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Apple Pulls iOS 8.0.1 Due to Devices Losing Cellular Service and Touch ID

iOS 8.0.1

This morning, Apple released an update to iOS 8 that is expected to fix a number of bugs that were found within the past week. However, within minutes, it became apparent that the download included some serious issues.

First noticed by a number of Apple users on Twitter, iOS 8.0.1 appears to cause some to lose their cellular service. Where you might normally see the 3G or 4G icon, you would instead see “No Service.”

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Apple Watch May Be Ready Just in Time For Valentine’s Day

Apple Watch

The tech world was pretty sure Apple would unveil its new wearable technology on Sept. 9 during the company’s media event. What was actually more of a surprise was finding out that the Apple Watch would not be ready until some indeterminate date in “early 2015.” No holiday sales?

According to The Information, even Apple employees and partners were under the impression the Watch would be on store shelves ahead of the Christmas rush. Apparently, “complications with the project” forced Apple to push back the launch date, leaving it’s official release date open-ended.

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President Obama Caught Eying New iPhone 6 During UN Visit

Barack Obama

Earlier this week, U.S. President Barack Obama met with world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly. In the midst with the hubbub surrounding the Country’s actions against the Islamic State, Obama was seen checking out Bahrain’s ambassador’s new iPhone 6.

According to the New York Times, during the UN meet-up, Obama spotted the iPhone 6 in the hands of the ambassador and asked whether his phone was “the new 6,” to which the representative confirmed that it was.

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Is Your iPad Crashing More often Since iOS 8? You’re not Alone

iOS 8

Last night, I was browsing Pinterest on my iPad Air running iOS 8 when the app crashed. That was my first experience with any sort of issue on iOS 8. I reloaded the app and continued my activities, only to have it happen again, two more times. I gave up and went to bed.

App crashes happen, especially when a new operating system is released. There are still glitches to work out and bugs to squash. Apple is rumored to already be working on an update to iOS 8 that will take care of a few issues with bugs. It isn’t a surprise. That’s why a lot of people wait for a few weeks before downloading the updates. They want to make sure the system is running properly.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: DIY Stylus

DIY Stylus 2

These days, you can get a basic touch screen stylus for practically nothing. However, Apple still doesn’t give them away with new iPhone or iPad devices. So, if you are playing with your new, larger sized iPhone 6, or simply looking for a customize stylus for your iPad, we found a project that will cost practically nothing. In fact, if you have the right materials lying around the house, it won’t cost a dime.

For this DIY stylus by hixair on Instructables, you’ll need four items, a small piece of conductive foam, a bamboo chopstick, threaded copper wire, and crazy glue.

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Minecraft Creator, Mojang, to Port Turn-Based Battle Card Game ‘Scrolls’ to iPad


Probably the longest lasting, most popular game on iOS is Minecraft Pocket Edition. The game has consistently remained within the top 10 most popular paid apps since it launched in 2011. The company that created the block-building phenomenon, Mojang, is on schedule to port their second game to iOS this fall.

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Next-Gen iPad mini Launch Rumored to be Delayed Until 2015, iPad Pro Next Spring

iPad Mini

A new round of rumors is starting to surface. This time, it is in regards to the next generation of iPad mini. Current speculation points to a late October media event where Apple will unveil the second-generation iPad Air (as well as a possible refresh of Apple TV). Presumably, Apple would update the iPad mini at the same time. However, reports are coming in from the other side of the globe that say different.

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Apple Reports iOS 8 Penetration at 46% in First Week

 iOS 8 Adoption Sept. 23

Yesterday, Apple announced a record-breaking launch weekend for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Traditionally, the company also notes the estimated number of times the new operating system was downloaded (200 million in 2012 and 100 million in 2013) in such a press release. However, it was conspicuously absent this year. Today, Apple’s Developer page shows that nearly half of all devices have been updated to iOS 8. That is not too shabby for seven days.

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Apple May Be Integrating Beats Music into iTunes Radio, What About Subscribers?

Beats and Apple

Yesterday, TechCrunch dropped a pretty big rumor bomb on the tech world by claiming that Apple plans to shut down Beats Music, the company it paid $3 billion for earlier this year. Within the hour Re/code published a response stating that Apple won’t be shutting the service down, but instead may consider “changing the Beats Music brand.” That sounds like pretty much the same thing, to me.

From both TechCrunch and Re/code, it sounds like the future of the streaming music service called “Beats Music” is in flux. It may mean the service will simply act different than it does now, or it may mean that the brand will dissolve entirely or be folded into iTunes Radio. What does seem to be sure is that, eventually, Beats Music will change.

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Early Benchmarks Showcase iPhone 6 Improvements

19 Benchmark has released some early results from its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus testing as a precursor to a full report coming soon. The iPhones did very well and even though they didn’t win most of the categories, it is safe to say they dominated the results. Additionally has rated the iPhone 6 Plus screen “The Best Performing LCD that we have ever tested” which is high praise considering Apple hasn’t been in the forefront of screen innovation for a number of years.

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