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Spigen iPad Leather Case – Argos Series – Gear Review


The new genuine leather Argos Series of cases for the iPad is a true thing of beauty. From Spigen, a great company for finding quality accessories for all your devices, this case is 100% handcrafted from high quality materials packing features you wouldn’t think you’d find in a slim leather case. Since receiving the box at my door, I have been instantly impressed with this company.

The packaging is well designed, cleverly thought out, and the graphics on the box are smart, minimalist, and clean. Upon opening it, there was a beautiful smell – like that of the Florentine leather markets.

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Acase Debuts Arachne, Premium Leather Cases for iPad Mini

Arachne Vintage

Did Santa bring you an iPad mini this Christmas? Did he forget to include a case so that you can protect your fancy new tablet? Well, Acase has a few options that might make you want to send Santa back out for a second trip. The accessory maker just launched a line of vintage inspired iPad mini cases to bring out the Indie Rocker in you.

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PadGadget Gift Guide: Top iPad Keyboards & Keyboard Cases

logitech-keyboard-caseThis holiday season, think about the businessman or woman in your life and how much they could benefit from something as simple, yet useful as a keyboard for their iPad. Have you every tried typing more than an email on the iPad? It is nearly impossible and takes way too long. A keyboard turns your device into a workhorse and we’ve got a few that will make the perfect gift.

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Logitech Announces Easy-Switch Technology for Mac, iPhone, iPad


Logitech is making waves in the tech world with its new “Easy-Switch” technology. It is so convenient it makes you wonder why it hadn’t been thought of before. The company recently announced the upcoming launch of the Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard for Mac, iPad and iPhone. This specially designed keyboard is the perfect addition to any Apple-phile’s home.

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PadGadget Holiday Gift Guide for the Musician in Your Life


Here at PadGadget, we love to make music. The iPad is a fantastic device for writing songs, recording albums, and just rocking out. This year, we’ve got a list of accessories that any iPad-owning musician will love to have.

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A month after Launch, iPad mini Already Doing Better than Kindle Fire

Millennial Media recently released a report on advertisement impressions by devices and the iPad mini showed an astounding opening month of daily growth. In its first month of sales, the smaller Apple tablet had a daily growth of 28 percent. In comparison, Amazon’s Kindle Fire only saw a 19 percent daily growth rate over the same period last year.

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Lunatik Touch Pen – iPad Gear Review

The way each of us work is evolving, and Lunatik’s concept is that so should our tools. My favorite new kickstarter project, Lunatik, is developing not only the coolest new gear, but paradigm-changing ideas about the user experience. One of these concepts has materialized into a new product called the Touch Pen. Designed to integrate a traditional ink pen and a touch screen stylus, a user is able to continuously switch between analog and digital – with the same tool.

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Lunatik Chubby Stylus for iPad and iPhone – Gear Review

At first glance, the new Chubby from LUNATIK looks more like a squat highlighter than a stylus, but a second look reveals far more about this sleek new tool. Ergonomically designed, this baby fits snuggly into your hand. Its designed with a wide body, a rounded triangle in section, that tapers to a smooth nib at the end. The material – a high-grade silicone rubber – feels state-of-the-art soft with a little ‘squish’ to it for added comfort. I could easily see myself sketching with this for longer periods of time with no discomfort.

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KICKSTARTER: OCDock Mini Eliminates Cords While Charging Your iPad

If your desk looks anything like mine, there is a USB hub with at least four different cables dangling out of it. It is an ugly mess, but a necessary one. With a camera dock, two external hard drives, a mouse, and now two different connectors for my Apple devices (a 30-pin connector and a lightning connector), I have so many cables coming out of my iMac that it looks like it is growing tentacles.

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iWALK Link Docking Battery Chargers – Extra Juice for your iDevices

How often do you find yourself out and about with your iPad about to run out of juice? Sure, you could follow that YouTube link that your friend emailed to you, but it will eat up your battery life and you may need to look up an address soon. It always comes down to in-field triage. Which activity is worth you draining battery capacity and which can wait until you get home? Accessory maker iWALK has a solution to your battery woes. The company has an entire line of portable backup batteries to get you through a few more hours of iPad use.

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