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Padcaster Set to Release iPad mini Version of Poplar Mobile Production Studio


The critically acclaimed Padcaster is at the center of another Kickstarter campaign after being featured in the ‘Your Verse’ iPad commercial from Apple. I was impressed when I wrote about the Padcaster Mini last year and I remain a supporter of the product, but it seems that with one failed Kickstarter the new campaign is going to have to make a bigger impression.

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Felix Releases Simple Yet Versatile FlipStand for iPad


After opening their doors in 2012, Felix has proven that they have something to offer the iPad accessory market. Their latest offering builds on the same craftsmanship and creativity that they’ve shown in the past by creating a product which is simple to use and still very flexible. The FlipStand is best at being a stand, but also functions as a protective case. The biggest catch? It currently isn’t available for the iPad Air.

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HiddenRadio’s Wireless Speaker Packs an Audio Punch

Hidden Speaker2 Sketch

Kickstarter has changed the way that startups are funded and HiddenRadio has set the bar for what many startups can only dream of when it comes to releasing new products. After raising nearly $1 million in 2012 for the original HiddenRadio, the creative team is back with an even more impressive HiddenRadio2.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: iRig KEYS PRO Hands-on Review

KeysPro+iPadIt has already been a week and today marks the deadline for a new post of our weekly music column. Each week, we hunt for the coolest apps and accessories for the iPad. Last week, we told you about Caustic. Create a rack mount for your music needs without taking up space in the living room.

This week, we go hands on with IK Multimedia’s newest release. If you thought the iRig KEYS were cool, but wanted something a little more practical, you’ll be happy to know that the iOS music accessory maker heard your cries and upgraded the MIDI-compatible keyboard to a PRO version, complete with full-sized keys for realistic keyboard play.

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Signal’s New ‘RP One’ iPad Game Controller Takes Styling Cues from Xbox


Wireless gaming controllers for iOS are all the rage right now. Newcomer ‘Signal’ is premiering their first offering at CES called the RP One. This controller connects via Bluetooth and will be available for $99.99 in the first half of 2014.

The RP One looks similar to an Xbox controller and as long as they have steered clear of copyright infringements, I would hardly call mimicking one of the best controllers ever a bad idea. While it certainly lacks imagination in the design category, I think new controllers on the market are good for everyone and will hopefully help bring down the ridiculous prices.

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Griffin Releases New Lineup of Kid Friendly iPad Cases and Chargers


The 2014 CES is getting underway in Las Vegas and so you should expect a number of product announcements this week. Griffin has made their official announcement regarding iPad and iPhone accessories and while there isn’t anything revolutionary, these products are worth a look.

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PadGadet’s Sound Stage: Hands-on with Ion Sound Splash

Sound Splash 1Welcome to another edition of our weekly music column. Each week, we test the mics, tune the guitars, and search for new and interesting apps and accessories for musicians and music lovers. We try to offer well-rounded content that is useful for new musicians and pros, active performers and basement rock stars, and all around fans of everything music related. Last week, we told you about IK Multimedia’s new iLoud speaker. If you are having a holiday party this year, the iLoud can supply the music.

This week, we are taking the volume down a few decibels with a smaller, more compact, Bluetooth speaker that would be a great gift for the college student in your life.

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PadGadet’s Sound Stage: Hands-on with IK Multimedia’s iLoud

iLoud_comp_cutWelcome back to another installment of our weekly music column. Each week, we bring news, reviews, and information on apps and accessories that musicians and fans of music will love. Last week, we told you about the Roadie Tuner. Your strings will never break unexpectedly again.

With the holidays fast approaching, we’ve got a few hands-on reviews in the works for the music lover in your life. Our first review is of IK Multimedia’s newest product to launch this year. The iLoud speaker is a studio monitor-quality speaker that is great for solo musicians. It is also the perfect speaker to fill your holiday party with festive music.

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My 2nd Brain Tablet Case for iPad/iPad mini – Gear Review

My-2nd-Brain-Tablet-Black-1Let me start out by stating that I am a bit of a klutz. Well, more than a bit really, and last week my iPad fell out of my bag as I bent down to pick something up. I usually keep it in a case, but on this day, for whatever reason I had left it at home. The screen was completely shattered, so much so that bandaids couldn’t save my fingers from even trying to swipe it on. I’m still a bit devastated…

I have just replaced my departed iPad, and now I’m in the market for a case I certainly won’t be leaving behind. Luckily enough, our friends at Think Tank just sent us their awesome new My 2nd Brain Tablet Case for us to try out. I have been testing this out for only a day, and must say, I am loving this case. Not only does it sport my new iPad, but it has pockets for everything – my iPhone, charging cables, headphones, sketchbook, keys, wallet, and business cards, and its not even close to being full. If you’re like me and want a great case to carry your tablet, and lots of personal goodies around in, please read on.

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Califone Speaker Perfect for the iOS Enhanced Classroom


As an educator I love the idea of using an iPad in the classroom but with small built-in speakers and a relatively small screen, it is not a device that can effectively be used without a little help. Califone has released a new speaker / mobile device stand that provides a possible solution.

The PA-MBiOS is capable of filling the room with sound from your connected iOS device and any other 3.5mm capable sound source. iPhones and iPads can be connected directly via the old 30-pin connector or through a Lightening adapter, which isn’t included.

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