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Play As a Penguin Wearing a Fish-Powered Jet Scuba Suit in Captain Antarctica HD

Captain Antarctica features a penguin that is on a mission to save his wife and kids, who have been kidnapped.

In order to rescue them, Captain Antarctica has teamed up with a crazy inventor, strapping on a fish powered scuba suit to dive down deep into the ocean, heading off after his family while avoiding dangerous enemies and obstacles.

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Relive a Disney Classic – Bambi is Now on Your iPad

BambiThere are many generations of kids out there that remember Bambi as a very important story from their childhoods. Even though the story may begin on a sad note, other themes from the book include friendship, childhood and growing up.

This book is a simple joy, filled with beautiful retro-style illustrations and all of your favorite characters (who doesn’t love Thumper, especially when he is describing being twitterpated).

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Control Your XBox Console Via My Xbox Live App

Yesterday, Microsoft released an update to My Xbox Live that now allows iPad users the ability to access the Xbox Companion. Finally, we can launch game activity, play videos and brag to your friends about how good you are at Skyrim.

The update to version 1.6 adds iPad support to, “connect, control and discover content on your console.” Players can now connect their iPad to their Xbox through local wi-fi to see a list of recent game activity and browse through content with the new Discovery section.

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Hunting and Fishing Games For Lovers of the Great Outdoors

Ah, the great outdoors. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a comfy chair next to a campfire, sipping on a cold one after a long day shooting or fishing. If you are longing for the sound of buzzing mosquitoes or the refreshing feeling of dipping your toes into freezing cold water, but can’t take the time off of work, maybe your craving to hunt your own dinner can be eased with these entertaining games for the iPad.

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Save Lives With A Single Line Drawing In Scribbles! Unlocked

Scribbles is a physics based game where you must help the creatures get to their container by drawing lines on paper. There are all kinds of obstacles to keep them from their destination, and you have a limited supply of ink. If you draw carefully, they will all be able to make it to their new home.

Players start off each level with a bottle of ink, an eraser, an “undo” button and a half-a-dozen little round creatures. The goal is to get the round guys from the top of the screen and into a container below. Sounds easy, but there are platforms that get in the way, moving parts that will crush the little roundies to dust, and other obstacles that make getting home difficult.

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Twitter for iPad Sees Improvements and Enhancements – iPad App Review

TwitterThe native Twitter client was already pretty good, but a series of recent enhancements have made it a whole lot better. At first glance, the updated app looks pretty much the same –but there are definitely a number of changes that you are going to love.

While there are a few more major changes, subtle differences include: improvements to search autocomplete for users, better discover which now indicates when new stories are available for you to view, performance improvements and the addition of the all-important new Twitter bird.

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Essential Apps and Accessories for iPad Entertaining

This week we explored how to use your iPad to throw an amazing party or make an event extra special.

There were apps, accessories, and ideas that take parties from ordinary to extraordinary, and if you missed any of our articles, make sure to take a look at this round up of all the essential items for entertaining with your iPad. You won’t want to miss the chance of entertaining everyone with your iPad.

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Comedy Central’s Indecision Game is The Perfect Trivia for the Armchair Politician

Do you watch late night political comedy shows and fancy yourself smarter than the average American because you came up with some of the same jokes earlier in the day? Do you yell at your television set every morning while watching the local news? If you think of yourself as politically aware, now is your chance to prove it with Comedy Central’s Indecision Game. Not only will you be playing for yourself, but you will also be playing for your preferred party, Republicans, Democrats or Independents.

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Play With Your Digital Food (and more) with Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity

As a fan of Joost ElffersPlay Food, I was drawn immediately to Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity. The app is a partnership between developer iMagine Machine and artist/educator Hanoch Piven. Sold separately for the iPhone/iPod touch, Faces iMake brings Piven’s playful creative tool box to the iPad where kids (and adults!) can make a face comprising everything from a fried egg to ric rac.

Faces iMake celebrates the unexpected. Why yes, a plastic whistle can make an excellent mouth, nose, or even an eye. There isn’t another app quite like it among the almost 700K apps currently available for download in the App Store.
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Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering Gets Monolithic Update

When Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering hit the app store a few months ago, it was a huge success. The epic role-playing game won legions of fans for being a complex and challenging sequence of battles and loots. The only problem I had with it was how little gold was earned to buy armor that would eventually protect you in higher-level battles. Being that the game is free to download, it wasn’t a surprise that Mail.Ru Games needed a way to earn a couple of bucks.

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