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Discover the Mystery Behind the Strange Castle Inhabitants in Vampireville HD

Vampireville is yet another hidden object puzzle solving game that was originally designed for the PC. Like many others in this genre, it’s the perfect game to port to the iPad, with great graphics and puzzle-oriented gameplay that fans of hidden object games can’t get enough of.

Like many similar hidden object games, Vampireville has a dark plot with a mystery to uncover. In this case, a real estate agent sent to investigate a castle went insane, and it’s your job to visit the castle to figure out what went wrong and what’s lurking inside those creepy walls.

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Mega Multilingual Word Find – iPad App Review

Word find puzzles can be extremely therapeutic for those with a hectic lifestyle. Focusing all of one’s attention on a grid of seemingly random letters in an effort to find the words hidden in front of you helps block out all the busy noise of the world around.

Mega Multilingual Word Find is just the app to quiet the spinning in your head, no matter what language the spinning is in.

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Join a Narcotics Smuggling Ring in Narco Sub HD

Have you always dreamed of working for a South American drug lord? With Narco Sub, you can experience what it’s like to be a part of a lucrative narcotics submarine smuggling ring. You will build up your fleet and complete contracts in order to earn the right to ship drugs to more lucrative companies.

For a game with a wildly inappropriate theme, the actual gameplay is quite tame. To be honest, I was hoping for something like Lemonade Tycoon with a more risqué storyline, but what I got when I played was a submarine navigation game where the goal is to steer a slow-moving submarine from place to place while avoiding an array of much faster boats.

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Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day Makes Sweet Reading for iOS — iPad App Review

Alyssa Capucilli‘s Biscuit series has been teaching kids to read since the Little Yellow Puppy debuted in 1996. Biscuit’s latest incarnation, Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day, brings the story of how Biscuit and the little girl who owns him celebrate Valentine’s Day from the printed page to iOS as a universal app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

In Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day the puppy and his owner make and deliver Valentines to their animal and human friends. As an iOS app, Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day maintains the simple text and story line from the print version, which is perfect for developing readers, while offering the interactivity and narration readers expect from a children’s book app.

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Biography App Helps you Take a Journey with History’s most Influential People

Biography - A Journey With History’s Most Influential PeopleAre you a history buff? Do you like reading overview style biographies of those individuals who helped to shape history? In Biography – A Journey With History’s Most Influential People you can take a visually-guided tour through over 70 of the most familiar faces from the past.

Whether your interest lies with philosophers, scientists, physicians, religious leaders, political leaders, artists or the world’s greatest composers, you will have the opportunity to learn a thing or two from their talents, inventions and discoveries.

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Help Your Preschooler Learn in Oolly App – iPad App Review

Oolly AppIf there is one thing for certain, Oolly is the most enthusiastic and adorable little creature you have ever laid eyes on. Put Oolly App to good use by employing it as an educational tool and help your child to learn organizational skills while developing their fine motor control.

Instead of the usual touch-and-drag interface, Oolly App has your child use their fingers as virtual tweezers to pinch-and-move items into the correct locations.

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Healthcare Software Company MacPractice Introduces New iPad App

iPads have been increasing in popularity with healthcare workers and hospitals across the country, and with the release of Clipboard, an iPad app that complements MacPractice’s healthcare management software, we may soon be seeing even more iPads in our doctor’s offices.

MacPractice is professional software designed for Macs that is used by doctors and dentists to manage their offices. The software allows them to track patient appointments, maintain patient databases electronically, and enter critical healthcare information at any time, with the easy-to-use interface that supports many other medical solutions.

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Electric Eggplant Does it Again, Second Middle School Confidential App a Must Have

The Middle School Confidential series of books is a big hit with the preteen age bracket. Recently, Electric Eggplant has worked to make the books available in digital format. The first book in the series, Be Confident in Who You Are was a five-star app. This sophomore release is even better than its predecessor. Is there any way to give a five-and-a-half star review?

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Business Plan Lite Helps you Build a Professional Looking Business Plan in Minutes

The American Dream means something different to everyone, but for some, the dream is to someday own your own business.

One of the hardest things to do when starting a company is to create a business plan for investors or financial backers. Business Plan Lite is just the tool to help get new businesses off the ground.

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Back in Time for iPad Makes Scientific History Fresh and Accessible — iPad App Review

Ever since Carl Sagan brought Cosmos to viewers on PBS, scientific educators (as well as their publishers and TV producers) have searched for ways to make mind-boggling concepts like cosmic time and the Big Bang easier for people of all ages to understand. Landka’s Back in Time for iPad, which is part edu-app and part digital coffee table book, tweaks Sagan’s metaphoric Cosmic Calendar by collapsing the history of the universe’s 13.7 billion years into a single day.

Back in Time breaks down the 24 hour period into epoch’s of cosmic or geologic time, so the reader can move through the Earth’s history from the Big Bang to the present, stopping at each event to view photos, watch videos, and read text geared for a curious, but not necessarily scientifically-trained, audience. Back in Time entertains as it educates, bringing the message of educational television programs such as Cosmos and Nova Science Now to a new medium.
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