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***** The Ultimate resource for MineCraft SEEDS!!! Thousands of seeds submitted by users, with descriptions, discussions and ratings!!!! The best MineCraft VIDEOS and SEEDS all in one place. With almost 200,000 users already, hundreds of seeds and numerous videos are added every day *****

This App is a must have resource for all Minecrafters. With a huge community of Minecrafters helping each other find the locations of the hidden wonders and ores in every seed. Just read the feature list and reviews for all versions and you’ll see this is the best, fully featured seeds App on the store:

- Seeds and Videos for PC, MAC, Xbox and Pocket Edition versions of MineCraft.
- Section for users to share their Minecraft homes and other creations. Learn from the amazing creations of your fellow minecrafters and show off your own.
- Chat section where you can discuss any topic you like with your fellow minecrafters. You can start your own chat and moderate it yourself.
- High quality screenshots of seeds.
- High quality videos.
- Submit your own seeds and creations directly through the App for others to rate and comment on.

- Submit your own comments and ratings for each seed.

- Use others comments and hints to help you navigate each world. Making it easy to find rare items like diamonds, NPC villages, strongholds, etc..
- Powerful search facility allows you to sort based on highest rated, newest, most commented or your own search parameters entered into the search bar (for example search for all seeds with NPC villages)
- Add seeds/chats to your favourites so you can easily follow activity on them.
- Follow your favourite users so you can easily see when they add new seeds/chats/creations.
- Versatile notification system allows you to set customized alerts for new activity. You can set alerts for new activity on your seeds, on your favourite seeds, on new submissions by users you are following, or even on all new seeds/chats/videos in any or all categories.
- Profanity filter allows you to mask unsuitable words. This will even allow you to convert seed ID’s which contain profanity into their numerical equivalent.

**** Looking for worlds with epic mountains, overhangs, immense waterfalls, lava falls, mushroom biomes, taiga biomes, NPC villages, strongholds? Then this is the App you need.

There are thousands of seeds with images, community comments, hints and co-ordinates. With hundreds more being added daily ****

Disclaimer – This is a third party App, it is not the game MineCraft or affiliated with the game and its makers in anyway. Images have been submitted by users for comment, review and teaching other users as permitted under fair use doctrine found in section 107 of U.S copyright law and EU copyright law. It is the responsibility of the submitting user to ensure equivalent rights are afforded within their own jurisdiction. All rights to images and comments are retained by the submitting user and respective copyright holder. Use of images, comments or any other material contained within this application is strictly prohibited without the express permission of all rights holders. If you feel a user has submitted comments or images to which you hold copyright please contact us using the App Support button on the App Store with supporting evidence.