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Holiday Baking Apps and Accessories

The holidays is a time when many of us are inspired to get in the kitchen and whip up some delicious baked goods to share with friends and family.  Whether the idea of baking intimidates you or excites you, these apps and accessories will make those kitchen adventures a lot more fun!

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Kids will Travel the Road to Knowledge with Geography Drive USA for iPad — iPad App Review

Geography Drive USA is a fun, highly customizable edu-app for school-aged kids by Spinlight Studios, the developer who brought us Operation Math (PadGadget = 4.5 stars).

In this iPad-only game, the player drives (or sometimes flies) from state to state throughout the USA, answering geography-based questions to win money and other rewards.

To start the game make sure the arrow on the app gauge is set to My Garage. Tap the Play Game button. The app gives the player a choice between starting a new game or continuing the current game. The game chooses a state at random to begin game play. I started in Florida the first time, then Nebraska the second.
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Book With Hotel Tonight And Save Big On Last Minute Travel- iPad App Review

Imagine it is noon and you just received a call from your brother who is coming to town for the night on a business trip. He needs a place to crash and wants to know if he can stay with you. Trouble is, you already have two friends staying with you and don’t want to put them out, too. Especially since they planned their visit a month ago. You could tell your ill-prepared sibling that he is on his own, or you could win brownie points by setting him up in a fancy hotel in town for the night. He doesn’t need to know that you got the room for half price through Hotel Tonight.

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Updated Skype App Adds Editing Features and Microsoft Account Support

I Skype with my nephew at least once per week. I also Skype with my dad, who lives in Mexico, and my crazy uncle in Hawaii. Basically, if they don’t have an Apple device, I Skype them. Today, the popular communication service has updated their iOS app to include Microsoft account support, as well as message editing and the ever-popular emoticon compatibility. (My mom loves those little smiley faces!)

The addition of Microsoft support allows users to log into Skype using their Messenger, Hotmail, and Outlook accounts and access their contacts directly from within the app. All you have to do is sign into your account and merge with Skype.

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Updated 500px Photo App Introduces New iPad Design and Full iPhone Support

Professional photographers absolutely love 500px. Amateur photographers do too. Flicker may have started the whole online photo phenomenon, but 500px perfected it. The iPad app, which launched earlier this year, has generated nearly one million downloads. Today the company has updated the social photography app to include the much-anticipated support for the iPhone, as well as improvements to the iPad design.

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Rdio Launches Redesigned Music App for iPad

Spotify may be the current most popular streaming music service available on the market, but Rdio is working hard to change that. Today, the company updated its mobile app with a completely redesigned look and multiple device syncing, not to mention the ability to remotely control your music from any other device.

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Play Bubblis HD For Tetris-Like Word Game Fun – iPad App Review

Who would have thought to combine word games with bubble popping? Bubblis HD is a little bit of this and a little bit of that with a whole lot of ”huh?” thrown in. You don’t need a big vocabulary to play this word game, but you do need a good strategy.

Players start off with a list of words and seven slots for letters. The word list only shows the first word until there is space on the board for the second and third, and so on.

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Make Waistline Amends for Thanksgiving with Workout Trainer – iPad App Review

This is a really tough time of year for just about anybody. We start eating at the Thanksgiving table and we pretty much don’t stop until the New Year. Delicious food abounds and exercise is often the last thing on our minds while we rush to get everything done before Christmas. Fortunately, Workout Trainer is around to lend an app-enhanced hand with “thousands of free workouts and premium programs.”

You start by telling the app a little bit about yourself (like your birthdate, available time for working out and intensity level) and then identifying your fitness goals (whether that means working off that excess Thanksgiving turkey or just trying to get a little more toned).

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Recruit a Trusted Travel Companion with TripRider – iPad App Review

A truly fantastic trip takes a lot of planning then afterward it’s fun to share with your friends and family. TripRider is the perfect app to have on hand, helping you “organise, capture and share your journey.” Whether you travel alone or with a group of friends, TripRider will make certain that you are prepared.

With TripRider you can spend time enjoying your journey and remove the stress of getting ready for it!

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Embrace Your Love of Animals in PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue – iPad App Review

Whether you have a soft spot for cute hamsters, guinea pigs, sweet bunnies, playful cats or cuddly dogs, PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue gives you the opportunity to care for a variety of animals. With a little in-app guidance, you will learn that each animal needs food, water, a clean place to live and attention.

On the surface, this app seems very strightforward –but there is a depth to it that you will only notice if you play it through to the end of the tutorial phase. One task has you changing litter in the animal pens, but beyond that you need to first get the appropriate supplies out of storage, complete your cleaning task, dispose of the dirty materials in the trash and then take any remaining supplies back to storage. The point is simple: learn to be responsible and organized, two very important life skills.

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