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Organize Your Photos and Create Slideshows with Focus Point — iPad App Review

Focus Point is a photo album manager and slideshow app that’s been designed to take advantage of the iPad’s large Retina screen.

This app isn’t for taking photos – instead, it is for browsing all of the photos that you have already taken, which is great if you take a lot of photos with the iPad or use it in your photo workflow.

The app opens with a view of all of your albums. If you tap one, you will see all of the photos that are in the album, displayed in a simple, clean interface.

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Make NoteLedge Your Go-To Productivity Tool — iPad App Review

If you are the kind of person who brings your iPad to meetings instead of a pen and paper, you should take a look at NoteLedge. Instead of using a different app for every function, NoteLedge brings together handwriting, typing, audio and video recording.

Not only can you capture all of this content, the built in “Navigator” lets you crop, cut and paste content of any type and place it anywhere you want within your notes.

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Make Beautiful Art Out of Your Photos with Art Sketch – iPad App Review

Art Sketch is a photography app that turns your snapshots into art. Create customized artworks, or select your effects at random to see what interesting images you discover.

Users start by either taking a picture or selecting from their iPad’s camera roll. The first thing you will want to do is add the effects filter. Choose from 17 different filters, including Linecolor, Crosshatch and more. Once you’ve found the effect you like, add a frame to suit your desire.

There are 13 different frames, six of which are variations of a red-and-white striped vintage postal envelope. The other seven are different wood frames, including an oval one and a window frame.

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Work Out Your Aggressions in Slap That Zombie – iPad App Review

Slapping somebody is one of those things that is incredibly fun and entirely inappropriate and therefore doesn’t happen very often.

In Slap That Zombie your open-faced hand is your weapon of choice as you whack your way toward rescuing the humans (as long as you do better than I did and don’t actually slap them too).

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Countdown to Christmas Day with These iPad Advent Calendars

Whether they contain a new LEGO, a piece of chocolate, or a cute picture, advent calendars remain a popular way to count down the days until Christmas. The iPad is well-suited for use as an advent calendar, and several high quality Advent calendar apps that feature a variety of themes are available from the App Store.

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Find Someone Special with these iPad Dating Apps

If you are feeling lonely this holiday season, it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe it is time to swallow your pride and seek out alternative ways to meet new people. Going to the bar every night or waiting for friends to set you up won’t always cut it. For those looking for love, or maybe something a little more casual, we’ve got a list of dating apps for singles with something specific in mind for their future partner.

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Padgadget Essentials: This Week’s Apps and Accessories for Holiday planning

Oh, boy. The holidays have begun. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? What about baking cookies for this year’s office party? Do you know what music you’ll be playing at your gift exchange? Do you need help getting into the Christmas spirit? Did you eat too much on Thanksgiving and can’t fit into your snowman sweater anymore? We’ve got apps and accessories to help you make it through the season of giving with minimal damage.

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Create Great-Looking Christmas Cards with your iPad

Want to share some holiday cheer with your friends and family, and maybe even have a little fun doing it?  There are lots of great apps out there for stylish and creative Christmas cards, whether you want to design them yourself from scratch or take a little help from a template.  Some of them will even do all the printing and mailing work for you!

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9 Free Apps to Make Holiday Shopping a Breeze

Does the idea of packed parking lots, pushy people and long lines make you shudder?

Do you have trouble coming up with ideas for everyone on your gift list?

Check out these great apps for getting your Christmas shopping done without even getting off the couch!

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Make Your Web Browsing Easier with Listango Bookmark Manager – iPad App Review

Sometimes a really simple solutions comes along that solves a problem you may not have even been aware of. We can browse the web on our desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and even machines at work –with a different bookmark list in each location.

The beauty is in the simplicity: Listango gives you access to your bookmarks (organized just how you like them) on any computer, tablet, or phone.

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