Word of the Rings by James Porter

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★ WORD OF THE RINGS is FREE today on ipad and iphone with AppGratis. A great app for app deals of the day ★

Ringlovers, unite! Get the game that’s circling the globe for free NOW before we change our mind and charge you for it! Brought to you by the brain wizards at JPSquare.com, WORD OF THE RINGS is devilishly simple to learn and beautifully challenging to master.

★ Oh, great. Another word game. ★
We’d be lying to you if we said this wasn’t a word game. I mean, the word “Word” is in the title, for Pete’s sake. But, let me tell you… there are no tiles to tap, no timers, no silly friends who obviously cheat with words you’ve never heard of ("quigiby? really?)… just pure, unadulterated ring spinning fun. Even kids can get a kick out of the smooth, stress-free controls.

★ How do I play? ★
All you need is a little English (congratulations, you know English), and some kind of appendage from your body that you can use to make a circular motion on your iPhone or iPad. Spin the rings with a finger (or, whatever) to line up all the letters on each ring. Sound simple? Well, those letters actually have to spell words… and not just any words, mind you… words that fit the category. You’ve solved the puzzle if ALL of the letters on the rings line up to spell words in the category. Can you solve all the puzzles?

★ What am I getting? ★
Right now we have 15 different categories available with a ton of levels in each category. I’m not that great at math, but that’s something, like 2 zillion puzzles, right? Some of the categories include: food, movies, music, video games… you get the idea. We’re always adding more, too.

★ What if I get stuck? ★
We’re not like some of those OTHER game makers who find joy in making people suffer with really difficult puzzles and making them solve it before moving on to the next one. If you get stuck, just try another puzzle. Heck, try another category, for all we care! We also have a little “hint” button in there that can give you the nudge in the right direction, if you’re really stuck.

★ Who are you guys? ★
JPSquare is actually two guys who have been buddies since high school, and are somewhere in the middle of their 9-to-5 careers wishing they had gone into computer science instead. We love games and building fun apps. We also like good ideas. Have an idea for a new category? Send it to us! If we use it, YOU get your name IN the game!
Email us at: jpsquare@jpsquare.com
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