Video Tube for YouTube by Yau You Music Video Professionals - Tube Studio

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Release date: 2012-11-04
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Video Tube: Watch YouTube like you are used to! Access the world’s videos from YouTube with the best app for iOS! View your favorite videos directly on your device!

Why you should use Video Tube to watch your videos:
- Superfast interface compared to the YouTube website
- Favorite videos section
- Automatic Country specific content
- Watch videos nearby you
- Very easy video search
- Automatic history of the videos you have watched.

More Features:
✓ 100 Million+ Videos Available
✓ View YouTube’s vast video catalog, including all official music videos
✓ Search and find videos and channels more easily than any other app available
✓ All is possible! Read comments, browse related videos and more - all while watching
✓ Do not look further! Easy YouTube interface like you are used to.

Video Tube is a universal application and is suitable for all iPhone, iPod and iPad devices!

The best YouTube application available!!