Trade Mania HD (Full) by Dekovir, Inc.

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Release date: 2011-12-08
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Your goal is to become the biggest property owner in famous cities around the world. Earn money by collecting rent on your properties. Buy and sell a range of products, as well as vehicles for transporting them.

• Intuitively clear gameplay
• Actual cities from around the world
• Multiplayer mode for playing with friends on a single iPad
• Trading in products to earn additional profit
• Adjustable game speed


★★★★★ Fun and has high replay value!
"If you are familiar with the board game Monopoly, this is a well-made app version. Player can choose a campaign in one of three cities (Seattle, Paris, and New York City). To win the campaign, player must own a given percentage of the city's real estate. After buying a property, player can choose to erect buildings, thereby increasing rent. Capital can be gained by trading items at each location. Game difficulty varies with the number of NPCs. If you are bothered by having to wait for NPCs to complete their turns, there is an option to increase the game speed. You can also custom create a game. Well thought out game that looks nice on the iPad and has high replay potential!"

★★★★★ Towers over Monopoly!
"This game leaves Monopoly in the dust. The trading aspect gives much more control over outcome to the player…"