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Get Math Calculations Using Your Own Handwriting With MyScript Calculator – iPad App Review

MyScript Calulator Logo

Are you taking math this semester? Do you need a good calculator app? Well, I suppose you could try one of those expensive, fancy Scientific calculators, but there is an even better option.

MyScript, makers of the fascinating handwriting apps MyScript Memo and MyScript Notes Mobile recently released a calculator app that turns your scribbles, scratches, and scrawls into complex mathematical calculations, complete with answers.

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Create Your Very Own Animated Shorts Using iStopMotion for iPad – App Review

iStopMotion LogoWho doesn’t love making their own movies? Maybe it is difficult to find a star for your feature-length film. Maybe you don’t have enough dialogue to make a two-hour epic adventure. Maybe your special effects budget is five dollars. If you are better at animated shorts than feature films and you’ve got more action figures than friends, then you can make all of the movies you want using iStopMotion for iPad.

We reviewed iStopMotion in December of 2011, when the iPad 2 was still new. Boinx Sofware recently updated the app to included full audio support in the clip editor, so we thought we’d try it out again.

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Collect Your Lost Belongings from Kleptomaniac Dinosaurs in Sneak Peek – iPad Game Review

sneakpeekSneak Peek is dinosaur-themed retro-style arcade platformer that’s simple to play but hard to put down. In this game players will traverse levels, avoiding T-rexes afflicted with kleptomania.

If that sounds like an inventive theme, trust me, it is. The idea behind the game is that these rampaging T-rexes have stolen your belongings, so you must go through level after level collecting your items while avoiding giant dinosaur teeth.

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Defend the Mushroom Kingdom in Mushroom Wars — iPad Game Review

mushroomwarsMushroom Wars was originally a game on the PlayStation Network, which has been successfully ported to iOS. The game focuses on the Mushroom Kingdom, which has been threatened by a menacing unknown enemy.

The peace of the kingdom is at risk, so it’s your job to use the Mushroom Army to restore peace to the forest in this real time strategy game that encourages you to decimate enemy tribes while capturing strategic locations.

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Find Out if You Are Smarter Than Kristin, the Real Life Barbie, With Braindex – iPad App Review

Braindex LogoIf you’ve always wanted to play trivia against “C” level celebrities, you’ll be happy to know that your dreams are about to come true. Not only is Braindex a fun trivia game, but it lets you virtually play against TV personalities, comedians, sports stars, and more. Sit down with the likes of Jason Mewes and Mike Tyson and see who is smarter with Braindex.

Players pick a celebrity they want to compete against from the main screen. These are not cartoon drawings of celebrities, but actually people. Braindex host Alex Blagg sits down with celebrities and asks them 10 questions. At the same time Blagg is asking the question, you are seeing the text at the bottom of the screen. Then, you and the celebrity will both see four possible answers. Not only do you receive points for correct answers, but you are also scored on how fast you answer the question.

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Chilly (or Chili) Anyone? Warm Up with Crock-Pot’s Official Recipes – iPad App Review

crockpotappThere is, without question, something a little magical about slow cookers. You put your ingredients in and — boom — dinner. That’s especially true during the cold winter months when soups and stews are tempting.

Arguably the biggest name in the world of slow cookers, CROCK-POT has recently joined the ever-growing number of iPad recipe apps with CROCK-POT™ Recipes—OFFICIAL APP for the CROCK-POT® Slow Cooker.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Might & Magic Clash of Heroes


Each week, Apple spotlights a game that is chosen as the “Editor’s Choice.” While no one knows the identity of the editor (or editors) or what the criteria for being considered is, one thing is for sure, Apple knows how to pick them.

Last week, Apple picked Temple Run 2 which quickly launched to the top spot on the free games list and was downloaded a record 20 million times in only four days. This week’s Editor’s Choice goes to a port of the 2009 Nintendo DS RPG/puzzle game Might & Magic Clash of Heroes.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday – PAC-MAN for iPad


Here at PadGadget, we love classic arcade games and retro-inspired apps. Maybe it’s because we are all a bunch of old fogies. Maybe it’s because we long for the simpler times, when games only had one view and four buttons. What ever the reason, we love all manner of pixilated play. To honor our childhood memories, we are spotlighting some of our favorite old school games and apps.

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Love Donkey Kong? Give Endless Runner Banana Kong a Try – iPad Game Review

bananakongThe endless runner genre has exploded thanks to ultra popular titles like Temple Run 2, and it seems like every week there’s at least one new endless running game to play.

That means the genre is a bit saturated, so successful new games in this category should be fun, innovative, and addictive, adding never before seen gameplay elements. While Banana Kong, a new endless runner from FDG, delivers in the fun category, it is sorely lacking in the innovative and addictive categories.

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Tra-La-Laaa! The Adventures of Captain Underpants Unleashed for iPad — iPad Pad App Review

cuappHave you met George and Harold? They star in Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants series, and their antics are likely familiar to anyone with a school-aged child. In The Adventures of Captain Underpants: The First Epic App (iPad-only) kids can read the first book in the series, create an avatar, play plot-driven minigames, check out the Flip-o-rama, and goof around with the world’s first half-scatological, half-onomatopoeic beatbox.

The Book-o-rama covers George and Harold’s misadventures at Jerome Horwitz Elementary. The boys pull pranks, get into trouble, and bring their own character, Captain Underpants (who doesn’t just look like a superhero flying around in his underwear; he actually is flying around in his underwear) to life.
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