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Flexible iPad mini Stand PED4 Coil IPM10 – Gear Review


Our friends over at Thought Out have yet another clever and innovative new iPad mini stand – the PED4 Coil IPM10. This is a long, snake like, flexible, gooseneck coil stand that can be manipulated into any shape to hold your iPad mini. Made from solid, yet flexible, steel, this stand can be mounted anywhere.

If your iPad mini goes everywhere you go – this is the stand for you. The coil allows you to bend and flex the stand to work where you need it to go. Prop it up, hang it, hook it – there are endless possibilities.

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The Joy Factory Charis Wheelchair Mount for iPad – Gear Review


 The Joy Factory, creators of so many fantastic device accessories, has a new iPad mount made specifically for those who use a wheelchair for mobility – the Charis Wheelchair Mount for iPad. This brilliant new stand is the perfect attachment for anyone looking for a lightweight and flexible way to use their iPad while on the go.

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Innovative Technology Justin Case Rechargeable Power Case – Gear Review



Rechargeable power cases aren’t an accessory we see too often here, so we are quite excited to get to try out Innovative Technology’s Justin Case – Rechargeable Power Case Designed for iPad. This case is designed as a large backup battery pack that will recharge you iPad up to 2 times, and your iPhone up to 7 times!

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PadGadet’s Sound Stage: Hands-On with the iRig BlueBoard

blueboard_topIt is time again for another weekly installment of our guide to apps and accessories for musicians and fans of music. We love to talk about music around here. Whether we are rocking out on stage or bopping our heads in our living rooms, we are music fans. Each week, we track down apps and accessories that we think musicians and fans of music might enjoy. Last week, we told you about Theory Lessons. You can learn everything there is to know about learning to read and write music.

This week, we have a hands-on review of IK Multimedia’s newest product. The iRig BlueBoard is a wireless Bluetooth compatible pedalboard controller so you can switch between different settings in your MIDI devices or have different presets in your digital stop box.

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Joy Factory Extends Popular MagConnect Mounting System to iPad Air


The Joy Factory offers one of the most comprehensive set of iPad mounting systems available and they have officially updated their line to include the iPad Air. There are mounts which attach to walls, tripods, desks, drink holders, and wheelchairs. Not only do they have a diverse line of mounts, but they are built to last.

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Vital Design Adds a Kickstand to Your New iPad Mini with Retina

Case66-PP-2-500x500Sometimes, when friends tell me reasons why they don’t like Apple’s tablets, they mention the fact that the iPad and iPad mini don’t come with a kickstand. Lenovo makes a tablet with a kickstand. Microsoft makes a tablet with a kickstand. Some tech reviewers actually say that kickstand-integrated tablets are better than the iPad.

Vital Design has come up with a solution in the form of “Case 66.” This iPad mini bumper comes with a kickstand, and a notebook cover, so your 7.9-inch device will be protected and have a great viewing angle, all in one. Read More »

Harman Kardon’s Nova Wireless Speakers Add a Cool Design Touch to your iPad Audio Experience


Harmon Kardon is a fairly respected name in the world of hi-fi audio, but their push has been selling artfully designed speakers that enhance your room with big sound and well crafted design. The Nova speaker set is another example of great sound with a beautiful look.

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Twelve South’s new BookBook Travel Journal Let’s your iPad Air or iPad Mini Travel in Style

BookBookEvery once in a while an iPad case comes around that I really want. I have reviewed a few that I like and some that I think that I would like, but the case I’m looking at today is one that I instantly knew I wanted. The new BookBook Travel Journal is a little bit quirky but still 100% efficient, practical, and awesome.

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iPad Air: Best Mobile Hotspot Ever?


I used to use a dedicated LTE hotspot device before Apple had it built in to the iPhone and iPad. It was fast and I could connect all of my devices, including my laptop, to the internet wherever I went. The biggest issue was the battery life on that device which lasted significantly less than the devices I attached to it. Batteries have long been an issue for iPhones and iPads, but as batteries get more powerful to support newer hardware, some tasks such as creating hotspots can benefit in useful ways.

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Kensington Gets Colorful with new iPad Air Case Lineup

Kensington Bright Ideas for iPad AirCase maker Kensington has just announced that it will be launching a new line of colorful iPad Air cases next month. The Comercio collection folios will decorate your iPad with a rainbow of vibrant flare.

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