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Got a Vehicle-Obsessed Toddler? Get Duck Duck Moose’s More Trucks HD — iPad App Review

DDMtruckappHave you ever purposefully taken a child to a construction site to watch the trucks? Do you already own (and love) Trucks HD as much as we did? Do your kids always want more of everything they love? Duck Duck Moose is happy to give them what they want. They’ve recently released More Trucks HD, the aptly name sequel to their popular preschoolers’ gaming app Trucks HD.

As a kids’ edu-app developer Duck Duck Moose is synonymous with well-designed, kid-friendly apps that keep kids busy without driving parents crazy, and More Trucks HD is no exception. It offers four different games that will keep your busy kid occupied just long enough to empty the dishwasher or fold some laundry.
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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Badland

Badland MainAt the start of each new week, we like to let our readers know what Apple considers the best new app of the moment. Actually, it’s not always a new app. Last week, Flipboard was honored with the title. We spotlighted Apple’s other Editor’s Choice, Magicka.

This Week, one of Apple’s Editor’s Choice awards goes to a new atmospheric platformer called Badland. This side-scrolling casual adventure is both beautifully rendered and fun to play.

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Mage Gauntlet is a Fantastic Old School Action RPG – iPad Game Review

magegauntletMage Gauntlet is an action RPG that has strong similarities to an old school Nintendo game, meaning it’s 16-bit, fantastically fun, and totally engrossing. It’s actually one of those oldie but goodie games, having originally come out in 2011.

In Mage Gauntlet, you will take on the role of Lexi, a would-be hero on a quest to prove herself. Lexi is equipped with a set of spells and sent to off adventure in a gauntlet, hence the name. As Lexi, the idea is to progress through the game, slaying an array of ever-more-difficult monsters and bosses.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: C64 Elite Collections

C64 Elite MainFriday is the best day of the week. It signals the end of work and the beginning of two days of playtime, new movies traditionally launch, and PadGadget flashes back to yesteryear on Fridays. Last week, we told you about the brand new iOS version of Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. and the pocket pet you can keep on your iPad. Incidentally, I’ve raised six of them since last Friday and I keep going back for more.

This week, we have tracked down a collection of PC games for the Commodore 64 that came out in the mid to late eighties and early nineties. Grab a Mountain Dew and your Walkman because the Summer Games are about to begin and it is going to take all night.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Magicka

Magicka 8

The Editor’s Choice award is an interesting way to spotlight apps that Apple thinks are particularly good. Flipboard, for example is one of this week’s spotlighted apps. It has existed for quite some time, and has made a name for itself as being one of the best news aggregate apps around. However, in light of Google’s announcement that its RSS service, Google Reader, will be gone this summer, Apple gave Flipboard a special place in the App Store.

Last week, we told you about Fetch. The side-scrolling platform puzzle game played more like a Pixar movie than a video game. This week, in addition to Flipboard, Apple has chosen Magicka as the App Store Editor’s Choice.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Logo

Every Friday is a flashback for us here at PadGadget. We love digging through our memories to come up with classic arcade games, retro photography, and whatever makes us feel like a kid again. Last week, we cheated a bit by introducing you to a game that didn’t actually come out decades ago, but it did look and feel like it. We liked Jones on Fire so much that we felt it earned a place on Flashback Friday.

This week, we are flashing back to about 15 years ago, when handheld virtual pets were about the biggest thing since Pogs.

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Use King Oddball’s Tongue to Destroy the World – iPad Game Review

kingoddballKing Oddball is a fairly basic physics based puzzle game. If you’ve played a game like Angry Birds, you will be able to jump right in, because it’s essentially the same concept: use a projectile to destroy targets.

The King is a giant rock with a crazy long tongue, which you can use to hurl smaller rocks and boulders at a range of targets. The game incorporates simple one-touch controls, so you need to combine proper timing with a tap on the screen in order to squash enemies like tanks and helicopters.

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Nihilumbra Brings Together Platform Gaming And Poetic Literary Style – iPad App Review

Nihilumbra LogoNihilumbra was one of the App Store’s best games of 2012. It is visually stunning, emotionally compelling, and offers unique gameplay set to a traditional platform background.

Players control “Born” who was created out of nothingness and is constantly on the run from The Void. Travel deep into caves, across blizzard-like snowstorms, and into lush, green forests to help Born discover his true identity and nature.

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Help Raise a Baby Vampire in Le Vamp – iPad Game Review

levampEndless runners seem to be a genre that I never tire of, especially when they manage to incorporate fun new gameplay elements. Le Vamp is one such endless runner, starring an adorable baby vampire that needs your help to grow up.

In Le Vamp, the little vampire will run forward endlessly. It’s your job to feed him tasty, tasty blood pigs while avoiding dangerous foes like the evil meat monster Le Wurst, the Pumpkin Pile, and sunbeams.

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Kingpin Lanes Offers Up a Virtual Bowling Alley – iPad Game Review

kingpinlanesKingpin Lanes is a bowling simulation game that’s designed for hard core bowling fans. Because it uses the Unreal 3D engine, Kingpin Lanes has impressive graphics, resembling a real bowling alley, from the lanes down to the included Pro Shop.

In this bowling game, you will use simple, easy touch gestures to bowl. A swipe on the screen allows you to orient the ball, while arrows let you decide where to stand. After choosing a position and an angle, a forward swipe will launch the ball down the lane. The idea, of course, is to score as high as possible with strikes and spares.

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