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May The Force Be With You – Angry Birds Star Wars HD – iPad App Review

I’m about to admit something that may cause you to question everything you’ve ever known about me. I don’t like Angry Birds. There, I said it. I feel liberated. It is a dark secret to keep when you are an app reviewer, but I don’t like Angry Birds. That is the first thing people ask me about when I tell them what I do for a living.

Physics-based games like that had already been around for a while, and frankly, I was bored with the genre by the time those red birds came around.

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Explore A Creepy Castle In Monster Crew – iPad Game Review

Monster Crew, from BonusXP, is a fun endless platformer that uses one-touch combat. Your goal is to play as Frankie the monster, smashing everything in site to get points that will be used for bonus cards that will upgrade your character.

I think the first thing you’ll notice about this great little platformer is its graphics. Monster Crew has some impressive graphics, and both the characters and the backgrounds look really great.

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Bake for a Special Occasion with Wilton Cake Ideas & More – iPad App Review

Even if you don’t know fondant from royal icing, Wilton’s Cake Ideas & More cake decorating app is a source of ideas and inspiration for making a everything from a wedding cake to iced cookies or brownie pops.

With its included 3,000 ideas, a user could create something new every day for more than 8 years. The app’s UI is easy to navigate, as the reader can peruse it by category (e.g. Fondant, Gingerbread, 5 kinds of cake pops), celebration, theme, rating, and difficulty. There were 92 different ideas for Thanksgiving alone including a range of mini cakes, a pilgrim hat candy cup, and a stunning Autumn Leaves cake.

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Anthill Gets Major Update, Now Even More Bugs To Kill And Eat – iPad App Review

If you love a good castle defense game, you may want to check out Anthill. This dirt pile defense game will have you sending an army of ants to attack enemies, collect bug guts and find treasure.

Players control a hive of ants. Send Workers out into the field to collect nearby food. Food comes in the form of dead bugs and living leaflings. The ant world is a big place and there are plenty of other creatures that want in on the food supply. Send out Soldier ants to protect workers and food sources from invading ladybugs, beetles, and cockroaches.

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Create a Stars and Striped Themed Photo Album with ScrapPad – iPad App Review

A few weeks ago, I reviewed ScrapPad, which is a fun and easy to use app that allows users to create digital scrapbooks with a wide variety of themes.

This week, I’m taking a look at ScrapPad – Stars and Stripes, which is a patriotic photo album for the iPad. It’s the perfect way to memorialize your Veteran’s Day or any other American holiday like Labor Day and Fourth of July.

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Fotopedia Brings the Beauty of Italy to iOS – iPad App Review

Photography app development company Fotonauts Inc. recently launched another amazing new photography app that lets you explore the wonders of the world without having to leave your house. The newest installment takes you to the beautiful and ancient Italy.

Users will be virtually taken away to the grottoes of Sicily, the Italian Alps, the Sistine Chapel and more. Discover the beauty of the most popular tourist sights, as well as secret gems that can’t be accessed by the public.

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Create Words to Win in Spell Rift – iPad Game Review

Word games are one of my favorite genres in the App Store, so I’m always excited when a great new title comes out. Last week saw the introduction of the ultra fun multiplayer word game Letterpress, which almost overshadowed another great word game release: Spell Rift.

Unlike Letterpress, Spell Rift is designed to be played in single player mode. Your goal, of course, is to create words from a grid of letters on the screen, but Spell Rift really spices up this typical word puzzle gameplay with specific goals to reach and plenty of different tile types.

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Learn the Origins of Wreck-it Ralph’s Hardcore Game, Hero’s Duty – iPad App Review

O.K., so maybe Disney is going just a little bit overboard with licensing of toys, games and apps based on Wreck-it Ralph. Maybe you’re getting sick of the hubbub and you don’t want to see one more bit of flotsam about Disney’s newest animated movie. Well, you’ll be happy to know that Hero’s Duty doesn’t give a single hint that it is remotely related to the video game hero of another world.

This comic is based on an origin story of the hardcore video game from Wreck-it Ralph. The characters are in the middle of a battle with mechanical bugs that can’t be stopped.

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Want to Join Mensa? Maybe You Should Bone Up At The American Mensa Academy – iPad App Review

Mensa Academy is a brain game that will help keep your mind sharp. Score high on The Test and brag to your friends about how you are part of the Mensa crowd. Talk about being one of the elite.

Players start by either beginning their smarts journey, or practicing each round of play in “Coach” mode. When you feel confident in your ability to score high, take “The Test” to see how you compare against Mensa’s best.

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Creatorverse: So Many Possibilities, Such a Steep Learning Curve – iPad App Review

After reporting on Linden Lab’s first foray into iOS, I was anxious to tryout this physic-based, sandbox-style game.

After spending a few minutes playing with the game, I was utterly confused. I created a bunch of random shapes but they had no meaningful relationship. While I’m not mechanically inclined by nature, I thought my native intelligence would be enough to learn how to use the app. Was I ever wrong. It was time to look for outside help.
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