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SETA iPad Stand Uses NanoSuction Technology to Keep your iPad Secure


A new KickStarter is proving that their simple stand design is both highly effective and also popular. With 12 days to go the SETA Tablet Stand has met its funding goal, and it continues to find support in all the right places.

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Analyst Says Sapphire Glass iPhones are Unlikely this Year

277 Touch_ID

It’s stronger and more scratch resistant, but it looks like sapphire glass needs more time time before it is ready for prime time on a large scale. Rod Hall, an analyst at JP Morgan, told investors that sapphire glass is likely to be released as an iPhone display, but not in 2014.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Make Your Audio Recording Clearer with the Mighty Mic Hands-on Review

Mighty Mic 1

I regularly record live video of bands that play in my hometown. I love capturing a song or two so that others will know what a great experience live music is. The problem is that the music I usually participate in is loud, very loud. Nearly every recording I make when I’m not using a special external microphone sounds overblown and distorted. Sometimes it is so loud that the music is unlistenable, which is unfortunate when the point is to give people something to listen to.

The Mighty Mic is an external microphone that makes audio just a little bit clearer and higher quality. Plus, the included windscreen is perfect for capturing memories on a windy day at the beach.

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Precision Touch ‘Dart’ 2mm Stylus Hands-on Review

Dart Stylus 3

At this point in the life of the touch screen, accessory makers should be capitalizing on different ways to make a variety of stylus pens that can be used to accommodate different tastes. So far, we’ve seen software developers like FiftyThree and Adobe launch pens that only work with compatible apps. We have also seen the development of excellent quality 8mm tip pens like Pogo that feel more like a marker than a writing pen. However, the “fine-tip” stylus is still a rare thing in the touch screen world.

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iPads Could Face Downturn as Attention Shifts to Wearable Devices

iWatch Demo

Tablets have proven themselves as serious competitor for laptops and other personal computing solutions, but analysts are expecting a reduction in tablet sales due to the increasing buzz around wearable devices. As more devices are released it is increasingly apparent that the number of gadgets that people are willing to buy and use have a limited number.

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Apple Patents New iPad Smart Cover which Displays Push Notifications

249 Case1

Apple offers relatively few case accessories for their line of iPads, but the ones they do offer are known for a high level of quality and functionality. Push notifications are continuing to grow in popularity in iOS and OS X so a new Smart Cover with advanced display functionality makes perfect sense, which is exactly what is in a new patent application filed by Apple this week.

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Honeywell Takes on Nest with Geofencing Capable Smart Thermostat

248 Lyric2

Honeywell is reputable name in A/C and thermostats and so it isn’t a surprise that they are getting in on the app enabled home trend. In fact, it is refreshing to see that new companies such as Nest are finally getting some solid competition, which is going to begin the process of lowering prices and creating a diverse market.

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Philips Shows What Hue Smart Bulb Control Might Look in iOS 8


Philips Hue is a proven product with a very distinct style and a lot of momentum in the marketplace. With HomeKit announced, Philips has released a mockup (see below) of how Hue might look in the iOS 8 Notification Center and it is clear that their efforts to integrate into iOS 8 are well underway.

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Apple Reportedly Working on Home Automation System Ahead of WWDC

Nest Protect

The rumor-mill is in full swing ahead of the WWDC keynote next week and one rumor in particular is suggesting that Apple is going to enter the smart home market. A number of companies already have items such as thermostats, lighting, security systems, and weight scales which are app connected but if Apple jumps on board then we can expect tighter iOS integration with all of the polish for which Apple products are known.

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iCorners Brings Case-less Protection to your iPad

235 Corners

Buying an iPad is a substantial investment that you will want to protect, but often the cases that provide the most safety also detract from the benefits from having a lightweight mobile device. A company called Simple Innovations has designed an elegant solution called iCorners that protects your iPad through the use of high quality corners, which add minimal weight and stay out of the way of normal use.

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