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Create Perfect Timelines to Share with Timeline 3D – iPad App Review

timelines3dTimeline 3D is an app that every teacher, educator, writer, or presenter should check out out, because it is a quick and simple way to make well designed multimedia timelines that can be shared at meetings, in classrooms, and more.

It can be used to create and present timeline charts for all kinds of events, from historical to personal. You can use the app to make and explain chronologies with an all new perspective, making it a great way to demonstrate timelines.

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Organize Your College Life With Class+ – iPad App Review

Class+ LogoIf you haven’t already started this year’s college term, you are probably preparing for the upcoming first day of instruction within the week. Soon, you’ll be hustling around, trying to figure out where the engineering building is and how fast you can get from Spanish II to Statistics. What you need is a class organizer.

Class+ is an app that keeps your courses, notes, homework schedule, and grades all in one convenient location.

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SEGA’s Kingdom Conquest II Takes Mobile MMO to the Next Level – iPad App Review

Kingdom Conquest LogoWhen games like Temple Run II make a splash so big in the App Store over their opening weekend, it is hard to remember other big-time launches that happened at the same time. Last week, SEGA also released the follow up sequel to their epic Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), Kingdom Conquest II. This epic adventure may not have made number one on the free app list in less than eight hours, but it is no slouch when it comes to serious gaming.

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Can a Flying Squirrel Save the Day? Find Out in Momonga Pinball Adventures – iPad Game Review

momongaMomonga Pinball Adventures mixes cute characters and a compelling storyline with action-oriented pinball gameplay. In this app players take on the roll of Momo, a flying squirrel who is determined to defeat the forces of evil after a band of wicked owls turned his village into ashes.

To go along with the sweet characters and the endearing plot line, Momonga Pinball Adventures features a unique muted art style and crisp, hand drawn graphics that look fantastic on all of Apple’s devices.

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Surf Through Space In Time Surfer – iPad Game Review

timesurferTime Surfer from Kumobius, the team behind Bean’s Quest, is an endless glider that can easily be described as Tiny Wings with a different skin. You may be controlling a surfer instead of a bird, and the game has added power ups, but the basic gameplay is the same.

As the Time Surfer, you will move forward continuously, leaping and jumping off of hills for speed boosts and to catch air time. In Tiny Wings the idea was to navigate these hills in a way to keep your speed going at all times, and the same is true of Time Surfer.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: KikStart, The Perfect App For New iPad Owners – App Review

Kikstart 1Here at Padgadget, we feel like it is part of our mission to help others make the most out of their iPad. Whether you are a businessman looking to get the most productivity out of your tablet, or an artist trying to take your creativity to the digital world, we want you to be able to use your iPad to its fullest potential.

For our first installment of Padgadget’s iPad Tips, we are going to tell you about KikStart, the app for iPad beginners.

This app is an educational tool that works like an interactive textbook. It is laid out like an instructional course for new iPad users. There are 15 different chapters and a test at the end. Each chapter goes over basic details of your iPad.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 Main

A few months ago, Apple started spotlighting a weekly Editor’s Choice for games and other apps. While the “editor” in question and the criteria for being considered a top pick are unknown, Apple has made it easier to find out about apps that deserve recognition. This week’s Editor’s Choice game is Temple Run 2. The sequel to the most popular endless runner game is more than just another version of the same. Temple Run 2 has better graphics, a more lively landscape, and offers a variety of alternatives to just running.

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Who Will Save the Universe? The Tin Man Can – iPad App Review

Tin Man Can LogoThere are so many games coming out in the App Store every day that it is difficult to find ones that aren’t simply clones of some other popular game. Although Tin Man Can isn’t exactly the most unique game ever to be created, it certainly is a refreshing change from the hundreds of castle defense, time management, and hidden object games that we see every day.

Players control the unicycling HoverBot, Tic, as he races against the clock, collecting Hovatrons and soaring through the air. Spend Hovatrons in the Hover Shop to trick out Tic’s outfit. Read More »

Never Forget Your Shopping LIst Again with Shopping Pro (Grocery List) – iPad App Review

shoppingHow many times have you realized that you forgot your shopping list at about the same time as you pulled into the parking lot at your favorite grocery store? Ever make it home only to be reminded by your spouse that they needed you to grab an extra ingredient for supper?

Anybody with a memory that can occasionally fail them will benefit greatly from Shopping Pro (Grocery List): a shopping list app that uses the power of iCloud sync to give your entire family the ability to “share, modify and shop with a common, living list whenever and wherever they are.”

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Keep The Sour Puss Away From This Hamster Chase – iPad App Review

Hamster Chase LogoIf you are looking for an adorable arcade game that doesn’t take much effort, but will give you something to do for hours, then you need to check out the fluffy hamster family of Sasha, Goldie, Snowflake, and Ting-Ting as they roll their way to their delicious dinners.

Hamster Chase is a tilt-control based arcade game that requires players to have a steady, but quick hand to get the fuzz balls to their yummy seeds. Roll the hamsters across the maze to the pile of seeds by tilting your iPad.

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