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Picnic in the Park is a Cute and Colorful Board Game for Kids – iPad Game Review

Picnic in the Park is a bright and colorful kids board game that takes children on a fun-filled adventure through a park with lots of cute creatures. Kids will go on a quest to gather up food and drinks for their picnic baskets, and the first one to get to the picnic grounds with a full basket will win the game.

To start a game, you need to access the settings menu first, adding in the number of human players and the number of computer players. Kids can play this on their own against the iPad, but it’s best with other human friends.

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Price Comparison Made Easy With These Top Bar Code Readers

If you often find yourself wondering if there is a better deal out there and you wish you had an easy way to find out, wish no longer. There is an app for that. While you are perusing the aisle at your local department store, use one of these top bar code scanners to see where else you can find it and for how much. Some shops even have a lowest price guarantee and will sell you an item at the price that you’ve found it for using one of these great bar code scanner.

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Slash and Match to Win in Lost Spell – iPad Game Review

Lost Spell is a fast paced puzzle game where the goal is to swipe as quickly as possible to make matches of three or more orbs.

You don’t have to make matches in order to swipe the orbs on the board, but doing so will earn you chains, and thus, a higher score. You can make multiple swipes during a single turn, chaining up quite a few orbs for a huge score.

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Motley Blocks is a Frantic, Fast-Paced Matching Puzzle Game – iPad Game Review

Motley Blocks from Square Enix is a fun puzzle game where the goal is to connect chain after chain of colored blocks before the timer runs out. It’s a bit like a crazy, mixed up match three game, which puzzle fans will love.

This is a fast paced puzzle game where speed is of the essence. You must match blocks as quickly as possible by drawing a line to like colored cubes in order to win.

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Capture Unique Scenes with Grid Lens – iPad App Review

Grid Lens is a neat photo app that allows you to capture multiple photos on one screen. You can use the app to take a succession of photos of a subject or a scene one right after another to create image collages.

With the app’s default settings, you can open it up, choose a specific grid, point it at something (or yourself) and the app will take one photo after another, filling in each section of the grid. There’s a slight pause between automatic photos so you can make faces or capture a moving subject from several different angles.

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Get Into the Giving Mood with Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift – iPad App Review

It doesn’t matter whether you are a true fan of the classic Cut the Rope game or a complete newcomer (which would be especially surprising given that it has received over 250 million downloads worldwide), Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift will serve as a tool to help get you in the mood to celebrate!

The premise of the game remain the same as always: swipe your finger such that you cut the ropes and feed Om Nom candy (all while avoiding spiders, spikes and other obstacles).

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Make Your Own Comic Strip Staring Rosie – iPad App Review

Rosie Comics Maker is an app that lets you make your own comic strips using the witty but troublesome Rosie and her humorous entourage. Create mini comics using predesigned images set to your own story and be in charge of what Rosie will do next.

Never heard of Rosie? That’s o.k. Neither had I. You don’t need to be a fan of the character to enjoy playing with this artistic app. You may not be able to create your own characters, but you certainly can have fun with the multitude of options at your disposal.

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Bask in the Warmth of the Best Winter – Themed Apps for Your iPad

Across much of the country, winter is a season during which the weather outside can truly be frightful –making it the perfect time of year to curl up with your iPad. Fortunately for those of us who tend to be a little less than outdoorsy, the iPad can really help to celebrate, experience and enjoy the season (while watching the snow fall through our living room windows).

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Pies Made Simple with Appetites’ Easy As Pie – iPad App Review

Appetites’ Easy As Pie is a baking app that makes pie making fun and accessible, taking you through 20 homemade pies with step-by-step videos illustrating the entire process, all the way from assembling the ingredients to serving.

There are lots of pie choices, from specialty pies to classic favorites and pudding pies, and all of them look absolutely delicious.  She covers a variety of crust types, from traditional to graham cracker and cookie crusts.  There are also lots of toppings, including crumbles, meringues and whipped cream.  You are sure to find something perfect for any occasion with Appetites’ Easy as Pie!

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iPad Apps for a Stress Free Christmas

The holidays can be a stressful time of the year. Whether you’re planning a dinner party, shopping for the in-laws, or trying to get your well wishes in the mail before it is too late, you’ll need some help this year. We’ve got a list of apps that will promote a stress free Christmas. If all else fails, meditate.

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