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Apple iPad Air 2 Benchmark Proves to be the Fastest iOS Device

iPad Air 2 Geekbench

Primate Labs recently released a new Geekbench report via Twitter showing the performance of the A8X processor chip housed inside the iPad Air 2. According to the results, Apple’s latest tablet is the fastest iOS device around. Plus, the iPad Air 2 is faster than any other tablet on the market by a significant amount, including the Android-based Nvidia Shield Tab, which previously held the crown.

What is probably the most interesting revelation with Primate Lab’s report is that it shows the iPad Air 2 actually houses three cores, and the best news of all, 2GB of RAM. These additional tech specs on top of the faster A8X processor chip push the iPad Air 2 into desktop computer performance arena.

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PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: Kids’ iPad Costume for Halloween

DIY Halloween iPad Costume1

Halloween is only about a week away. By now, most people have already, at least, figured out what their costume will be. If you are still trying to figure out what your youngling should wear, how about decking him out in the latest iPad Air 2 fashion?

This project for a child-sized iPad Halloween costume comes from Kids Activities Blog. It is completely DIY and even comes with a template for Halloween-themed apps to compliment your spooky tablet.

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IBM’s ‘Mobile First’ iPad Apps for Enterprise Set to Launch Next Month

262 IBM

Yesterday, Apple held its quarterly earnings meeting where the company’s CEO and CFO told investors how things are going. CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri gave additional details as to why the iPad is not a sinking ship and basically said the media should stop making up tales of the apocalypse when it comes to Apple’s tablet line.

In the quarterly earnings call, Cook noted that IBM’s Mobile First iPad apps are on schedule to launch as early as next month. This new line of enterprise apps will be a big boost for Apple’s push to capture the corporate market.

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Tim Cook Says Recent iPad Sales Drop is Simply a ‘Speed Bump’

iPad mini 3

The iPad is an amazing product! New models are more powerful and have additional bells and whistles, but even the original iPad is still so revolutionary that people continue to use it for surfing the web, checking email, and reading books. My new iPad Air 2 is arriving on Friday and yet most of my tech friends are surprised I upgraded at all. Tim Cook calls the decline in iPad sales only a ‘Speed Bump’ but I call it the result of Apple making a product that is too good and they haven’t created an intense need to constantly buy the latest model.

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Hackers May Have Found a Way to Infiltrate Apple’s iCloud in China

iCloud Drive 1

Just as Apple launches their new mobile payment service, a news report comes in that a group of hackers in China may have figured out a way to gain access to personal log in credentials for iCloud. Chinese research firm claims that the “man-in-the-middle” (MITM) attack comes from the Beijing government.

According to Reuters, recently published information that hackers have put up a false website on China’s Internet that redirects iCloud users to a false page where passwords, messages, photos, and contacts could potentially be accessed and collected without user knowledge. also claims that the government is involved in the attack, stating that it resembles previous attacks on Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

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WritePad for iPad Can Now Be Used as a Default Keyboard for iOS 8

WritePad 2

With the launch of iOS 8, users were finally able to take advantage of third-party keyboard apps as the default on their iPad. I’ve tested about a dozen of them and love all of the special features they come with. The connection is still a bit buggy and needs some polishing, but it is still a lot of fun to use these colorful and unique keyboards.

WritePad is a note-taking app that allows users to scribe notes in their own handwriting. Previously, the handwriting feature was only available when using the app. However, PhatWare has just updated WritePad to allow users to set the handwriting feature as the default keyboard on the iPad in iOS 8.

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Major League Baseball Parks to be First Stadiums to Accept Apple Pay

11 Apple Pay3

Yesterday, Apple rolled out iOS 8.1, which included such features as OS X Yosemite Continuity, iCloud Photo Library, and the much talked about Apple Pay. The reviews are trickling in from tech writers that have tested it in the wild. Although there have been a few expected hiccups, the overall consensus is, “wow.”

The next question is, which retailers will participate in Apple Pay? Apple has about a quarter-of-a-million stores on its list of participating retailers, including the likes of Macy’s, McDonnalds, Chevron, Office Depot, and more. We’ve also recently learned that Apple Pay will be available to MasterCard users at the 2014 World Series.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Enable Handoff in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite


Apple has added some pretty cool features between its mobile and desktop operating systems. The Continuity category makes it possible for users to access “Handoff,” send and receive text messages from non-iOS devices, and make phone calls on the Mac and iPad.

Until iOS 8.1, I was unable to access the features of Handoff. I wasn’t the only one. There were a lot of users talking about issues with Handoff. For me, and hopefully the hundreds of users with the same problem, iOS 8.1 has fixed the problem and Handoff is now accessible.

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Apple Posts Record Revenue Thanks to iPhone 6, iPad Sales Remains the Same


Apple just finished its quarterly earnings call relating to the fourth quarter 2014. It was no surprise that the company made huge profits over last quarter thanks to record sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. At the same time, the Mac market proved to be the most successful quarter on record for Apple with a 25 percent increase in sales from the previous quarter. The iPad is showing a slowdown, as expected. However, the drop was not significant enough to cause concern. Sales from the same time last year only decreased by seven percent, which is lower than the slowdown seen in the third quarter.

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Apple Pay Available Today on Compatible Devices Via iOS 8.1

Apple PayWith the release of iOS 8.1, Apple makes its mobile payment service available on compatible devices. If you already have an iPhone 6 or 6Plus, or if you’ve preordered your iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3, you’ll be able to take advantage of Apple’s convenient mobile shopping experience.

In the past, research has shown that the iPad is used more than any other tablet for online shopping during the holidays. Plus, the iPad is fast becoming the go-to shopping app over desktops and laptops, as well.

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