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Tentacle Wars Stretches From Your Desktop To Your iPad – Game Review

Tentacle Wars HD is a strategy game that takes a bit of mathematical understanding along with a lot of puzzle solving skills. Battle microscopic cells as they try to invade a dying alien and save the entire species with the stretch of your tentacles.

Players are in control of the antibody cells. The goal is to turn all cells on the board into good, or green ones. To do so, an antibody cell must transfer its own DNA into the red and blue cells with tentacles that reach out and attach themselves. The antibody cell must be stronger than the bad cell or the latter will take over and turn all cells into mutations.

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iPad App Review: Improve Your Athlete’s Techniques in Real Time with Coach’s Eye

Coach’s Eye is an app that’s designed for coaches, providing a great way to improve your team’s skills and technique in any sport, from baseball and soccer to golf and weightlifting.

With this app, you can record slow motion video on the field, capturing your athlete’s performance for immediate analysis and review, which allows you to correct flaws on the spot.

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The Olympics Get Musical – Top iPad Apps Highlighting Famous British Bands

In anticipation of the upcoming Summer Olympics being held in London, England this year, we are celebrating with a bit of rock ‘n’ roll. Depending on your generation, this may seem like grandpa’s music, but real musicians know that nothing can diminish the importance of Britain’s most beloved music groups.

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iPad App Review: Create Stunning Presentations with Templates for PowerPoint Pro

Templates for PowerPoint Pro is an app that is designed for both amateur and experienced PowerPoint users, providing premade templates that can be used for a variety of documents.

Previously, we have looked at both Templates for Numbers Pro and Templates for Pages Pro, which are both gorgeously designed and simple to use, and Templates for PowerPoint Pro, from the same developer, is an equally useful app.

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Take a Trip To The Most Romantic City in the World with Pinball City Paris HD – iPad Game Review

Pinball City Paris HD is more than just a pinball app. It is a romantic vacation in the City of Light. Take a trip to the Eiffel Tower, the Basilica, the Louvre and many other familiar landmarks with Muriel as you bounce, shoot and ricochet your way through the streets of Paris.

The app’s development team, AnotherWay2Play is making a name for themselves for their highly stylized pinball games. Their first release, Pinball City NY centered on a washed up detective trying to save a dame from a giant gorilla in a noir-style pinball adventure. Pinball City Paris HD plays similarly to its predecessor but tells the story of love instead.

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Reuters Olympics London 2012 Brings Home the Gold via iPad

As anticipation builds for the 2012 London Olympics, fans of the games must try Reuters Olympics London 2012. This universal, photo-centric app is also free. Go download it right now. We’ll wait for you.

Now that you’ve installed the app, we can move along. Whether you plan to watch the games on a big screen TV or iPad — or are lucky enough to be going to the competition in person — this informative and entertaining app will enhance your Olympic experience.

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Compete for the Gold Right in Your Own Home With These Olympic Themed Games

Not everyone is athletic enough to compete in the Olympics. The worldwide competition of country against country is reserved for the most elite. However, that doesn’t have to stop you from pole-vaulting your way to the gold. We’ve compiled a list of games that will make you feel like you’re on the field and ready for action.

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Turn Your iPad Into the Productivity Tool it is Meant to Be with WritePDF

I’ve said this before. It is hard for me to have an unbiased view of PDF reader apps because I love GoodReader so much. However, every once in a while an app comes along that makes me give pause.

WritePDF is less of a reader and more of an editor. It is highly complex, versatile, works with many different types of documents and offers a nearly unlimited amount of functionality for users who need a workhorse in their PDF editing tool.

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Great Big War Games Is The Most Fun You Can Have At War – iPad Game Review

Rubicon, makers of the popular turn-based strategy game Great Little War, is back with their bigger sequel. This sophomore follow up has 50 levels, multiplayer game mode, Retina display support, and more hilariousness than any war should have.

If you’ve never played Great Little War, the best way to start this game is in campaign mode. Here you will learn how to create and deploy your army. You’ll be able to capture enemy camps and destroy enemy buildings. Once you’ve made it through a couple of levels, you can start a skirmish against an artificial intelligence (AI) opponent or try out the online gameplay mode.

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Hey Kids, Want to Become a Virtual Botanist? Play Green Up!

As any parent who has helped a child shepherd a lowly bean seed from germination to fruition knows, kids love to grow things. In Green Up, a universal app from isy Games, kids grow a variety of seeds in different environments.

Green Up bears a superficial resemblance to games such as Flower Garden and Pocket Frogs, but its focus is more like a digital science project with gaming elements rather than a game that simply borrows from the natural world. After playing Green Up children will likely know a sepal from a stamen.
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