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Release date: 2010-10-05
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my Fish 3D Interactive Aquarium Lite is a fully customizable, totally interactive, completely 3D, aquarium simulator for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that you just have to see in motion to truly appreciate!

- Highly detailed, realistic, totally real-time 3D fish models! You can view them from any angle because it's all real time 3D. Even their eyes move as they look around! There's nothing flat or pre-rendered here!

- A fully customizable, 3D aquarium for your fish to swim in! Rotate and position 3D decorations in your fish tank the way you want, then let you fish swim around them. Because it's all 3D you can move through your aquarium however you like!

- Name your fish and keep track of your new friends, or have random fish populating your tank. It's up to you!

- Don't forget to FEED YOUR FISH! They may start small, but keep them fed and happy and they'll grow up big and strong!

- Virtual water means you can keep all kinds of fish together in your 3D aquarium! So mix your gold fish with your guppies with no problems!

- 3D sound! Some objects shoot bubbles, and as you move around you'll hear then in 3D.

- Clock and screen saver mode so you can leave it as a tranquil display while your iPad, iPhone or iPod is charging! Makes a nice night light, too. :)

- Like the app? It's based on the 3D Desktop Aquarium Screensaver for Mac and Windows, available from

- Want more info? Got some feedback? Head to the website:

- Enjoy the relaxation of an aquarium in your pocket! Play with it and have fun!

- CHECK OUT my Fish 3D Aquarium! The my Fish 3D Aquarium Lite version only lets you see what updates are available, but my Fish 3D Aquarium lets you download new fish and decorations directly into your aquarium!! It also gives you 10 fish at once, not just 5!