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Guy Builds LEGO Robot to Cheat iPad Game

Jurassic Park Builder Cheat Engine 1City building games can be lots of fun, but they can also be a bit of a pain. No matter how patient you are and how frugal you are with your money, you always hit a pay wall. And, it’s not like a single purchase of gems or coins or whatever the in-game currency is, will be enough. You can drop $0.99 on a few bits of money to get you through the next building, but the money runs out again. It’s genius and evil, all at once. A Guinness World Record Rubiks Cube holder figured out a way to keep the money coming in, even while he sleeps, by building a tapping device out of LEGOs and an Arduino circuit board.

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Texas Instruments Rolls Out SimpleLink SensorTag iBeacon Transmitter and App

SensorTag BannerTexas Instrument is adopting Apple’s proximity notification technology with a new Bluetooth connected iBeacon transmitter. The SimpleLink SensorTag and compatible SensorTag app makes it possible for brick-and-mortar stores to push location-based alerts to costumers.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: Felt iPad Case with Snaps (and a Pocket)

ipad-tablet-case-01When it comes to crafting your own iPad case or sleeve, the most important thing is to ensure it is protected. When you shove your tablet into your stuffed backpack, you don’t want those loose marking pens to scratch your brushed aluminum backside. Once you’ve got the basics covered, it is nice to have some additional features to increase your case’s usefulness. That is where pockets come in. Having a separate section for storing your Lightning cable, EarPods, and those loose marking pens really makes a case more than just a sleeve.

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Display Makers Predicted to Make More Money on Mobile Screen than Televisions This Year

NPD ChartTelevision sets are quickly being replaced by mobile devices as the hot electronic purchase. NPD DisplaySearch recently released a report showing the trend in mobile flat panel displays (FPD). Smarphones, tablets, and laptops are on schedule to surpass LCD TV displays by five percent this year. By 2016, more than half of all FPD revenue will come from mobile devices.

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Millions of Android Devices Vulnerable to Heartbleed, iOS Not Affected

Heartbleed-lThe widespread Heartbleed virus that rocked the Worldwide Web last week is not done infecting the Internet. Today, Ars Technica is reporting that mobile devices running Android 4.1.1 and some versions of 4.2.2 have a vulnerability that effects end-users. This attack could potentially steal passwords, personal messages, and other private information from a device’s memory.

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Apple’s Antitrust Monitor Says Relationship is ‘Significantly Improved’

Michael BromwichThanks to some ethically questionable shenanigans from Apple’s top executives, the company was found guilty of violating antitrust laws last July. Since then, the ruing judge assigned a monitor to the iPad maker to ensure that an antitrust compliance program is active and progressing. Today, Michael Bromwich submitted a 77-page report to the U.S. District Court in New York stating that Apple has made a “promising start” to improve its antitrust compliance program.

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Microsoft Drops Price of Office 365 Subscription by 30% with New ‘Personal’ Plan for iPads and Computers

Office Logo

A new subscription option called Office 365 Personal has been announced by Microsoft for its Office 365 service and while it is cheaper, it may not have the features you need. The biggest difference is that you can only use the apps on one computer and tablet, which is reduced from the 5 of the full service. Those who are going to benefit from this are those of you who only need it for yourself on a single device.

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Newly Leaked iPhone 6 Photos Show Front Panel of Rumored “Big Screen” iPhone

iPhone 6

The rumor mill is ramping up for the iPhone 6 and it looks like it’s going to be all about size this time around. A photo has emerged that claims to show the new iPhone 6 case and if it is accurate then it seems instead of a new iPhone, Apple might actually just be releasing a smaller iPad Mini with phone capabilities.

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AppTrigger Blue turns First Person Shooter Into a Realistic Shootout

AppTrigger 2Last year, Apple pushed iOS 7 to the iPhone and iPad. Since then, the newest operating system has been adopted on 87 percent of all Apple devices. One special feature that Apple included in iOS 7 was the ability for third-party companies to create game controllers that are certified for use with Apple products. At the same time, Apple released an SDK that developers can use to make their games compatible with those game controllers.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Baby Bundle

Baby Bundle 3I guess I’m feeling a bit sentimental today. Normally, I’d skip past any parenting app in the App Store for an action-packed stunt racer. You’d think that was a no-brainer. However, within the past year, a few friends of mine have brought bundles of joy into the world, and another close friend has just announced he will be populating the planet with his DNA as well. So, in honor of my new-parent friends, this week, instead of spotlighting a super cool motorcycle racing game, I’m spotlighting an app that helps you become a super awesome parent. I think this decision was a no-brainer.

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