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Zynga Brings Free 3D Person Action Adventure to Your iPad in Horn Free – iPad App Review

hornZynga is a name that is fast becoming synonymous with mobile gaming, handily delivering smash-hit after smash-hit for iOS-based devices. For those gamers who love adventure-based 3D titles, Horn has become one of the most beloved and impressive high-definition games available. If you are apprehensive to spent USD $6.99 on a game before you have had a good chance to evaluate it, consider grabbing Horn Free!

Blurring the lines further between iOS gaming and console gaming, Horn Free is every bit as beautiful and engaging as the developers promise.

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Send Bunnies Flying in Bunny Cannon HD – iPad Game Review

Bunny Cannon HD is a cute and colorful Pachinko-style game that is a lot like Peggle, but with bunnies instead of pegs.

You will shoot bunnies from the cannon by holding a finger on the screen to aim and then releasing the finger to send the bunny in the cannon flying at the other bunnies on the screen.

When the bunnies are hit by the cannon bunny, they will fall to the basket at the bottom of the screen. Your goal in this game is to fill up the basket with the specified number of bunnies.

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Unleash Your Inner Musician with Figure – iPad App Review

Figure is a fun music-making app where anyone, regardless of musical skill, can create professional-sounding synthesized customized songs with killer beats.  All it takes is a few swipes of your fingers!

When you launch the app you’ll see a quick tutorial with help bubbles. They are enough to get beginners going creating a song, but if you’re a serious musician and really want to understand the inner workings of the app be sure to check out the online help – tap on System, then About Figure to find it.

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Have You Herd Herd Herd? The Animals Have Escaped – iPad App Review

Herd, Herd, Herd Deluxe is a time relay arcade game with a farmhouse theme. Round up those feathered freeloaders to earn stars and keep your animals from getting away. Farmer Jed’s hens have escaped from their coop and your job is to make sure they don’t make it to the other side of the street, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Players are tasked with the mission of getting various livestock back into their perspective pens by tapping the screen to get ‘em moving. To kick start the animals, tap the screen directly behind one. It will give them a spook and send them forward. To keep them moving, drag your finger across the screen behind the livestock and they will boot scoot their way to the pen. The animals don’t exactly move in a straight line, so you’ll have to keep track of them and adjust your taps along the way.

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Kids Will Love the Ultra Cute Characters in Adorables – iPad Game Review

Adorables is appropriately named, because the app stars an array of creatures with pudgy bodies and cute little expressions. As the story goes the Adorables are in charge of creating the aurora borealis, but they lost their ability to fly and need your help to control the night skies.

This is a game that uses Pachinko style gameplay, so players will tap and hold on the screen to send the balled up Adorables up into the air, and then tilt the iPad to control where they drop.

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ToonCamera Turns Your Real Life Into A Cartoon – iPad App Review

There are plenty of apps out there that you can use to turn pictures into comics or sketches, but there aren’t that many around that let you use these artistic filters on your videos in real time. Camera Boost was one of the first to offer real-time video filters, and now ToonCamera will let you turn real life into a Richard Linklater film.

The set up is simple. Just open the app and start shooting. You can either use the front-facing camera or the backside camera. To switch between the two, tap the icon that looks like Jeffy from Family Circus.

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Autodesk FormIt – iPad App Review

For those of us who spend our days drawing in the 2d- and 3d- world, its been a long wait for an app which allowed us to model without a mouse, commands, or short keys. And now that wait is over. Autodesk, the industry leader in design and engineering software, has released its latest design tool – FormIt. Made to help you model up building concept ideas, you can generate from anywhere and anytime ideas strike – with nothing but your fingertips.

Included in the feature of this app, a map extension helps you bring in location and context via satellite imagery, while built-in calculators give you real-time floor area, volume, and height information. A shadow-study tool also projects the sun’s angles for any time of day and any day of the year.

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Travel to China to Solve an Exotic Mystery in Judge Dee – iPad App Review

The entire population of the small town of Wu Ling is hit by the curse of the God of the City, punctuated by the death of mayor’s son, Chen, on his birthday. Your job is to take on the role of Judge Dee who is commissioned to try and solve the mystery and put an end to the city’s current fate.

Written by the scriptwriter responsible for the Nancy Drew™ series, Judge Dee is rich with story-telling content.

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Spread the Holiday Cheer With These Christmas Caroling Apps

Whether you’re headed out to entertain the neighbors or just want to have a festive singalong at home, check out these great apps for honing your Christmas caroling skills!

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Rescue Your Friends From Being Trapped in Crystals with Gem Smashers – iPad App Review

Breakout was created in 1976 as a cabinet arcade game. Since then, we have seen a plethora of clones, rip offs and homages. There are so many games like it that it has its own genre. Gem Smasher is a breakout type game with an adventurous plot that will give you a reason to keep going.

Players choose from a crab, chicken, or hedgehog to play the game with. The crab, named Bau, is free, but the others, Bam and Bom, cost $0.99 to unlock.

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