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Triple Trouble HD Combines Match-Three and Physics-Based Gaming For Double The Fun

Triple Trouble HD is fun for everyone. Casual game players around the globe will love this physics-based match-three combo game. Not only do you have to line up the Triple and fling him to the correct spot, but you also have to get three of the same colored fuzz balls right next to each other to score.

To play the game, players touch the Triple that is sitting on the leaf and swipe in the direction they want the little guy to go. The speed and angle of the swipe determine where he will land. To pass a level, players get three of the same colored Triples in one area. When at least three match up, they will clear from the board. More points are awarded for matching more than three at a time, but that is very hard to achieve.

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Spiderweb Software Returns With Another Fantastic RPG, Avernum: Escape From The Pit HD

Fans of role-playing adventure games are in for a treat. Spiderweb Software is back with their sophomore release, Avernum: Escape From The Pit HD. Those that have played Avadon: The Black Fortress HD will be familiar with the excellent adventure that awaits them. Grab your traveler sack and Longsword, because you’ll be trapped in this fantasy game for a while.

The game starts off by letting players choose their party. There are four party members. The default characters are a soldier, rebel, priest and sorcerer. Players can change each character’s class to berserker, rogue, archer, hedge wizard or shaman as well. There is even a custom class creator that lets you create an adventurer specific to your playing style.

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Dungeon Crawlers Gets Retina Update, Goes On Sale

Dungeon Crawlers, from Ayopa Games, is a popular turn-based strategy game with RPG elements that originally came out at the beginning of this year. The game was recently updated to include Retina graphics for the new iPad, plus a high resolution GUI, detailed textures, and dynamic lighting.

There’s also a new store with character upgrades, armor, and weapons, plus a whole new chapter with additional levels and enemies to defeat.

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SpringPad Refresh Adds Sharing Features to Popular Notebook iPad App

Spring Partners recently announced a complete redesign to their popular notebook app, SpringPad, that makes it easier for users to “share, discover and act on the things they care most about, with the help of those they trust.”

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Word-2-Text – iPad App Review

As useful and fun as the iPad can be, one of the enduring challenges sometimes is getting it to place nice with others. Opening Microsoft Word documents for example–the standard word processing program for many people — can be a real pain.

The new Word-2-Text app aims to make that process a little bit easier. Word-2-Text is a robust document converter that allows you to download Microsoft Word documents (including DOCX files) and convert them into plain text. The process is pretty simple–you can import files from your Dropbox account, iCloud or via iTunes file sharing. Or, use the app to open files received elsewhere–i.e., through your e-mail program. Once the file is opened, you can then export it to another program such as Evernote or Pages. You can also e-mail the text (either within-in the e-mail or as an attachment), copy it to your clipboard, send it to a text editor or save it.

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Apple About to be Sued by DoJ over eBooks Pricing Policies

Reuters has reported insider information that the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) may file a lawsuit against Apple today for alleged price fixing alongside Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, Hachette Book Group, Pearson and Macmillan.

About a month ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that the DoJ had begun an investigation into whether Apple and ebook publishers had colluded to raise the price of electronic books.

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On The Wind – iPad Game Review

Sometimes, you just want to sit down with a cup of coffee and relax while playing a game on your iPad. Most games can’t really be described as “relaxing,” but On The Wind comes pretty close with its subtle, calming sound effects and attractive, flowing graphics. However, once the pace picks up, the game is anything but relaxing.

The game starts with a quick tutorial. Players tap and hold the screen and all of the leaves on a nearby tree are drawn to the touch. The level begins to auto scroll and players must collect leaves as they pass by. As they are collected, musical notes play in unison. The floating gathering of foliage will drift away, so it is important to collect more. If there are no more floating leaves, the game ends.

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3D Bears Get Your Child Up and Dancing – iPad Game Review

3D BearsThis app welcomes you and your child to the 3D Bears Dance Theater, a place so bright and upbeat that I challenge you not to smile while you have it loaded. No matter the age of your child, the 3D Bears will deliver a musical performance capable of engaging and entertaining them all.

Begin by outfitting and customizing your bear however suits you best, then watch as they dance their hearts out. An on-screen street-light will flash red when it is time for your bear to complete their routine so be sure to tap the screen as soon as you see it change color in order to earn a championship trophy.

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Young iPad Users Think Globally with My Big World for iPad — iPad App Review

After raving about TouchPress’ remarkable Barefoot World Atlas just last month, it was a pleasure to discover My Big World for iPad, a geography-based edu-app aimed at 3 to 6-year-old children. It’s never too early for kids to learn about the world beyond their day-to-day lives. My Big World will raise a pre-schooler’s global consciousness without overwhelming them.

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Meet Leonard, A Small Kid With a Giant Imagination – iPad App Review

LeonardAfter a big move from the city to the country, Leonard has to make new friends. Searching everywhere from outer space to his own sister’s tea party, Leonard uses his imagination to go on an amazing and interactive adventure that your children will adore.

Optimized for the third generation iPad’s new Retina display, this book features illustrations as vibrant and engaging as the wonderful story deserves.

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