelines and include photos in direct messages. Twitter for iOS is becoming more personalized than ever before.

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Analyst Says ‘Siri’ and ‘Google Now’ both Receive C+


Even though Siri has changed the way a lot of people use their iPhones and iPads, there is still room for improvement in its ability to understand speech and comprehend meaning. Analyst Gene Munster has confirmed that Siri is better in iOS 7 but still grades the service at a C+.

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New Patent Reveals Apple may Develop Curved Displays for iPads and iPhones

Curved Glass PatentApple submits a lot of patent requests. Some of them make it into reality and become important additions to the iOS landscape. Others sit in obscurity, never to see the light of day unless someone finds a use for the patented technology. Apple has also been known to be working with companies on technology that would allow them to use curved glass for their various devices. In February, the New York Times claimed that Apple was working on “wrist-like” devices made of curved glass.

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Amazon Adds iPad and iPad Mini Support in Latest Cloud Drive Photos Update

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos 2If you ever wonder why you’ve run out of storage space on your iPad, check your photos and videos. I regularly take up 2 or 3 gigs of space, just on pictures and videos that I take. The best way to keep your photos under control is to save them in a cloud storage service and delete them from your iOS device before they get out of hand. Amazon has such a service that is specifically dedicated to photos and videos.

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Apple Launches ’12 Days of Gifts’ App to Give out Free Gifts from December 26 – January 6

12 days of gifts 2A couple of years ago, I was reading an article, I don’t even remember where, and someone posted something in the comment section about Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts app. I excitedly opened my App Store app and searched for this wonderful gift giving present. It was nowhere to be found. It turned out that the 12 Days of Gifts app was only available in Europe, Japan, Canada, and just about everywhere else except the US.

Last night, Apple finally made my holiday wish come true by launching the 12 Days of Gifts app in the U.S. App Store. So, for those of you in my neighboring states who’ve been envying Apple’s worldwide generosity, starting January 26, you’ll be able to participate in 12 days of free apps, games, movies, books, music, and more.

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Pandora App Gets Major Update, Now Includes Alarm Clock Feature

03-alarm_setEver since Apple launched iTunes Radio, music streaming services have been working extra hard to keep their listeners. Both Spotify and Pandora have received iOS 7 redesigns. Pandora has been especially active since iTunes Radio launched. In September, the company finally made their iOS app available for the iPad.

Today, the first streaming music service to hit the big time has just updated their iOS app to include a feature that has been on everyone’s wish list. Pandora for iOS now has an alarm clock.

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Apple’s iBeacon has a New Competitor in Town

gimbal qualcommApple’s new near field identification technology is really getting a lot of press lately. Last week, we found out that Apple rolled out iBeacon transmitters across 254 of its retail stores to demonstrate what the technology can do. Plus, software company Exact Editions announced plans to make full magazine editions available to “browse” for free in specified locations with the BySpace transmitter.

In direct competition with Apple’s iBeacon, Qualcomm recently announced the launch of a line of similar proximity beacons that will allow users to provide content to passersby through their iOS or Android device.

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Apple Teaches Kids Computing With ‘Hour of Code’ This Wednesday

Hour of CodeThis week is Computer Science Education Week (CSEW). A tech friendly non-profit organization called hosts an annual computer science awareness campaign to get kids interested in coding and to advocate for adding computer science to the core curriculum of public school education. This Wednesday, Dec. 11, Apple will participate in CSEW by offering a free class for “Hour of Code” day. Children and teens can sign up for a free coding class at a participating Apple retail store.

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Square Reader Goes on a Diet, Gets Smarter, Too

New Square ReaderRight Now, Square is the biggest name in mobile payment processing. Retailers around the country have switched from the clunky, heavy cash registers of yesteryear in exchange for an iPad and a tiny white dongle. Not only did Square make it easy for retailers to minimize the payment counter, but they also revolutionized the way credit cards are processed. One thing that keeps the company on top is their ever-expanding line of products.

Today, the company announced an update to the Square Reader that makes it thinner (not that it really needed that) and more accurate at reading credit cards.

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Pelican ProGear Vault Protects your iPad Air while you Cook, Build, and Even Ski

Pelican ProGear VaultThis winter is proving to be one of the coldest in recent U.S. history. When the weather gets cold, the cold goes skiing, or bakes cookies, or heads to a more tropical environment. Whatever activities you partake of this winter, you will need something to protect your iPad Air from rain, sleet, and snow. The Pelican ProGear Vault is a rugged case that keeps your iPad from scratches and dents. It also protects it from weather with a water resistant seal.

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