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Man a Virtual Spaceship with Your Friends in Spaceteam – iPad Game Review

spaceteamSpaceteam is an innovative multiplayer game that combines button pushing and shouting in an incredibly entertaining way. In this cooperative game that’s designed to be played with friends or family, players will shout random phrases at each other in order to coordinate the safe operation of a virtual ship.

This is a free game, but each player will need to have an iPad, an iPhone, or an iPod touch in order to play. You will also need to be in the same room, as Spaceteam is meant to be played face to face. The game syncs the devices together using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and then displays a matching set of ship controls on each device.

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Help a Little Planet Find its Way Home in Paper Galaxy – iPad Game Review

papergalaxyPaper Galaxy, from Liquid Entertainment, is a puzzle game featuring a moon named Luna, who has simultaneously lost her way from earth and caught a cold. Players will use the little moon’s sneezes to rocket from planet to planet, in search of Luna’s lost home.

When I first opened Paper Galaxy, I was reminded of another paper-centric game, Paper Monsters, which featured a 3-D design that had been constructed out of paper, cardboard, and some bits and bobbles. Paper Galaxy has a similar design, with everything made from cute paper cutouts.

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Presstomatic Collaborative Digital Scrapbook Comes to the iPad

pressappWhether you want to create a book to commemorate a special family event or to show off all the great photos you and a friend took while snorkeling in the Bahamas over winter break, Presstomatic may be just the app you’re looking for. Thanks to a recent upgrade Presstomatic made the leap to the iPad. It’s now a universal app, and, best of all, it’s still free.

Don’t let the term “scrapbook” put you off. Presstomatic bears little resemblance to the fussy, sticker-laden pages whose supplies dominate craft store aisles. Presstomatic is more like a photo-centric, mobile blogging platform that bundles a user’s creations in a neat package that can be shared publicly or with just a few friends.

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Top Five Art Apps To Bring Out Your Creative Side — New iPad Owner Starter Kit


If you are an artist and just happen to be a new iPad owner, you are in for a real treat. The App Store has a wide variety of apps for inspiring creativity and producing artistic results. Once you’ve made your first painting on an iPad, you’ll never go back to pencil and paper. Check out or five favorite apps for artists.

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Play With Your Food in ZeptoLab’s Newest Game, Pudding Monsters HD – iPad Game Review

puddingmonstersPudding Monsters HD is the newest app from ZeptoLab, the developer of the ultra popular iOS game Cut the Rope. Cut the Rope, featuring the adorable little character Om Nom was an instant hit when it debuted in 2010, and Pudding Monsters is set to be yet another super popular game.

Like Cut the Rope, Pudding Monsters is a puzzle adventure game with cute blob-like characters and bright, colorful graphics. The goal is to save the Pudding Monsters from the evil refrigerator owner by swiping to stick them to one another to form a giant pudding.

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Five Great Music-Related Apps for Your iPad– New iPad Owner Starter Kit


If you are a new iPad owner, you are about to discover the vast ocean that is the App Store. In order to help you tread water through the shark-infested sea of unknown apps, we’ve created a series of lists that include the cream of the crop. We recently told you about our favorite games and let you in on the holiday app sale secret. Today, we’ve got a list of apps related to music. Whether you want to be educated in music or even learn how to play an instrument, we’ve got a list of the top apps to help you do it.

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Put Your Memory to the Test with Cognitile – iPad App Review

cognitileThere are a lot of puzzle and maze games for the iPad, but generally they work to test how well you understand the laws of physics. With Cognitile, the objective is to exercise your memory. When you begin the level you are presented with a map that contains treasure. The map has a number of hazards that are visible for a brief period of time during which you need to memorize their locations and plan a safe route. Be very careful, one false move and you could “fall down a crumbling tile, find yourself poisoned or engulfed in flames, get crushed by a boulder or attacked by snakes.”

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Ten Must-Have Games for Your New iPad — New iPad Owner Starter Kit

ipad gamesAs of today, there are thousands of brand new iPad owners with a whole new world ahead of them. While exploring the app store and discovering new and amazing apps on your own will be part of the overall iPad experience for you, we will be spending the next couple of days giving you some suggestions so that you won’t be groping around in the dark.

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Guess the Name of These Badly Drawn Movies – iPad App Review

Badly Drawn Movies LogoTrivia games are a favorite in family game night situations. Sometimes, the best types of trivia are narrowed to specific genres. Those are the games that really prove your knowledge of a topic. Badly Drawn Movies is a trivia game for those who think they know about movies. You can download it through the end of the year for only $0.99.

Players try to guess the name of a movie as fast as possible with a “badly drawn” sketch that includes some iconic imagery from that movie. Truthfully, the sketches aren’t badly drawn at all. Most of them are so well rendered that you can guess the title because you recognize the actor that is sketched.

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Relive Video Game Nostalgia with Karateka – iPad App Review

kThe creator of the arcade classic Prince of Persia, Jordan Mechner, is back with Karateka! If you remember the original side-scrolling karate classic (created in Mchener’s Yale dorm room over 28-years ago and making video game history with rotoscoped animation and cinematic cutscenes), this updated version will be just enough to trigger your memory with the added benefit of touch-screen controls.

Accurately described by the developer as “easy to grasp yet challenging to master,” Karateka is based on rhythm-based karate combat which lends itself very well to the touch-screen interface found on the iPad.

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