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Honeywell Takes on Nest with Geofencing Capable Smart Thermostat

248 Lyric2

Honeywell is reputable name in A/C and thermostats and so it isn’t a surprise that they are getting in on the app enabled home trend. In fact, it is refreshing to see that new companies such as Nest are finally getting some solid competition, which is going to begin the process of lowering prices and creating a diverse market.

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Philips Shows What Hue Smart Bulb Control Might Look in iOS 8


Philips Hue is a proven product with a very distinct style and a lot of momentum in the marketplace. With HomeKit announced, Philips has released a mockup (see below) of how Hue might look in the iOS 8 Notification Center and it is clear that their efforts to integrate into iOS 8 are well underway.

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Apple Reportedly Working on Home Automation System Ahead of WWDC

Nest Protect

The rumor-mill is in full swing ahead of the WWDC keynote next week and one rumor in particular is suggesting that Apple is going to enter the smart home market. A number of companies already have items such as thermostats, lighting, security systems, and weight scales which are app connected but if Apple jumps on board then we can expect tighter iOS integration with all of the polish for which Apple products are known.

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iCorners Brings Case-less Protection to your iPad

235 Corners

Buying an iPad is a substantial investment that you will want to protect, but often the cases that provide the most safety also detract from the benefits from having a lightweight mobile device. A company called Simple Innovations has designed an elegant solution called iCorners that protects your iPad through the use of high quality corners, which add minimal weight and stay out of the way of normal use.

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Osmo – iPad Gaming with a Real World Twist

240 Osmo

It is an idea that is so simple that it will feel like it’s always been a part of iOS, yet it is magical enough that it has the potential to add an entire new category of gaming on the iPad. A startup named Tangible Play has created a technology called Reflective Artificial Intelligence, which integrates the environment around the iPad using its camera to promote learning and fun through an expanded tactile experience.

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Quickdraw iPad Cable is Lighting Up Kickstarter

226 Cable

A new product from Woodford Design is something you need to check out this weekend because it is the first new cable design I have seen that has really impressed me and it has impressed the Kickstarter community by meeting its goal in 5 days and is nearing twice its asking amount. Why is it so special? Its simplicity and quality will impress you and everyone should support this project.

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iPad Powered Teddy Bear is Magical Toy For Kids

225 Didi 02

Roam & Wander toy company is building on the success of their iPhone powered plush toy rabbit by developing an extremely charming iPad powered teddy bear. Aimed at helping kids integrate digital tech with traditional toys, these products are fun, engaging, and worth every penny.

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iPad Battery Case Lets You Charge Multiple Devices on the Go

iPad Battery Case

Apple designed the iPad to be as light as possible, but when the battery dies you might as well have a desktop computer plugged into the wall. A new Kickstarter from Fang Wang provides additional battery power for up to two devices on the go. The battery also functions as an iPad case which provides protection and a 360 degree stand.

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Apple iOS Patent Aims to Block Teens from Texting while Driving


I saw far too many people driving while using their phones on the way to drop my kids at school this morning. Sometimes I wonder why there aren’t stricter laws about distracted driving, especially in school zones where there are small children crossing streets. In an Apple patent discovered this week it seems that Apple has figured out a way to create a text free zone in the driver’s seat, through communication with the car and by using data available to the phone to determine motion and location.

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Apple TV Rumored to Get Motion Detection

Apple TV

The Apple TV is one of my favorite products and it’s likely the most used Apple product at my house. It has proven itself as a popular media streamer and Apple has consistently added new features over the past few years. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the Apple TV is on the verge of receiving its biggest update since its initial release.

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