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Apple Reportedly Adding HomeKit Features to Apple TV


Apple’s newest mobile operating system comes with more new features than we can possibly cover in one afternoon. We are also finding out on a daily basis what unmentioned new activities we can accomplish thanks to iOS 8. One of the new software development kits that Apple made available is HomeKit, which allows third-party developers to create apps for smart hardware that can be linked with the iPad and iPhone so users can perform such tasks as turning off lights and locking doors. Forbes recently claimed that Apple TV now has access to HomeKit, as well.

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Apple Tops ‘Coolest Brands’ List, Making it a Three-peat for the Company

Apple Valuable Brand

Another round of valuable branding surveys have hit the street. This one is from Britain-based CoolBrands. According to the company’s research, Apple – for the third year running – has topped the list of most valuable brand. Right behind the tech giant is luxury carmaker Aston Martin, followed by Nike in third place.

CoolBrands’ survey, which is made up of 2,000 British consumers, as well as 37 trend-setters, showed that, of the top 20 ranked brands, 13 of them stayed in the running while the likes of Twitter, Prada, Adidas, and the BBC’s iPlayer all fell out of the ranks.

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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Set New Record with 10 Million Sales

iPhone 6b

This past weekend saw the launch of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. From the long lines that were reported around the world, it was clear that Apple’s newest smartphone would be a big deal, and it was. This morning, Apple released the numbers and the combination of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales set a new record for weekend launch sales.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Plunder Pirates

 Plunder Pirates 5

Ahoy there, matey. It is time to hit the big blue and explore new lands, invade pirates’ lairs, and build the most awesome hideaway ever. If you’ve ever wondered how fun it would be to set sail on a pirate adventure, this game will give you a taste of the wildlife, but also remind you that there is work to be done.

Plunder Pirates is a building game that allows players to create the perfect pirate island. Mine for gold, brew grog, and recruit pirates willing to travel far and wide, taking what they want in every port.

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iPhone 6 Plus Teardown Reveals Massive Battery, 1GB RAM

iPhone 6 Plus Teardown 2

Before Californians even woke up this morning to stand in line for the new iPhone 6, iFixit already meticulously took apart the new iPhone 6 Plus. What they found was no surprise, but it sure does look fun. The tinkering team managed to get their hands on a gold model and watching them tear it open and surgically remove its guts is nothing short of beautiful.

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Apple’s FaceTime May be in Jeopardy as Patent Infringement Suit Comes to Light


Apple gets accused of infringing on technology patents a lot. Mostly, we just hear about Samsung slinging the accusations, but due to the broad nature of tech patents that have been approved in the past, it is very easy for a company to claim that it had the idea first. For example, I could have patented an idea for a device that can be taken out of the home and used for communication with others and then claim that everyone with a cell phone infringed on my patent.

OK, so it’s not quite that broad, but you get the idea.

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Tim Cook Makes Special Appearance at Palo Alto Apple Store

Image Courtesy of Jacob Jimenez via Twitter

Image Courtesy of Jacob Jimenez via Twitter

As Apple Fans in Palo Alto, CA were shuffling into place, bleary-eyed from a long night of sidewalk posting, they were treated with a sight that made their sleepless line-sitting experience all worth it. CEO Tim Cook unlocked the front doors of the retail store for the first iPhone 6 buyers at 8:00 a.m. PT this morning.

An appearance from Cook to Apple Fans is tantamount to Star Wars fans seeing George Lucas at a movie premier. Or well, it would actually be more akin to seeing J.J. Abrams, if you really want to argue semantics. 

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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Revive the Apple Fanboy Phenomenon

iPhone 6 line

As of yesterday at 3:00 p.m. PDT, lines outside of Apple retail stores around the world had reached epic proportions. It has been a while since a new iPhone has created such a frenzy. It appears that Apple is back in business as über fans are participating in the line-sitting experience again.

As a member of “geek culture,” I’ve sat in my fair share of lines for premiers of “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings” movie premiers. I’ve also been up at the wee hours of twilight to stand in hours-long lines for various iOS devices.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Snake Rewind

Snake Rewind 1

Back in April, we told you about Snake ’97, which was a lovingly recreated version of the game that was made hugely popular for appearing on millions of Nokia phones in the late 1990 and up. That game was made by a fan that simply wanted to play Snake on his iOS device.

Earlier this month, Rumilus Design announced that the game’s creator, Taneli Armanto, would be on board to collaborate on an all-new iOS game based on the original Nokia Snake we loved so much.

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How to Enable Third-Party Keyboard Apps as the iOS Default Keyboard

Third-party Keyboard how to 5

Within the first 24-hours of the release of iOS 8, the most popular new feature appears to be the ability to customize the keyboard. Currently, Swype – Keyboard is the top paid app in the App Store and SwiftKey Keyboard is in second place for the top free apps. I have already downloaded Fleksy Keyboard within the first hour after updating my iPad and iPhone to iOS 8. I love the colors.

If you are thinking about adding a third-party app as your default keyboard, there are a few things you should know before you make it official and a few steps you must take after you download the app.

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