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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Civilization Revolution 2

Civ Rev 2 2

Just as promised, this week, 2K Games in collaboration with Firaxis released the long-awaited follow up to the hugely popular real-time strategy empire building game, Civilization Revolution 2. The game was specially designed and exclusively launched on iOS so mobile gamers can enjoy this new title and make their friends jealous at the same time.

The game is fairly similar to its predecessor when it comes to overall content. However, Civ Rev 2 has been completely redesigned from the ground up for the new generation of iPad and iPhone. It takes advantage of the high quality Retina display with clear detailed 3-D graphics. The game runs smoothly at all levels. The user interface was designed with touch screen controls in mind.

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Warhammer Themed ‘Blood Bowl’ Coming to iPad this July

Blood Bowl 3

Fans of the Warhammer franchise will already know that Blood Bowl is a board game from more than 25 years ago that is based on the game of American football and themed with characters from Warhammer. It is the perfect combination of sports and role-playing games. This is the ultimate definition of “fantasy football.”

Game developers Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio recently announced that a digital version of Blood Bowl would be available on the iPad in “early July.”

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Facebook Finally Updates Messenger for iPad

Facebook Messenger 2

Facebook is known for launching apps on the iPhone and then waiting much longer than necessary to optimize them for the iPad. Messenger is the next in line to have been around for a year-and-a-half before finally getting the iPad update. Today, with no advanced warning, Facebook Messenger has been optimized for the larger screen.

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Apple Patent for iOS Security Feature Lets Users Set Location-Based Level of Protection

Location Based Security Apple Patent

When I’m sitting around at home, I don’t feel the need to use extra security measures to protect my information from prying eyes. I don’t need a passcode. I don’t need Touch ID. I don’t even care if anyone sees my browser history. However, when I leave the house, I want all the double-extra-super protection that exists to ensure that strangers can’t access my content. I keep my iPad and iPhone protected at all times because it’s kind of a pain to switch back and forth between secure and unsecure.

There is a chance that, in the future, Apple will make it possible for users to have different security settings based on location. So, when I’m at home, I can leave my device completely open. When I’m at work, I can have a basic level of security. When I’m at a dive bar downtown, I can set the double-extra-super protection.

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Rumor of the Day: Apple to Launch Little Buddy to iPad Air, a Smartphone Dubbed ‘iPhone Air’

iPhone 6 Concept

There have been a lot of rumors in the past few weeks regarding the next generation of iPhone. The belief is that Apple is making a larger screen smartphone measuring 4.7 inches. There have been a number of supposed leaked images and purported specification descriptions of the large handset. However today, rumors from the supply chain are claiming Apple is making an even larger “phablet” and have given the new device a name, the iPhone Air.

According to Chinese language site, unnamed sources in the supply chain have reported that Apple will start selling the next generation of iPhone on Sept. 25 after a Sept. 15 product event.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: IK Multimedia Updates Stage Mount with ‘iKlip Xpand’

iKlip Xpand 2

This past week, IK Multimedia announced the surprise launch of a redesigned version of the company’s most popular iPad accessory. The iKlip is a mount that attaches to your microphone stand, making it possible for you to have your tablet right in front of you without needing a separate holder. The iKlip Xpand and iKlip Xpand Mini are universal models that are designed for a wide range of tablets and smartphones, as well as a wide range of updated versions. We all know how much Apple loves to change the size of their gadgets.

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Songza Joins Google, is an iTunes Radio Competition in the Future?


I love listening to music via Songza. When I’m working, I don’t often have the time to think about a specific band or artist that I want to listen to. Sonza is great for finding something that fits my mood, even when I don’t know what that mood is. After testing Beats Music, which also features mood-based curated playlists, I feel that Songza is better at creating very specific playlists that are ideal for a number of situations.

Yesterday, both Sonza and Google announced that the former would be joining the latter. That’s right, Google is the new, proud owner of Sonza’s entire library of curated playlists and has definite plans to bring the streaming music service to Google Play Music.

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Apple Extends AppleCare+ Support for iPad and iPhone to 60 Days

Apple Care+

I always purchase AppleCare for my desktop and laptop computers. I’ve used the extended warranty with great success and saved hundreds of dollars in repairs. Apple also offers coverage for both the iPhone and iPad with AppleCare+. Device owners used to be required to add the extended warranty within 30 days of the iPhone or iPad purchase date. Apple just made some changes to their coverage and you can now wait up to 60 days from the purchase date to decide if you want the extended warranty.

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Personalization Features of Yahoo Mail Finally Available on iPad

Yahoo Mail for iPad

Yahoo Mail is the company’s official app, which gives users access to content from the company’s main website. Until recently, it was mainly focused on email features. However, in April, the iPhone version received a big update that allowed users to access news and see snapshots of weather, sports scores, stocks, and more. Today, the company has rolled out the personalization features to the iPad with full screen support.

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PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: Homemade Slide Ruler for Adobe Creative Apps

DIY Adobe Slide Ruler 3

A few weeks ago, Adobe launched a new line of creative iPad apps called Adobe Line and Adobe Sketch. At the same time, the company unveiled two new tools specifically designed for drafting artists called “Ink and Slide,” which are a pen and slide ruler for touch screens. Ink and Slide are available as one package from Adobe for $199. However, one creative DIY guy has figured out a way to create a simplified version at home using hardware supplies that won’t cost you more than a few bucks.

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