Gangnam Style Massacre by Carolina Patron

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Release date: 2012-11-04
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You are in Gangnam, a wealthy neighborhood in the South Korean city of Seoul. To be precise, you are out in front of the most elite archery school in the city.

Your job is simple. Take your bow and arrows, and shoot them to hit as many of the vases off the top of your friend’s head. Aim too high, and your shot doesn’t count. Aim to low... well, then you’ll kill your friend, and your game is over.

How many hits can you get in a row? Here’s how to rank yourself:

☆ 1 Hit - Even a blind monkey can do this
☆ 2 to 5 Hits - You should not be using a bow
☆ 6 to 10 Hits - You are a typical shooter
☆ 11 to 15 Hits - You are a fantastic archer
☆ 16 to 20 Hits - You are a Master at archery
☆ 21+ Hits - Few in the world can compete with you

This game is a parody of Psy and his amazing Gangnam Style. We hope you enjoy it.