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Ex-FaceBook CTO Takes Wraps off Quip – a Cool New iPad Word Processing App


Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs have announced the release of Quip, a modern word processor with a lot of mobile and social offerings. These guys have spent years in the trenches at Google and FaceBook and this release is a curiosity to see if Quip can succeed in a ‘Microsoft Office’ world.

At first glance Quip looks like a very capable mobile word processor and in fact some of the features certainly promise to be very useful but it represents a transition to a mobile paradigm that many companies aren’t ready for. This would be fine except that it appears the earning model for Quip is aimed at businesses and not with the free version anybody can download.

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First-Ever PLAY-DOH App Brings Learning and Fun Together — iPad App Review

playdohappPLAY-DOH is a timeless childhood toy that just debuted on the iPad. With PLAY-DOH Create ABCs, children can take PLAY-DOH practically anywhere and enjoy a mess-free virtual version of the real stuff.

While this app doesn’t replace the tactile experience of making noodles with the Fun Factory, it does a very good job of translating PLAY-DOH to iOS. The app is the first in a planned series of kid’s edu-apps from Hasbro and developer PlayDate Digital, and, based on the strength of this app, I look forward to seeing what else is forthcoming from this partnership.
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5 Apps Your Dad Wants More than an Ugly Tie this Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day from PadGadgetFather’s Day is upon us and to help you avoid a grievous gifting debacle we’ve decided to provide some ideas for apps that you can buy for your dad. If he doesn’t have an iPhone/iPad then it’s time to remedy that as well and if you feel the need to buy an ugly tie anyway then at least stuff it with an iTunes gift card. There are as many different types of apps as there are types of dads and so use this guide as a launchpad to find the perfect app for your pop.

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5 Apps Apple Just Killed with iOS 7

AppsThe iOS 7 announcement has come and gone and while many are celebrating the new features and design, there are some companies that are likely holding wakes to mourn the loss of their newly obsolete apps.

While Apple is bound by copyright laws and cannot blatantly steal ideas from app developers (because no company ever does that), there is certainly allowance for competitive apps and design functionality. However, how much competition is there really going to be when we’re talking about a flashlight app compared with a button in the newly announced Control Center? There are certainly apps that are going to fade into obsolescence. Here is a look at 5 apps that are now in competition with iOS 7.

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Apple Maps: More of the Same?

Apple Maps

Apple announced several new map features at this year’s WWDC but if you were hoping for evidence of a turnaround from last year’s mapping fiasco then you are not going to feel 100% satisfied. The new OS X app looks like an extension of the iOS app and while the ability to share routes directly to your iPhone is something that is designed with elegance and promises efficiency, it is a feature that doesn’t justify a switch back from using the superior Google Maps.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: The Keep of the Lich-Lord HD

Keep of the Lich-Lord 1It is Friday again. Fridays mean so many different things to so many people. It might mean the start of a relaxing weekend, or the end of a great workweek. It might trigger desire to go on a road trip, or give you hope for a quiet weekend at home. For us here at PadGadget, it means remembering our youth. It means going back a couple of decades to a time when we sat on the floor eating cookies and milk while watching reruns of Voltron and playing games on our ColecoVision. It means we spotlight retro and classic games for Flashback Friday.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Make Crazy Music With Novation Launchkey

Novation Launchkey 3It is time for another edition of PadGadget’s Sound Stage. Every week, we look for apps and accessories for musicians and fans of music. Last week, we showed you a pair of drumsticks that are specifically designed for the iPad. Think of them as a musician’s stylus.

This week, we have a fun synthesizer app that lets you manipulate sound to create crazy samples that you can use with any Midi compatible device. This app was recently updated with Audiobus support. To add even more awesome to the mix, it is absolutely free. There are no ads, no in-app purchases, and no paid upgrades. Just start playing and see where it takes you. Read More »

Feed the Hungry, Hungry Plants in They Need To Be Fed 2 – iPad Game Review

fedThey Need To Be Fed 2 is the follow up to the original They Need To Be Fed game, which featured crisp, high contrast graphics and simple but fun platform puzzle gameplay. They Need to Be Fed 2 is more of the same, with a few fantastic additions.

As a platformer, They Need To Be Fed 2 is fairly unique. It uses 360 degree gravity, which means that you will navigate through the game from left to right and from top to bottom, making your way through the level grabbing up diamonds.

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Nosy Crow’s Little Red Riding Hood Brings New Twists to Classic Story — iPad App Review

nclrrhappWhen I interviewed Nosy Crow‘s Tom Bonnick last month, he piqued my curiosity about Little Red Riding Hood, the company’s newest interactive, digital book for 3 to 8-year-olds. After a chance to use the app, which was released last week, for myself, I’m happy to report that it does not disappoint.

Nosy Crow’s version of Little Red Riding Hood encompasses the well-turned out, cinematic feel of their previous fairy tale digi-books, Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs, with a choose-your-own-adventure-style twist. Not only does the reader dictate how Little Red’s story unfolds, he can also play games within the narrative, and enjoy surprising iOS integrative features.

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Use Light and Shadow to Navigate Through Levels in Penumbear – iPad Game Review

penumbearPenumbear is a unique-looking platformer. It’s dark and dreary with a haunting soundtrack, but focuses on the usage of light to get through various obstacles, which is a great concept. The game stars Penumbear himself, who is a little bear that wakes up in a dark castle basement.

Poor Penumbear has just a purple firefly to keep him company, but luckily, it’s a magical firefly that is able to turn on lights, which is handy because Penumbear has the ability to walk across the lines where shadow and light meet.

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