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Top Five Free iPad Christmas Games

This holiday season is all about saving money. If you are in the mood for some holiday cheer, but don’t want to spend too much money getting into the spirit of things, check out our list below of top free Christmas themed games for the iPad.

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Join the Caped Crusader in Batman: Stickers with Sounds – iPad App Review

The only thing better than Batman is the cast of eight villainous characters he has to fight against to keep the city safe.

In Batman: Stickers with Sounds you get the benefit of an eBook with the interactive fun of stickers. From the moment I opened the app I was impressed by the bright and colorful high-resolution images and the strikingly clear audio.

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Great Cyber Monday Deals on iPad Apps

Right now, you probably have 10 different browser windows open, checking out your favorite online retail store Cyber Monday deals. Sure, you could get an iPod touch for $20 off from Best Buy, or maybe you could get an LED TV from Amazon, but you can have immediate satisfaction by taking advantage of sales that some app developers are having today. Check out our list below for great deals on great apps, including a list of premium priced apps that are free in celebration of Cyber Monday.

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Rock & Roll With Duck & Roll – iPad App Review

No one understands the hard life of a rocker. First, your parents tell you to “turn that racket down.” Then, you try to start a band but no one knows how to play AC/DC covers. Then, you enter a Battle of the Bands contest where the winner gets a record deal. That’s how it is in real life, right?

In Duck & Roll, players follow the life of a struggling musician who also happens to be a duck. He is a bit of a foul-mouthed fowl, but at least his cussing is represented with the word “duck” instead of the bad one that rhymes.

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Rise of the Guardians Movie Storybook Deluxe Extends the Magic — iPad App Review

Along with the paperback novelizations that populate the super market checkout aisle, sticker books, and stuffed animals, iOS apps that re-tell popular childhood movies are now a standard offering with each release.

Rise of the Guardians Movie Storybook Deluxe parallels the plot of Dreamworks’ newly released movie. Both movie and storybook app were inspired by William Joyce‘s novels and picture books, which are set 200 years before the movie. Though the movie tells an original story, Joyce executive-produced the movie and his creative DNA runs throughout the storybook, especially in its illustrations.
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Raised on the Radio? Check Out This Day in Classic Rock — iPad App Review

The trusty crew at This Day in Music Apps has a new offering for fans who know Peter Green from Peter Frampton, or can name all three Yardbirds guitarists without consulting Google. This Day in Classic Rock for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch offers facts from AC/DC to ZZ Top.

As the name suggests, this entertaining app features a daily fact or three, trivia questions, quizzes, and an overview of 50 Classic rock albums including titles by the Who, the Clash, Black Sabbath, and David Bowie.

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Make Beautiful Music with Flea Symphony – iPad Game Review

You’ve heard of flea circuses, but a Flea Symphony? Yep. This is a new and exciting game idea from Majesco Entertainment that uses sound-based puzzles to delight and challenge music loving gamers.

In this game, you will help Maestro Piccolo’s Flea Symphony from going out of business by using the fleas to make music. You will bounce the little buggers off of drums, launch them from guitar strings, and send them shooting out of tuba cannons in order to make beautiful music.

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TrueMetronome Creates Near Perfect, Zero Latency Beats With Style

TrueMetronome recently launched in the app store for musicians with a particularly trained ear for rhythm. Other metronome apps don’t quite hit the beat at the exact moment they are supposed to. This tick-tock app boasts zero latency and is being called the most accurate metronome in the app store.

This app is minimalistic in design. It does one thing- tap out a beat. There are no multiple click sounds or different styles. There is one sound, plus one accent bell, and that is it.

The developers spent a lot of time creating a sound that is realistic. Most digital metronomes produce a short clip of audio that cuts out after the click, leaving dead air after the sound. This app creates a beat that doesn’t effect gradual decay of sound so that you hear a more natural click. Read More »

Gluten-Free Survival Guide: iPad & iPhone Apps for the Holidays

When you’re gluten free, the holiday season can be a minefield of potential disaster.  So much focus is placed on food, and when a lot of that food is off limits it can get really stressful.  It gets even worse if you’re not familiar with the diet and attempting to accommodate a gluten-free guest!  Here are some great resources on the iPad to help you navigate the season with ease.

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Wrangle the Animals into Line in Zookeeper DX – iPad Game Review

Zookeeper DX is an addictive match three puzzle game. Your goal is to catch as many animals as possible, which take on the form of ultra cute blocks.

In the main part of the game, you simply touch an animal and slide up to swap blocks. If you match three or more of the same animals they will be cleared from the board.

Match animal after animal to make chains, in order to score extra points. In every stage, you will have a target number of animals to catch before you are able to move on.

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