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Atom Run Review – Run for the Life of All Humanity in This Platformer

Atom Run 1

Last week, Fingerlab launched a new iOS platform game that looks good enough to be a console game. The quality graphics combine with the retro gameplay to bring a solid arcade style game to the iPad.

Atom Run is a platform game that requires skills and timing that push your abilities to their maximum. The game may seem easy on the surface, but if you want to get anywhere, you’ve got to be good.

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Popular ‘djay’ App Launches New Update with Spotify Integration

239 spotifymatch

In perhaps the biggest music news of the week, Algoriddim has released an update to their popular Djay software with built in Spotify access. Now with a premium Spotify account you can now access the full 20 million songs currently available, or in other words your holiday BBQ on Monday is going to totally rock.

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Indie Favorite ‘Thomas was Alone’ now Available on iPad

234 Thomas Main

It is often impossible to predict which quirky games are going to be hits and which are going to be flops. Surprise hit ‘Thomas was Alone’ blends minimalist design with interesting game play, but it’s the emotional story telling that made this game the hit that it is. After being originally released only for Steam and PlayStation Vita, Bossa Studios stepped in to help bring the game to Mac and iOS.

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Coming to iPad

232 tf4

The next chapter of the Transformers movie franchise is coming to theaters in June and this week we’ve been given a glimpse of its official iOS game. The TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION game is currently under development, with an unspecified release date but it looks pretty awesome.

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Powerful iPhone and iPad App Creation Now Available via Your Mobile Browser


I absolutely love because it is a showcase of a creative use of HTML5 that allows you to create mobile web apps on the fly. Visit to start browsing examples of published web apps and then setup a free account to create your own.

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PBS KIDS Super Vision App Lets Parents Monitor What their Kids are Watching

Super Vision

A new app from PBS Kids is making a statement that parental involvement with their kids’ app usage is important and achievable. This new app is called PBS KIDS Super Vision, and it offers a way for parents to track what their children are doing using a connected web interface. This is not an app that is for spying on your kids, but rather it is a way for parents to see what their kids are learning and it helps provide a way for them to get involved.

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Packing Pro Update Brings Key New Features

228 Packing2

Summer vacation is right around the corner and if you are anything like me then you would benefit from an app to help get things organized and packed. I typically only travel once or twice a year and so I’m not particularly good at getting ready for it, but this summer I am taking a bigger trip to Beijing and I am definitely going to need something to help me stay organized as I prepare. Packing Pro’s new update has everything I need.

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‘Opera Coast’ Surfs Web in App-Like Experience on iPad and iPhone


Version 3.0 of the acclaimed Opera Coast browser app is now available in the App Store and there are a number of design enhancements, including working natively on the iPhone, which makes this an interesting app for surfing the web. The developers of Opera Coast recognize that browsers are in a shrinking class, because other apps are becoming the primary method for connecting to our favorite content and friends online.

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m.phase DAW Remote Finds Perfect Balance of Simplicity and Power


I am a big fan of developers that find new ways of doing things in the face of tradition. A new app called m.phase is a perfect example of throwing caution to the wind by changing the fundamental way that you can interact with your music production software.

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Escaping the Shredder in High Flying Bird Thriller

Aero Birdies

At first I couldn’t imagine worse timing for a new physics based bird game, given that it comes in the shadow of the flappy revolution, but once I gave Aero Birdies a try I knew there was something genius in releasing it now. In many ways this game is the antithesis of the flappy bird games because it is polished, has friendly physics, and I can score more than 11 points.

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