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Current version: 3.2.1
Release date: 2010-01-22
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This is the LITE version of the highly popular Sun Seeker app. It provides a FLAT VIEW SOLAR COMPASS showing the solar path, its hour intervals and elevation, winter and summer solstice paths, rise and set times and other details.

To see an AUGMENTED REALITY 3D VIEW, and to be able to view the sun's path for any chosen day of the year, as well as sunrise and sunset times for the entire year, please purchase the full version of Sun Seeker.

Great for for finding the sun rise/set points and direction throughout the day for:
* Photographers
* Real Estate Buyers
* Gardeners
* Architects
* All Sun Lovers! To find the sun, even when it is hidden by clouds or walls

Additional details available include rise, set and culmination times, maximum elevation, atmospheric path length and shadow length.

Limitations of the Lite Version
* There is no 3D camera view showing solar path and position as a camera overlay.
* The app only works for your current location - you cannot select any saved location or search for other locations in the map view.
* The app shows only today's solar data - you cannot change the date or select the date animation option.
* The tabulations available are limited to today’s solar path only. Annual rise and set times and annual maximum elevation tabulations are not included.

* The compass accuracy depends on having an undistorted magnetic field around your device. If you use it close to metallic objects or electrical equipment, directional accuracy may be impaired.
* This app can be used on devices either with or without a built-in digital compass. If you have a device without compass, it will simply keep North at the top, and the dial won't rotate.