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Evomail+ iPad Update Addresses User Complaints and Adds New iOS7 Features


It’s not often that I take a new email client app seriously because there are already so many out there and very few bring enough new to the table to make it worth switching. Evomail+ is certainly worth a closer look today because they took a mediocre app and listened to their users to add the most requested features. Let’s see if it is enough to make it a contender.

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Popular iPhone Calendar App ‘Sunrise’ Finally Comes to iPad


The popular ‘Sunrise’ calendar app received an update this week, finally bringing it onto the iPad. This update means that I finally downloaded the app and took it for a test drive, which isn’t something I normally do because Apple’s Calendar is something that does the job pretty well.

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Battle Supremacy Brings Serious Tank Strategy to the iPad

Battle SupremacyAtypical Games wowed us with iPad favorite Sky Gamblers and has done it again with Battle Supremacy. Not only does this game have the most realistic open world environment currently available on iOS with wind blowing in the grass and animals scurrying out of the way, it is also good old fashion explosive fun.

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‘Paintball Pro’ Splatters into the App Store

Paintball Pro

If you can’t make it out to compete in a paintball tournament this weekend, then perhaps Paintball Pro from Very Nice Studio could be on your list of alternative activities. With all of the hundreds of thousands of apps on the App Store I was a little surprised that there weren’t many other paintball games available, and this really does appear to be the first exciting paintball action game to be released.

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LEGO Unleashes ‘Star Wars: The Complete Saga” for iPad and iPhone Owners


There seems to be a flurry of app releases going on right now and I am very happy to see LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga become available for the iPad. I am a huge fan of the constantly growing number of Lego video games and I believe that the iPad is a perfect environment for them. LEGO Star Wars is another great addition to your iOS app collection and I know you’ll enjoy hours of fun in the Star Wars universe.

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Sleep Walking Chickens are in Need of a Hero!


People think of the craziest things and sometimes the silliest concepts work very well as games. Angry Birds is an example, where the plot makes very little sense but which makes very little difference because the game has sold million of copies. I discovered a new game today called Gregg which is a brand new non-sensical game but which instantly hooked me with its clever game play and beautiful graphics.

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Become a Star with the Zya Remix App


Chillingo has released a new app called Zya which puts you in the recording studio with some of today’s biggest hits and lets you remix them on your way to becoming a star. Does it live up to its potential? It might not make you famous, but it sure it fun.

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Createrria Lets You Build iOS Games Straight from Your iPad


A new app called Createrria is available which allows you to create you own games. It’s fun, creative, and easily gained approval from my gaming kids. The concept builds upon the success of games like Minecraft which allow you to create the world around you, but take it even further by letting you build levels, tasks, and a variety of other game situations.

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Halfbrick to Unleash Latest iPad Game ‘Band Stars’ this Thursday

Band Star

Band Stars is being released worldwide on the Appstore tomorrow! Halfbrick has a successful line of awesome iOS games and Band Stars is poised to be their newest hit. If you are a fan of music then you are sure to enjoy this game, and since it’s free you’ll be able to enjoy it guilt free.

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New NASA iPad App Shows How Climate Change and Natural Disasters Impact Earth


Our planet is changing and NASA has released an iPad app called Images of Change which gives you access to dramatic images of the changes caused by varying climates, natural disasters, and the impact of humans on our environment. The app is relatively simple in its design but the ramifications of these images present a powerful message that is important for us to notice.

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