Happi & The Word Thief by Serendipity

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Release date: 2012-10-03
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Oh no! A Word Thief is loose in the town stealing all the words and letters. This is your chance to help out and earn your detective’s badge. Find all the hidden words before the Word Thief steals them and become a spelling detective. A fast paced spelling game with a cute but relentless Word Thief!

Kids, this is how it works:
You navigate through the town on your quest to find the hidden words. If you manage to find all of them before the Wordthief has a chance to steal the ones you have found, you will go on to the detective’s challenge. If the Word Thief beats you to it, you will have to recover the stolen words by spelling them.

Either way it goes, it will be a lot of fun learning. Whether you reach the detective’s challenge or you have to practice your spelling a little more, you will earn points toward your detective’s batch. After each round you will be returned to the town menu ready to find more hidden words.

Parents, this is what you might want to know:
The game has built-in “forking logic” meaning that if your child passes the initial word finding challenge he or she will move on to the more tricky and fun detective’s challenge. If your child does not find all the hidden words before the cute Word Thief steals them, he or she will go on to recover the stolen words by spelling them on screen using letter tiles.

Thus, every round consists of two parts; word finding AND detective’s challenge OR word recovery. The game has 24 rounds but game play within each round is randomly generated which creates a unique game experience every time.

The game has three difficulty settings challenging kids aged 5 to 9. Happi & The Word Thief also has built in support for the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. The language can be changed inside the app making it easy to switch back an forth for bilingual children or parents wanting their child to start learning a second language.