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Apple’s Phil Schiller Dumps Ice Water on his Head for Charity, Challenges Tim Cook to do the Same

The “Ice Bucket Challenge” has been spreading like wildfire across the nation. A person called on the Ice Bucket Challenge can either dump a bucket of ice water on his head (pictures, or it didn’t happen), or donate to the ALS Association to support research for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease), or both. It has become so popular that the likes of Justin Timberlake, Chris Christie, and Jimmy Fallon have taken up the challenge. Recently, celebrities in the tech world have started making their support of ALS research known.

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iPads Banned from Manchester Football Stadium


At a time when Americans are embracing the use of iPads in sports, England is heading the opposite direction, banning the use of them by spectators in one Manchester stadium.

The Manchester United Football Club, an English professional football team, recently sent a message to fans that iPads and other tablet devices would no longer be allowed inside the Old Trafford Stadium, home to the Red Devils.

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Siri’s Cheeky Personality Seems Ominous When Used By Murder Suspect to Hide Body

Siri Hide Body 2012

We all know that Siri has a cheeky sense of humor. Ask her where she was born or what her favorite color is and she will respond with something clever. You could spend hours trying to find Siri’s “Easter Eggs.”

One famous statement Siri makes is in regards to where a person can “hide a body.” It is a funny little quip with no ill intent. When asked, Siri would respond, “ What kind of places are you looking for? Swamps, Reservoirs, Metal Foundries, Dumps.”

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Amazon Takes on PayPal and Square with New iOS Ready ‘Local Register’ Payment System

275 hero_foodtruck_retina

Amazon is continuing it’s push into new markets with a service called Amazon Local Register, which is an instant competitor with Square and PayPal. Not only does Amazon have immediate name recognition, they also understand how to handle this type of commerce on an enormous scale.

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Apple ‘Slightly More Diverse’ Than Other Tech Companies, Tim Cook Not Happy With Report


Yesterday, Apple released statistics regarding the company’s diversity of employees. Of the, nearly 100,000 employees the company has under its umbrella, 55 percent are white, 15 percent are Asian, 11 percent are Hispanic, and seven percent are black. Although Apple’s numbers show more diversity than other tech companies in the U.S., CEO Tim Cook expressed disappointment in the report’s findings.

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Apple Creates Tribute to Comedian Robin Williams


The world let out a grief-stricken cry on Monday when news of actor and comedian Robin Williams’ death was announced. For people of my generation, Williams was part of our lives. I laughed when Mork from Ork sat on his head and cried when Dr. Sayer brought Leonard out of his catatonic state. I grew up with Williams. His life, as well as his death, has had a big impact on me. I’m not alone.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: DIY Coloring Book App for Kids

DIY Coloring Book 3

It is never too soon to start your kids down the path of do-it-yourself projects. All of those doll heads that are missing bodies (or vice-versa) can be made into something completely new and fun to play with if you let your imagination go wild. Your little one may not feel confident enough to take on a handcrafted birdhouse just yet, but with a bit of colorful inspiration, you may find yourself with a few new additions.

DIY Coloring Book is a book of illustrations that encourage children to take charge of a project without fear. There are 10 pages, each relating to projects, like helping mom paint the house, or refinishing a chair.

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Activision to Bring New Skylanders Trap Team Game to iPad this October

Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack 2

Activision has been ramping up for the Oct. 5 launch of its newest action adventure game based in the Skylanders world. Today, the company announced that it will be adding tablets to the same-day release schedule, making it the first time a Skylanders game will launch on mobile devices in tandum with the console version.

Skylanders Trap Team is the follow up game to Skylanders: Swap Force. In it players take on the evil that Kaos unleashed by taking on the role of the Portal Master and recapturing all of the escaped villains.

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iOS Still Number One in Enterprise but Android is Gaining Market Share

 Good Technology Net Activation by Platform

A new report from Good Technology shows tablet use in Enterprise is growing significantly. Apple is still ahead of the game, but as new apps hit the market, making it possible for companies to bring mid-level tablets into the corporate environment, Android is gaining significant numbers across enterprise, making Apple’s work harder than ever.

Among the discoveries made by Good Technology in its Mobility Index Report, one observation is that the enterprise market is showing signs of spending shifts toward mobile applications and software management solutions for them. As quoted by a recent Forrester report, “At the end of the day, we may talk about mobile devices, but in reality it’s all about the apps.”

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Apple Discusses HealthKit with with Medical Professionals, Intends it to be Lynchpin in Mobile Healthcare


As the launch date for iOS 8 grows near, we are finding out more information about what this “HealthKit” thing is all about. Today, Reuters is reporting that Apple has been meeting with health providers at Mount Sinai, the Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins to discuss how to implement the software program across the medical industry.

According to Reuters, Apple hopes to make health data like blood pressure, pulse, and weight available to patients and doctors alike so they can view information in one place. Currently data is gathered separately by thousands of healthcare software programs, but isn’t centrally stored. Apple wants to be the storage facility for this information.

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