iPhone 5s Camera Receives Solid Upgrade – 8MP Sensor and Advanced Flash

iPhone Camera

It’s not the 40 megapixel offering that a recent competitor seems to think is the end-all phone camera but the iPhone 5S’ 8MP camera is still an impressive update to an already nice camera offering.

The new features are going to raise the quality level of pictures in an obvious way and are going to help with action shots and low light situations. Best of all you can shoot slow motion video, which will certainly mean a lot of slow motion content on people’s Facebook pages in the coming weeks.

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New M7 Motion Coprocessor Unifies iPhone Features

m7 chip

The new iPhone 5S looks pretty amazing and includes a powerful new way for developers to work with data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. The M7 chip continuously measures movement and makes the data available to apps.

Nike announced a new app called Nike+ Move, which is the successor to Nike+ and showcases the power of the new CoreMotion API and the power of what Apple is calling  “Optimizations based on contextual awareness.”

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Apple Unveils New iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s – Both iPhones Available September 20

iphone 5c

At today’s special event, Apple announced that, for the first time in history, two new iPhones will be made available. Just as the tech world has been predicting for the past six months, Apple will launch a low-cost colorful model called the iPhone 5C alongside the new generation iPhone 5S.

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Rumored Production Problems May Delay Apple’s Highly Anticipated iWatch

iwatch_concept-580x405In just a few hours, Apple will hold an event where the new model of iPhone will almost definitely be unveiled. There is a chance that a few other devices will be on the schedule for a release announcement, too. Recently it was rumored that a new Apple TV would be revealed. A branded television set, while highly unlikely, has also been talked about. Apple’s wearable computer that was all the rage earlier this year may get mentioned, but according to Digitimes, it is not likely we will see the so-called “iWatch” on store shelves anytime this year.

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Apple Store is Down – New iPhones Coming Soon

Online Retail Store Closed

As of about an hour ago, Apple has officially taken its online retail store offline. This is normal for the Cupertino based tech giant. Apple often closes up shop in the lead up to new product announcements in order to get the website ready for whatever new devices will be announced. Currently, visitors are being greeted with the customary “We’ll be back” message Apple uses ahead of introducing new products in the store.

However, Apple doesn’t usually shut down the retail store so far in advance of an event, leading some to believe that big things are in store at the store.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Tether Your iPhone to your iPad

Personal Hotspot MainIt is time for another installment of our weekly how-to guide. Even if you think you are an expert with the iPad, you might still not know about some things that are part of the basics of the Apple tablet. Each week, we tell you about simple tips and tricks to help you understand your iPad better. Last week, we gave you some tips on how to edit a picture by using the native Photos app. All it takes is a couple of quick taps to turn a nice picture into a stunning photo.

This week, we are going to tell you how to tether your iPad to your iPhone. More iPad users own a Wi-Fi only model than own a Wi-Fi +Cellular model, and you don’t always have free Wi-Fi when you need to use your iPad. We’ll show you how to make your iPhone a personal hotspot for connecting your iPad to the Internet.

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Yahoo Unleashes Free Clips from Saturday Night Live, Colbert Report, and More via New iPad Yahoo Screen App

Yahoo Screen 2Only one day away from Apple’s big event, where there is a slight chance the company will unveil a branded television set. There is an even better chance that they will announce a new generation of Apple TV set-top box. As an added clue to support the possibility of new media streaming devices from Apple, Yahoo has just launched a Fall Comedy lineup, a partnership with Viacom, and an iPad app where you can watch clips of your favorite episodes of Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and MTV News. Plus, a whole lot more.

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Apple Crushes it in China – iPad Leads Tablet Race with 64% of the Market Share

DigiTimes China Market Analysis Sept. 2013Today, Digitimes is reporting that Apple captured 64.6 percent of China’s market share in the second quarter of 2013. This comes during a period of time when Apple’s tablet market normally sees a slowdown leading up to the big launch of a new device. Apple saw a unit increase of 3.2 percent from the previous quarter and a 52.8 percent increase from this time last year.

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100 Leaked iPad 5 Photos Reveal Sleek New Design

Apple-iPad-5Boy, this Sonny Dickson character sure is making a name for himself in the tech world. In just the past few weeks, he showed off pictures of the purported fifth-generation iPad and the second-generation iPad mini. Last week, a YouTube video hit the streets that showed a very detailed comparison between the fourth and fifth generation of Apple tablets using parts supplied by Dickson. Yesterday, the Apple newsmaker posted 100 images of what he claims is the front display and back casing of the next generation of iPad. Some pictures were taken alongside a fourth-generation iPad running iOS 7 and it looks great.

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Opera Looks to Redefine Web Browsing with Coast, an Elegant new iPad Browser


A few years ago, Opera meant to turn the web surfing world upside down with an innovative and unique browser that would change the way you use the Internet on your iPad. Although the company succeeded at making that browser, it failed at making it popular. Today, Opera is trying it again with the launch of a new elegant and innovative web browser called Coast, which was designed to take advantage of everything the iPad does.

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