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Release date: 2012-04-10
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Centrifeud is a competitive 2-4 player party-game played on a single iPad.

"Pure distilled fun" - Indie Game Magazine
"One among a short list of great communal experiences available right now on the iPad" 4 out of 5 - Gamezebo
"Centrifeud is a multiplayer game that is fun for everyone" 4.5 out of 5 - AppAdvice.com
"Ample amounts of chaos" - IndieGames.com
"An awesome, futuristic family game with simple but brilliant graphics... tremendous soundtrack and fast-paced game play" - cooliphoneipadapps.com

With easy-to-learn, 1 button controls, players race around the arena, bouncing, blocking, and using power-ups to collect the most points.

**featuring HD Retina graphics for the new iPad**

In the year 3212 the Circumlords have established their complete control over the known circle-verse. It is here in the sinister Hexadome that they exert their cruelty over a helpless populace and feed their insatiable lust for the circle-on-circle combat known as CENTRIFEUD.

In the last star-cycle your mentor perished in the final round of CENTRIFEUD, and now you must step up to represent your homeworld.

Strap in to your spin-chariot and prepare your body and mind for the ultimate "DIGITAL CIRCLE SPORT" experience.

• 4 players on 1 iPad
• pick up and play, 1 button controls
• high-definition retina graphics
• laser-bass soundtrack by Octophonix + Cyber Athlete
• 6 unique power-ups
• bold minimalist styling