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ZAGG Introduces Rugged Folio Case to Give your iPad Extra Durable Protection


ZAGG is best known for making good quality iPad keyboard cases and folios. The company is not particularly known for offering the kind of rugged protection needed for outdoor activities, until now. Today, the company unveiled its first ever Rugged Folio keyboard case for the iPad Air.

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Apple Says A Whopping 90% of iPads and iPhones are Running iOS 7

 iOS 7 Adoption 7.14

Apple’s most current mobile operating system is the most popular of all versions. Today, the company published a record high adoption rate for iOS 7 of 90 percent. Too bad iOS 8 is only a few months away.

When Apple launched iOS 7 10 months ago, it was immediately successful with 18 percent adoption within the first 24 hours. The mobile operating system had seen drastic changes. Some love it. Some hated it. After only two months, the adoption rate had grown to 78 percent, and by April 87 percent of all iOS devices were running on iOS 7.

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Apple Rolls out ‘iTunes Pass’ in Japan with Unique Passbook Payment Feature

iTunes Pass

There has been talk in the tech world that Apple is looking to capture the digital finance market. The introduction of Passbook is one way that Apple makes purchasing of services and merchandise easier. Today, the iPad maker unveiled a new service for Passbook, exclusively in Japan, that allows users to refill their iTunes account by purchasing credit in Apple Stores.

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National Federation of the Blind Praise Apple’s Accessibility Efforts While Asking for More


On July 5 of this year, the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) passed a resolution regarding policies, standards and procedures to ensure and maintain accessibility of App Store apps. In it, the NFB commends Apple for its efforts to make its operating system accessible to sight impaired with VoiceOver. At the same time, the advocacy organization notes that app developers are not required to include VoiceOver support.

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Rumor of the Day: Future iPad Devices May Include Mobile Fuel Cell Technology

Intelligent Energy

One big complaint from all mobile device users is that battery life is just not long enough. Apple has worked hard to design a battery that is both lightweight, and long lasting. However, the masses are still not pleased. Of course, the company is likely to be always on the lookout for any other method of energy saving possible, even technology that doesn’t yet exist. That’s why a recent rumor from Daily Mail doesn’t seem that far fetched, even if its content is practically still considered science fiction.

According to Daily Mail out of the UK, Apple and Intelligent Energy are working together on a secret project that could bring fuel cell technology to iPhones and iPads.

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Google Brings Popular MMO Augmented Reality Game ‘Ingress’ to iPad and iPhone

Ingress 4

Are you a member of the Enlightened, or the Resistance? If you don’t know what that means, you probably don’t have an Android-based mobile device. Gamers have been saving humanity in one way or another for nearly two years now on Android devices. Today, iOS users can join the fight to either bring on a new era of human evolution or preserve our way of life. Whether Enlightened or Resistance, you can now be a part of the Ingress phenomenon.

Ingress is a massively multiplayer online augmented reality game with more than one million members already. It started in fall of 2012 on Android devices. Players join one faction and fight for their side by creating portals at real life locations near them. Portals are linked by creating a virtual triangulation field. The area within a field is considered to be controlled by the given faction.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Astropolo

Astropolo 3

If your little one has a hankering for space travel, this paper craft game may be just the right title to trigger an imaginative adventure. Join Polo as he travels across the galaxy from Earth to Tropy in this week’s App Store Editor’s Choice.

Astropolo is a handcrafted group of eight mini games that little ones can play. Each game features a different mechanism, requiring players to interact in a variety of ways with the story’s character.

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Apple Censors Adorably Violent ‘Kawaii Killer,’ Pulls it From the App Store


Last week, I came across a funny little slash-em-up arcade game that takes a few shots at the overly adorable big-eyed animation trend, while giving gamers a Fruit Ninja style game with interesting mechanics. Only a week later, Kawaii Killer has been pulled from the App Store. According to the creator, Tabemasu Games, Apple’s reason for censoring Kawaii Killers is that “the app is not appropriate for the App Store in its current state.”

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Tweetonig’s ‘Tuna Knobs’ Adds Real Buttons to your iPad

Tuna Knobs

If you have every used a deejay app or synthesizer app with virtual knobs, you’ll know that fine-tuning the controls can be a real hassle. The physical movement of turning and the virtual 2-D knob are just not compatible. You will oftentimes find yourself turning up when you wanted to turn down, or vice-versa.

Tweetonig aims to solve the problem of poor performance of touch screen knobs with a physical controller that sticks to the iPad screen, giving you a realistic experience.

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Apple’s A8 Processor Chip Said to Be Significantly Faster, More Efficient

A8What do you hope Apple will change with the next generation of iPad Air? It is already about as thin as can be and last year’s redesign made it slimmer than ever. For me, there are three updates I’d like to see. I wish Apple would make the iPad’s camera as good as the iPhone’s. I look forward to the added security of Touch ID. The only other improvement I can possibly imagine is a faster processor chip. Not that the A7 isn’t incredibly fast. However, there is always room for advancements in mobile technology.

Chinese media outlet cnBeta recently claimed insider knowledge that Apple’s A8 processor chip will reach speeds of 2.0 GHz or higher per core. If the rumors are true, Apple’s iOS devices will be the fastest on record by leaps and bounds.

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