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Help Your Little One Drift off to Sleep with Bedtime Stories Collection HD — iPad App Review

Bedtime Stories Collection HDMany parents make a ritual out of reading stories before their children head to bed, and Bedtime Stories Collection HD gives you something to use as you do. Beginning with the introductory story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf (additional titles can be purchased in-app if you enjoy this first title), you can help your children to create a life-long love of reading.

One thing I really like about this app is that a single tap can have the page read to you again. This can be very helpful when you are sharing stories with very young children who can get distracted easily, requiring parents (readers) to repeat themselves.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS adds ‘Crafting’

Great news for all you pixel-loving Minecrafters out there. Mojang has finally added  “Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System (MATTIS)” to allow ‘Crafting’ in the mobile version of their unbelievably popular game.

Now, Minecraft Pocket Edition is practically the same as the desktop version. For all you latecomers that have been waiting for the game to be complete, now is the time to download and start building your new world.

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Secret Agent Splat’s Mission — iPad App Review

Fans of Rob Scotton‘s 2008 picture book Splat the Cat will be excited to learn that HarperCollins has adapted another Splat title into Secret Agent Splat’s Mission for iOS. Unfortunately, this universal app doesn’t include a full digital version of Secret Agent Splat. Instead it focuses on mini-games which, while entertaining, fail to live up to Splat in book form.

Although the app is categorized in the App Store as a book, it is really an edu-game geared at pre-schoolers. There are three game modes the user may play: Seymour’s Impossible Mission, B-Boing, and Ducks in the Dark. A fourth game, Catch That Duck, is “coming soon.”

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Mademoiselle Daisy’s New Friends — a Bilingual Lesson in Friendship for the iPad

Mademoiselle Daisy’s New Friends is a universal iOS digital book app that is appropriate for 3 to 7-year-old children. Mademoiselle Daisy has just moved to a brand new neighborhood, and despite her good intentions, she is having trouble making friends. Mlle Daisy’s predicament will resonate with children who find social interactions challenging.

Mlle Daisy systematically offends a young mother, the policeman, and the baker before heading back to her new home feeling despondent. After she discovers a stray cat in her apartment, Mlle Daisy has an idea that will help her make friends.

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Educate Your Own Geek-in-Training with My Little Geek ABC Book – iPad App Review

My Little Geek ABC BookFinally, there is a developer who understands what life is like in my version of the world: A… is for Android, B… is for Binary and C… is for Caffine (and before you ask, yes Z… is for Zombie!). Use the My Little Geek ABC Book to find the perfect opportunity to explain a Rube Goldberg machine to your geek-in-training or to describe why the O on this book is for “Owned”.

Nerd parents love nothing more than sharing their passions for holographic ninjas or time traveling joysticks with their children… don’t miss your chance.

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Pip and Posy: Fun and Games is Simple, yet Charming — iPad App Review

Pip and Posy: Fun and Games offers pre-schoolers five different activities that combine Axel Scheffler‘s colorful illustrations with classic children’s games, such as matching and find the difference, and even a chance to make funny faces using the iPad’s camera.

While this universal game app is less complex than others in the App Store, it was created with such obvious care and attention to detail that it will likely soon become one of your child’s favorites. Pip and Posy: Fun and Games resembles an old-fashioned activity book. It would be perfect to help your child pass the time while traveling.

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Jewel Frenzy Is A Match-Three Twist — iPad Game Review

There are a whole lot of match-three games in the App Store. Some are amazing, complex, graphically stunning and epic. Some are crappy and not worth the time spent to download the game. Jewel Frenzy may not be the epic game that you’ve been waiting for, but it is fun and has a twist on traditional match-three gaming that will bring you back again and again.

The game is fairly simple. There are two modes of play. In Endless mode, players increase in levels as they complete point goals within the specified amount of time. In Frenzy mode, players try to score as many points in a minute and a half as possible.

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Midlandia Returns With Another Great Children’s Book and It is Free For Today Only

What if no one reused or recycled anything? What if everyone threw things away, even if there wasn’t really anything wrong with them, just because they wanted something new? That is what has happened in the town of Midlandia. Residents of the friendly town haven’t yet learned that you don’t have to throw it a way when it breaks. You can just fix it. That is until one innovative bicycle maker realizes that recycling is better for everyone. Builda The Re-Bicycler is launching today for free, so get it before the price goes up.

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Get to Know a Royal Little Pest HD – iPad App Review

Royal Little Pest HDPrince Hayden MacCheeky is an independent character who loves irritating and imitating his older brother and sister. Share A Royal Little Pest HD with your young child and take the opportunity to enjoy a delightful story with colorful and dynamic illustrations (even the crowns they wear have animated sparkle to them).

Though never really given credit, Prince Hayden MacCheeky is accompanied by his trusty dog through the entire story –and the expressions and experiences of his companion are the scene-stealing best parts of the entire story.

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SpellTower Will Become Your Next Word-Game Obsession – iPad Game Review

SpellTowerAre there many people out there that don’t enjoy word games? Am I the only person who can’t seem to resist them? If you are anything like me, SpellTower will become one of your favorite ways to pass (waste) time!

When Zach Gage set out to create this soon-to-be epic iOS game he knew he wanted something that could be seen as more than just another Scrabble/Boggle/Jumble clone and endeavored to create something that was every bit as addictive and fun as the offerings from the big studios like Rovio and Zynga.

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