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Rube Works Lets You Create Cause-and-Effect Contraptions on your iPad

Rube Works 1Rube Goldberg was best known for his love of depicting complex machines that performed simple tasks. The idea behind a “Rube Goldberg Machine” is that there are a series of things that happen in a very specific order that eventually cause one or more events to take place.

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My Precious! ‘LEGO The Lord of the Rings’ Now Available for iPad and iPhone


The one ring has come to iOS and it is amazing. The graphics are incredible, the gameplay is engaging and fun, and the music and voice acting are lifted from the films. While it is a simplified version of the console game, it is still a worthy competitor and is an excellent alternative.

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WritePad 7.0 Continues to Mature as a Serious Handwriting Recognition App

WritePad 7.0

Sometimes I wonder if Apple is staying away from handwriting recognition because of the bad press that the old Apple Newton received. In many ways the iPad is the perfect platform for using handwriting but very few are willing to develop for it.

Apple skipped right over handwriting to the much more impressive voice recognition and dictation features of Siri. For those moments you don’t want to type but can’t effectively use dictation, WritePad offers a handy solution which features handwriting recognition and a variety of other useful tools.

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Chillingo Releases Sequel in Popular Anomaly iPad Game Franchise

Anomaly 2 Game

iOS devices are perfect for playing tower defense games and if that sounds like a comment you agree with, then you absolutely have to download Anomaly 2. When Chillingo Ltd wrote that the graphics are jaw dropping, I thought perhaps they were exaggerating a little bit. What I found with the actual gameplay, however, is a very immersive experience with… that’s right, jaw dropping graphics.

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Arturia’s iSEM versus the PRO-SEM

iSEM App

Last week Arturia released its latest synth call iSEM for iOS and I decided to put it up against the real thing, which I happen to own and use on a regular basis. I am always impressed with Arturia because they are bringing classic synthesizer technology to a new generation of mobile musicians and they are doing a great job!

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World’s First Love’n’Run Game is Not What You’d Expect


When Namco Bandai announced their new app Rakoo’s Adventure and called it a “love’n’run” game I immediately assumed it was a dating app or something more sinister. Boy was I wrong. It’s a fun endless running game that has lovable characters and beautiful graphics.

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Happy Hills 2: Bombs Away Game Review

Happy Hills

I’ve been playing a delightful game this weekend, at least when I could get it away from my kids. Happy Hills 2: Bombs Away is a sequel that goes bigger and better than the original.

The Majestic Mountain has erupted blocks over the hills and it’s your job to free them. Once you master the basic mode then you can move on to Action Mode, which brings a plants versus zombie feel to gameplay. Yes, you can even fight zombies in this version.

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Popular Task Management iPad and iPhone App ‘Todoist’ Gets iOS 7 Facelift


Raise your hand if you could use more organization in your life. I am always on the lookout for a better way to keep track of the hundreds of things I have to do each day. I have a full time career, a lot of freelance work, four kids, and a few hobbies. With an iOS 7 compatible update for Todoist now available, maybe it’s time to finally check it out.

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Snailboy is the Latest Superhero to Join the App Race


Why are snails so intriguing? This summer there were several animated films which starred snails and they did fairly well at the box office. These little creatures are mysterious, funny, and now they are using their physical abilities in the fight for good.

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Trouserheart Will Make You Laugh You Pants Off – iPad Game Review

Trouserheart 2Trouserheart is a hack-and-slash game with a charming feel to it. Players control the lionhearted king as he journeys across the lands, searching for his stolen pants. Help him find his trousers and take back his honor. Just watch out for thieves. They will steal the crown right off of your head.

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