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Join Two Adorable Bulldogs in Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure: A Kids Storybook with Games — iPad App Review

Even though they love their cozy Vermont lifestyle, and their humans, English Bulldogs Lola and Lucy are called to discover their true job as dogs in Lola and Lucy’s Great Adventure: A Kids Storybook with Games. The pups cross-country adventure begins after they encounter Barney the Australian Shepherd, who is appalled that they don’t “work,” saying, “a dog without a job is no dog at all.”

The story is based on two real dogs with the same names who live on a Pennsylvania farm. The gorgeous, colorful paintings that comprise Lola and Lucy’s illustrations were inspired by photos of the real dogs.
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Join the Dance in Fancy Nancy Ballet School — iPad App Review

Even though she’s grown no older, and no less fancy, in the 8 years since the publication of Fancy Nancy, the bejeweled protagonist of the series now stars in several iOS apps, the newest of which, Fancy Nancy Ballet School includes an easy-to-read story as well as innovative interactive features.

In addition to reading about Nancy’s ballet adventures, the reader can choreograph ballet steps for Fancy Nancy to dance, and then film video, using augmented reality, to dance along with Fancy Nancy. Did you just hear a collective squeal from six-year-old girls across the land?
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You’ll Fall For Verticus – iPad App Review

In order to save time for some of our readers out there, this app was created by and stars Stan Lee. All of the comic book geeks can stop reading this review and just go download the game. It doesn’t even matter what I think. I understand. I did the same thing when I first found out.

If you are still reading this review, you are probably not a comic book collector (or, you love my writing so much that you’ll finish this review before downloading the game).

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Play Your Favorite Songs Like A Guitar Pro, No Experience Necessary — iPad App Review

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of pop songs? When you’re playing guitar around a campfire and someone shouts out, “Play Stairway to Heaven,” do you have to admit that you don’t know that one? Well, you won’t have to say “no” to your fans’ requests any more.

Songful is a guitar tablature-based app that adds one feature- a guitar that plays the notes for you.

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Need to Repair an Electronic Device? Try iFixit: Repair Manual – iPad App Review

If you need to make a small repair to one of your iDevices or your MacBook, such as replacing a screen or changing a battery, the free iFixit Repair Manual is an app you can download that gives step by step directions on an array of different repairs.

iFixit, if you’re not familiar, is a site that often does teardowns of electronic devices, in addition to providing parts, tools, and instructions on repairs.

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ColorStrokes Turns Your Photos Into Art — iPad App Review

I love photography apps that allow you to highlight a specific area to color while leaving the rest of the image in black-and-white. It turns an otherwise insignificant image into a stunning and professional-looking piece of art that you could hang on a wall.

ColorStrokes lets you put the color back into your black-and-white photos, but it also lets you paint a new color into the scenery for even more artistic expression.

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You Won’t Want to Miss Social War Simulation World at Arms: Wage War for Your Nation – iPad Game Review

In World at Arms, the United States of America is under attack from an evil alliance of highly trained forces. You play as the leader of the free world, and you must stand and do battle, fighting off enemy forces.

You will build military bases, train an army, and battle against or ally with other players across the world in order to achieve the ultimate goal – the final destruction of your enemies.

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Fight Zombies and Skeletons on the Railway in Storm the Train – iPad Game Review

Moving trains, guns, zombies, and awesome undead bosses, can you ask for anything more in a game? I vote no, and that’s why Storm the Train is one entertaining app.

In this side-scrolling platform game, you will play as one of three agents who have been sent to fight an endless stream of zombies, robots, and ninjas.

Each of the characters is equipped with weapons to destroy enemies. You will change direction and run forward with the arrows on the screen, and jump by touching the up arrow.

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May The Force Be With You – Angry Birds Star Wars HD – iPad App Review

I’m about to admit something that may cause you to question everything you’ve ever known about me. I don’t like Angry Birds. There, I said it. I feel liberated. It is a dark secret to keep when you are an app reviewer, but I don’t like Angry Birds. That is the first thing people ask me about when I tell them what I do for a living.

Physics-based games like that had already been around for a while, and frankly, I was bored with the genre by the time those red birds came around.

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Explore A Creepy Castle In Monster Crew – iPad Game Review

Monster Crew, from BonusXP, is a fun endless platformer that uses one-touch combat. Your goal is to play as Frankie the monster, smashing everything in site to get points that will be used for bonus cards that will upgrade your character.

I think the first thing you’ll notice about this great little platformer is its graphics. Monster Crew has some impressive graphics, and both the characters and the backgrounds look really great.

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