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3M Keeps Your iPad Screen Private with New Removable and Reusable Privacy Filter

3M Privacy Filter

3M has announced a product that I plan on buying immediately for use in meetings on campus and as long as I remember to turn off the sound then no one will know I am not paying attention. Seriously though, the innovative 3M Easy-On Privacy Filter is both functional and smart because you can put the privacy screen on when you need it and then remove it when you don’t.

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Nest Unveils ‘Protect’ an iPhone and iPad Enabled Smoke Detector


Smoke detectors can be obnoxious. I was making grilled cheese sandwiches last week and I accidentally let one cook a little too long and the fire alarm started blaring. There wasn’t a fire but the alarm going off created chaos with the kids and it even went off again after I deactivated it because I didn’t open the window fast enough. How much did that alarm cost? Probably $20-30. Now there is a better option.

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Add Some Rock & Roll Cool to your iPad with this Retro Styled Wireless Speaker

Marshall Stanmore

I can think of a half dozen people who would want the new Marshall Stanmore wireless speaker for their iPad. There’s no question about its cool factor but it also has the design heritage to be a speaker you’re going to enjoy using.

The Stanmore is designed with a high level of attention to detail and is intended to be a true Marshall experience and not a cheap imitation. In fact at $400 it isn’t really cheap at all. Even the 3.5MM cable is designed to emulate the feel of a guitar cable.

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Padcaster Looks to Turn your iPad Mini into a Production Studio


If you are using your iPad to shoot video then this is a product that you will be very interested in. The Padcaster frame allows you to secure your iPad to a tripod and attach a wide variety of accessories which are critical for your production needs. While the Padcaster has already been put into production, it is also a part of a new Kickstarter campaign.

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Cool Accessory Transforms your iPad into a 3D Scanner

ocipital 3d sensor

There is an in-progress Kickstarter campaign which is building a 3D sensing device. While it probably wont be at the level of established non-mobile 3D scanners, the fact that it attaches to your iPad is pretty amazing.

As someone who is involved in the music and film industries, I can see a lot possibilities. Here are a few that I came up with immediately:

  1. Location scouting for films – quick 3D models of places
  2. Record keeping of microphone placement in recording studios
  3. 3D representation of artwork

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iPhone 5s versus iPhone 5 – Is it Worth the Upgrade?


Now that we’ve had a couple of days to look at the new iPhones it’s possible to make some solid recommendations about whether or not to upgrade from your current phone. Specifically we are going to look at the upgrade path from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5s and my official recommendation is a semi-firm no.

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iPhone 5s Camera Receives Solid Upgrade – 8MP Sensor and Advanced Flash

iPhone Camera

It’s not the 40 megapixel offering that a recent competitor seems to think is the end-all phone camera but the iPhone 5S’ 8MP camera is still an impressive update to an already nice camera offering.

The new features are going to raise the quality level of pictures in an obvious way and are going to help with action shots and low light situations. Best of all you can shoot slow motion video, which will certainly mean a lot of slow motion content on people’s Facebook pages in the coming weeks.

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New M7 Motion Coprocessor Unifies iPhone Features

m7 chip

The new iPhone 5S looks pretty amazing and includes a powerful new way for developers to work with data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. The M7 chip continuously measures movement and makes the data available to apps.

Nike announced a new app called Nike+ Move, which is the successor to Nike+ and showcases the power of the new CoreMotion API and the power of what Apple is calling  “Optimizations based on contextual awareness.”

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Have a lot of iPads and iPhones? Griffin’s New MultiDock has your Charging Needs Covered


Mobile devices have been adopted by schools and educators all over the world but what happens when you reach 2/3 of the way through the day and batteries begin to die? Unless every desk has available power you are going to have to be creative in how you use these amazing tools. It doesn’t make sense to use an iPad all day anyway, but now there is a very effective tool that will help charge and sync large numbers of devices simultaneously.

Griffin has announced a new MultiDock which is going to be in high demand for anyone needing to connect to a lot of devices. Not only does it look great, but it also looks like it works great.

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Jawbone’s MINI JAMBOX Speaker and Playlist App Lets You Take the Party Anywhere


The wildly popular JAMBOX speaker now has a little sister and is more portable than ever. Devices such as the MINI JAMBOX fill a growing need in a mobile ecosystem that is constantly providing more content to users but which has to be viewed on devices with weak sound systems.

This year I purchased my family a rechargeable and portable Bluetooth speaker set which was an instant hit and has logged many more hours than our multi-thousand dollar sound system. In fact, the kids prefer to watch movies on the iPad instead of the flat screen. Until a mobile device can include a really great onboard sound system, the market for 3rd party solutions is likely to continue to grow.

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