Track My Coupons Lite - Coupon Organizer and Reminders by David Nylander

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Start saving money with the coupons you have instead of throwing them away. Track My Coupons is an app that ensures you never forget what coupons you have and when they expire. Have you ever forgotten about a coupon you had, only to remember it two days after it has expired? Then Track My Coupons is the app you need. If you are running iOS 4.0 or higher you can also receive alerts before your coupons expire.

This lite version is fully functional but is limited to having a maximum of 5 coupons.

Some key features of Track My Coupons:
- Universal app - Buy it once and use on all your iOS devices.
- Enter coupons using a PC/Mac and import them into the app.
- Backup/Restore your coupon database to keep devices in sync.
- Receive notification alerts before your coupons expire (requires iOS 4.0 or above).
- Set the time of day and how many days in advance to receive the notification alert (requires iOS 4.0 or above).
- Icon badge numbers display the total number of coupons expiring within a certain number of days that can be configured by the user.
- Several coupon types to choose from such as dollar off, percent off, buy one get one, etc.
- Customizable categories to match how you sort your coupons.
- Search through your coupons by name, coupon details, category or all 3.
- Set expiration date as well as a starting date.
- Choose "No Expiration" for coupons that do not expire.
- Ability to "clone" an existing coupon. This is very useful if you have several similar coupons to add.
- List of over 5000 stores, places, restaurants, etc., to make adding new coupons easy.
- Easily navigate the different fields when entering coupon details.
- Select multiple coupons at once to either delete, mark as used/unused, or share via email.
- Expired coupons will move to the history tab automatically after a certain number of days, which can be set by the user.
- Sort your coupons by name, category, or expiration date.
- Filter coupons on a particular category.
- Choose a color theme to customize the appearance.

Keep track of all of your coupons or just the ones you want to make sure you remember. Once you have used a coupon, just mark it as used or delete it. Marking a coupon as used is a great way to see how much money you have saved with your coupons.

Track My Coupons also has a built in sale price calculator so you can see exactly how much an item will cost after your discounts and taxes.

Track My Coupons is retina display compatible.