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New Report Suggests iPad 2 and iPhone 5 Still Most Popular Apple Devices


Apple may be able to brag that 90 percent of all devices run on the most current operating system, but that can’t brag that the majority of iOS device owners have the newest model device. In fact, the two-year-old iPhone 5 is the most popular model of smartphone and the three-and-a-half-year-old iPad 2 is the most popular tablet of Apple’s mobile devices.

That may not be for much longer, though.

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Rumor: Apple and Disney Rolling Out NFC Stations in Preparation for iWatch

iBeacon 2

Tomorrow is likely to be one of the biggest days in Apple history in regards to product launches. It is rumored that the company is going to unveil a larger sized iPhone, a wearable computer and an iPad Air refresh. To further support the possibility that Apple is making big moves across technology, rumors have surfaced that the iPad maker, as well as Disney retail stores, are rolling out a massive implementation of upgraded iBeacon sensors and near-field communication (NFC) readers.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Star Walk Kids – Astronomy for Children

Star Walk Kids 4

Only a few weeks ago, Vito Technology launched the beautiful sequel to the popular Star Walk app for iOS. I’ve used it many times since then to see what stars I’m looking at and find out a little more about those deep sky nebulas. Last week, the company launched a new version of the stargazing app that is specifically designed to inspire your little ones.

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Apple Store App Goes Universal, Gets Redesign and a Few New Features

Apple Store App 3

Only a few days before Apple’s big media event, where the company is expected to launch the next-generation iPhone and possibly iPad Air, as well as unveil the purported iWatch, the official retail app has received a major update with a redesigned user interface, better navigation, and cross-platform shopping. Plus, the iPhone app is now universal. Interestingly, the Apple Store app for iPad is still available and active in the App Store.

Until yesterday, there were separate Apple Store apps for the iPhone and iPad. The two looked alike for the most part with minor differences based on layout for the varying screen size. Today, you can download the app on either iPad or iPhone and updates will trigger on both devices.

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Tim Cook Promises Stronger iCloud Security, Adding Two-Step Authentication

iCloud Drive 1

The unfortunate celebrity nude photo hacking and subsequent online leak of said photos over the weekend has spurred outrage from iCloud users and messages of reassurance from Apple. No matter how many times the iPad maker states and restates that the invasion was not due to a security breach in the company’s servers, but a brute force attack on specific accounts, it does nothing to quell the fire that has erupted in its wake.

iOS users just don’t feel safe using iCloud anymore.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark 4

In 1992, PC games were making serious waves in the industry. They were more complex than console games and offered a level of depth that had not yet been established in the world of pixels. Horror games were also starting to creep into the mainstream. Sure, there weren’t a bunch of zombie dogs ready to attack as you walked through a dark hallway, but they had the kinds of elements that would send a chill down your spine.

Alone in the Dark is a horror video game that first launched on DOS and quickly became a popular title for being the first survival horror game in 3-D. Players find themselves trapped in a haunted mansion, trying to find a way out.

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Apple Negotiates Deal With Banking Industry, ‘iWallet’ Expected Sept. 9

Touch ID 1

It was two years ago that we first heard about the possibility of Apple going into the mobile payment industry. The company had submitted a patent application for a payment service that would allow users to make purchases without needing to swipe a card, or even be close to a cash register. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, consumers could simply make a purchase in a retail store right from where they are standing.

In January, Apple hinted at its interest in mobile payments during its quarterly earnings call. CEO Tim Cook was quoted as saying ““The mobile payments area in general is one we’ve been intrigued with, it was one of the thoughts behind Touch ID.”

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Rovio Launches Angry Birds Stella in the App Store

Angry Birds Stella 5

Back in February, Rovio showed off a few snippets of their upcoming bird-flinging game of friendship and love. After six long months of waiting, we finally get to find out what this new adventure is all about.

Angry Birds Stella tells the story of the adventurous pink bird, Stella, who is just about to head out on her next journey. Just as she begins researching, the “evil queen,” Gale, who actually used to be her friend, sends a piggie in to steal her travel bag. It is up to you to help Stella get her stuff back, and possibly rekindle long, lost friendships along the way.

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Rumor: New iPad Air with Touch ID and Gold Makeover to be Revealed Next Week

Sept. 9 Media Event

To further support the possibility that Apple might be preparing to launch both the new iPhone and the new iPad at one singular event next Sept. 9, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently told investors that he believes the second generation iPad Air will be unveiled next week, complete with Touch ID and a gold version.

AppleInsider received a copy of the research note that Kuo wrote, which states his prediction that Apple will launch the next generation iPad Air with anti-reflective screen coating, a full-lamination touch panel, an upgraded processor chip, Touch ID, and a new gold casing.

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SEGA’s Super Monkey Ball Bounce Finally Available Worldwide


Back in May, we discovered that SEGA’s panchinko style arcade game featuring AiAi launched in the Canada App Store. We assumed that meant the worldwide launch was imminent. However, the Super Monkey didn’t bounce his way into the App Store until today.

Super Money Ball Bounce is an arcade game that is a bit panchinko and a bit Pinball. Players aim and shoot AiAi and his friends out of a cannon to bounce off of a variety of bumpers that produce points, gold, and more. Rescue AiAi’s monkey friends and use their special abilities to get the highest scores.

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