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Make Your Photos Talk with Over HD – iPad App Review

overhdThere’s no shortage of photo editing apps in Apple’s App Store, but Over HD deserves a special spot on your iDevice, especially if you like to create images with captions and messages.

The app allows you to add gorgeous text adornments to your pictures, so you can make photos with quotes, jokes, memes, poems, and more, with a slew of different fonts.

When you open the app you’ll be prompted to take a photo or choose one from the camera roll. From there, you can tap on the picture to add your wording and choose a color. Typing is done on the top of the screen and choosing a color is done using the bar on the bottom – scroll left and right for additional colors.

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Join This Day In The Rolling Stones – iPad App Review

rsUnless you have been living under a rock since the early 1960′s, chances are good that you have not only heard of the Rolling Stones but that you’ve listened to a few of their songs. Heralded by many as one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time, The Rolling Stones have certainly earned their considerable fan-base.

Whether you wish to have ‘moves like Jagger’ or you just want to study and become their most knowledgeable super-fan, This Day In The Rolling Stones is a must-have app for your iPad!

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Turn The Tables on Tower Defense And Plan Your Attack with Anomaly Korea- iPad App Review

Anomaly Korea LogoYou’ve probably been through the following scenario before: place turrets in strategic locations, upgrade when possible, destroy waves of incoming enemy forces, repeat. Now, picture a slightly different version of the typical tower defense game. Instead of protecting your land from invading forces, you can invade and destroy your enemy’s army with Anomaly Korea.

This game is actually the follow-up to Anomaly Warzone Earth. This time, as the name suggests, the fight takes place on the city streets of Korea. You’ll be in charge of a force of well-armored vehicles that you plan the attack route for. Use special weapon boosts and repair drops to help get your men through the battlefield and to the destination spot.

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Take on Your Friends in Mini Motor Racing HD – iPad Game Review

minimotorracingI’m an unenthusiastic player of racing games at best, because racing is not a favorite genre of mine, but I was pleasantly surprised by Mini Motor Racing HD, which impressed me with its fantastic graphics, tight controls, and slick little cars.

The cars in this game are like little remote controlled vehicles, enhanced with upgrades that make them go super fast, for a crazy quick-paced racing experience.

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Create a Fun Pixellated Avatar with Pixelheads – iPad App Review

pixelheadsThe developers behind the Bobble Head Avatar Maker, Bobbleshop, recently released an all new app, Pixelheads, which is designed to allow users to create a pixellated portrait to use as an avatar on social networks.

The app, which is available for both the iPad and the iPhone, can be used to create a pixel portrait of anyone, from friends and family members to popular celebrities.

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Wine Without Tears: Wine Simplified Demystifies, Educates — iPad App Review

wineappAnyone can drink a bottle of wine, but it takes a wine snob to choose it, right? Not so fast. According to Wine Simplified, another Inkling/Open Air Publishing collaboration, a few tips can help any wine buyer make more informed choices. Did you know that most wines sold today aren’t meant to be cellared? Do you think you only like one kind of wine, most often described as “red” or “white”? If so, Wine Simplified is for you.

Using a combination of interactive text, video, and slide shows, Wine Simplified’s approach banishes jargon, explains wine-speak terms such as “body,” “oaky,” and “tannin,” and gives the vast majority of wine drinkers the knowledge to choose their next bottle of wine with confidence.

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The Room Breaks All Rules When It Comes To Games – iPad App Review

The Room LogoOh my goodness! I had no idea how amazing this game was. Even when it won Apple’s Editor’s Choice award for iPad Game of the Year, I just assumed it was a particularly well-made hidden objects game.

Oh, boy, was I wrong. The Room is a game of riddles that takes you down a rabbit hole so deep you won’t even know where you are anymore.

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Monsters, Inc. Run Will Have Your Running For Your Life — iPad App Review

Monsters Inc Run LogoDisney makes some of the most popular games in the App Store. Where’s My Water was in the top 10 paid apps list for most of last year. It still sits within the top 100 paid apps list. Today, a new game is in town and it’s taking over where Where’s My Water left off. Monsters, Inc. Run is no slouch when it comes to arcade fun and it is available in the App Store today.

Players control Mike and Sulley as they run across the monstrous lands in search of Boo’s lost toys. The game is on auto run and all you have to do is jump. It is more complicated than it sounds.  If you don’t time your jumps just right, you may miss something important, or even fall into the abyss.

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Create and Print 3-D Paper Crafts with Foldify – iPad App Review

foldifyappJust when avid iPad owners begin to think we’ve seen it all, an app like Foldify‘s release excites us with its simplicity and novel use of iOS.

Foldify allows the user to customize then print a digital template that when folded becomes a 3-D object. This iPad-only app is an analog offering in a digital universe that uses the iPad to connect the user to something tangible and outside the virtual world, plus it promises to appeal to a range of ages and artistic skill levels.

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Kids Learn to Make Change, Count Coins with Splash Money — iPad App Review

spmoneyappParents are charged with many duties to their offspring, not the least of which is teaching kids how to handle money. A child can’t even begin to make smart financial choices until she can count coins and make change. How else is your darling entrepreneur going to run that Lemondade Stand she’s always begging to set up?

Splash Money, which is part of the Splash Math series of iOS apps created by StudyPad Inc., gives students a chance to learn money basics, practice skills, and earn rewards.

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