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Sound Cover: Travel Speaker and Entertainment Case for iPad

Sound Cover 2The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has ended, but the fun is still lingering. Company onanoff made an appearance at the gadget convention and their big news was the unveiling of Sound Cover, an iPad case that features built-in stereo speakers so you can get the maximum volume from your tablet while on the go.

The Sound Cover is a protective case for the iPad that includes NXT stereo speakers capable of boosting the tablet’s volume by as much as 300 percent.

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Musemee Notier Stylus — iPad Gear Review


If you’re ready to move on from the stylus you were born with (a.k.a. your finger) to one with a bit more precision then consider the Musemee Notier stylus. Made of brushed aluminum, this stylus is available in metal grey, silver or red.

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Polaroid Presents New External Telescopic Lens for iPad At CES 2013

Polaroid Lens

The Olloclip is probably the most popular camera lens to turn your iPhone into something more camera-friendly. The iPad doesn’t get a lot of love in that department, but today Polaroid is showing off a new line of cases with snap-on camera lenses that work seamlessly with the iPad and iPad mini.

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Creators of the AR Drone 2.0 Keep Your House Plants Green With Flower Power

flower_power_photo-emeraldParrot may be best known for its incredible iPad-compatible toy, the AR.Drone 2.0, but that didn’t stop the gadget maker from thinking outside the box to come up with a new and innovative way to care for houseplants. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the company unveiled Flower Power.

This handy-dandy sensor acts as a translator so your plants can tell you what they need. Whether it’s more sun, less water, or a new supply of fertilizer, you’ll always know how to best care for your living greenery.

Once you’ve placed the Flower Power sensor into the plant’s soil, it will read the soil moister, fertilizer level, temperature, and sunlight. Based on the type of plant, you’ll receive alerts whenever something isn’t right. If you normally keep your plant on the porch, but the weather is starting to chill, you’ll receive a notification on your iPad that your plant is getting cold. If the soil has dried out too much, you’ll receive a notification that you need to water it. If your sunlight-loving greenery feels left in the dark, you’ll get an alert telling you to brighten up the place.

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Belkin Turns iPad into a Serious Productivity Tool with Expanded Keyboard Case Lineup

Belkin 1Belkin is one of the more popular iPad accessory makers on the market, especially for their ever-growing line of keyboard cases. Today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the company announced three new keyboard cases that are sure to turn your iPad into a heavy-duty workhorse.

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The Toddy Smart Wedge: A Simple Stand for Your iPad Mini – iPad Gear Review

toddywedgeI am a longtime fan of Toddy Gear’s products, and I regularly use a set of Toddy Smart Cloths to keep dust, fingerprints, and smudges off of the screen of my iDevices.

Earlier this year, Toddy expanded beyond simple cloths, adding a new Wedge, which is a dual-sided wedge-shaped beanbag that acts as both a stand and a cleaning device.

The Toddy Wedge was originally designed to function with the iPhone, and Apple’s iPad was too heavy to be supported by its small size and weight. That’s not the case with the ultra light iPad mini, however, which works perfectly with the Wedge.

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COOKOO Watch – A Gadget for the Always-Connected iOS Consumer


There has been a lot of news lately about Apple making an iOS-compatible watch. It is no surprise that other tech companies are trying to make their own, pre-existing, watches known to consumers before Apple gobbles up the market entirely. ConnecteDevice designed a watch that is both analog and digital. Their successful Kickstarter campaign doubled funding in July of 2012 and the company has finally publicly launched the Cookoo and it is available online today.

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Seagate Hard Drive Lets You Wirelessly Stream Movies to 8 Different iOS Devices

wireless-plusHow do you watch movies on your iPad? Do you transfer your DVDs to digital files and store them in iCloud? Do you rent or buy them on iTunes? When you are traveling, how do you bring your media with you? Seagate wondered those same questions and came up with a solution that lets you take more than 500 movies on the road with you on a 1 TB drive that connects to your iPad with its own Wi-Fi network.

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Mobio Announces New iPad Mounts at CES 2013


Oh, boy. Oh, boy. New products are coming our way fast and furious now. Another start-up is joining CES this year with a line of magnetically connected iPad mounts to display your device easier than ever, with a sleek design that will turn heads.

Mobile accessory maker Mobio recently launched three new products that are sure to make a presence at this year’s CES. The Mobio Go, Mobio Pivot, and Mobio Grip have the kind of minimalist design that always creates a stir for Apple products.

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BEHRINGER Announces New Line of AirPlay-Enabled Speakers at CES 2013

OMNI SP5iEvery year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) plays host to hundreds of electronics companies, all vying for our attention. There is always an influx of innovative technology and exciting new products to look forward to. This year, Behringer will add a new line of speakers and audio systems that are AirPlay compatible.

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