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Never Forget Your Shopping LIst Again with Shopping Pro (Grocery List) – iPad App Review

shoppingHow many times have you realized that you forgot your shopping list at about the same time as you pulled into the parking lot at your favorite grocery store? Ever make it home only to be reminded by your spouse that they needed you to grab an extra ingredient for supper?

Anybody with a memory that can occasionally fail them will benefit greatly from Shopping Pro (Grocery List): a shopping list app that uses the power of iCloud sync to give your entire family the ability to “share, modify and shop with a common, living list whenever and wherever they are.”

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Keep The Sour Puss Away From This Hamster Chase – iPad App Review

Hamster Chase LogoIf you are looking for an adorable arcade game that doesn’t take much effort, but will give you something to do for hours, then you need to check out the fluffy hamster family of Sasha, Goldie, Snowflake, and Ting-Ting as they roll their way to their delicious dinners.

Hamster Chase is a tilt-control based arcade game that requires players to have a steady, but quick hand to get the fuzz balls to their yummy seeds. Roll the hamsters across the maze to the pile of seeds by tilting your iPad.

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I Am Vegend: Zombiegeddon: The Title Says It All – iPad App Review

I Am Vegend LogoExpanding on the idea of Plants vs. Zombies, this arcade game gives plants some powerful weapons and they don’t need sunshine to grow. When you are the last veggie standing, you don’t worry about when the sun will come up.

Players take charge of a seed-spitting sunflower in an all out war against oncoming zombies. As the fight goes on, free your vegetable friends and they will help destroy the zombies.

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Sofia the First: Story Theater Brings Popular Disney Jr. Princess to the iPad — iPad App Review

sofiaappDisney Junior‘s TV show Sofia the First is about a little girl in a blended family who’s trying to make her way in the kingdom of Enchancia. Disney’s first iOS app, Sofia the First: Story Theater includes both an interactive storybook and a puppet theater, so the reader can learn about Sofia, then create and record her own plays using a variety of royal props.

Sofia the First: Story Theater gives the reader a chance listen to (or read) a story about an regular girl in an extraordinary situation, then to enjoy the kind of creative, open-ended play that is the province of childhood. In other words, it’s a win-win.
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SEGA’s Kingdom Conquest II Unleashed on iPad


In May of 2011, SEGA’s first MMO game, Kingdom Conquest, received a bit of bad press for having a bug in the system that charged users up to $43.99 for unauthorized in-app purchases. Some users even complained that they were charged for the download of the app when they didn’t even have an iPhone. Apple quickly refunded users’ money and SEGA eventually fixed the problem, but the issue was quietly swept under the rug. Today, the company has announced the launch of the sequel to Kingdom Conquest. We don’t have anything to worry about, do we?

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Get Ready for Inauguration Day with Disney American Presidents — iPad App Review

APappDisney American Presidents, the entertainment giant’s recent iPad-only edu-app for kids, is an informative and entertaining look at the American Presidency. The app includes go-to facts and sound bites for all 44 Presidents, as well as an instructional, and humorous, video for each president featuring commentary from political big wigs like Wesley Clark and Robert Reich, as well as the more offbeat opinions of comedian Mo Rocca.

Which President did ladies think was Mr. Congeniality? Which President got stuck in the White House bathtub? Disney American Presidents answers these questions, and offers a kid more than just the facts, so the app is sure to hold a child’s attention.

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IdentiKat Will Delight Creative, Cat-loving Kids — iPad App Review

idcatappUsing a style reminiscent of the late children’s book illustrator Simms Taback, IdentiKat adds a splash of colorful tromp l’oeil to the iPad. This universal iOS app allows a child (and, er, maybe an adult or two) to solve six adorable cat face puzzles in the Kat Cut section and create her own feline creations in the Kat Lab.

IdentiKat doesn’t rely on standard issue digital shapes or paint tools. Instead the app offers a wide selection of choices that look as if they came from a royal seamstresses scrap drawer. A kid can choose from buttons, brocades, and trims in every color of the rainbow when creating a cat. The puzzles use the same handsome assortment of pieces as well to create a parade of charming felines.
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No More Sleeping, Its Time to Wake the Cat – iPad App Review

Wake the Cat LogoIf you’re in the mood for a cute and cuddly physics-based puzzle game, then you’ve found the cutest. Wake the Cat will make you purr with happiness. Watch out for moving trains and blustery fans as you maneuver a ball of yarn across the floor and into the sleepy paws of the cuddly kitty.

Players must figure out how to get a ball of yarn from one side of the room to the other. Sometimes, only a box is in the way. Other times, there is so much junk on the floor it’s a wonder anyone can walk through the room at all.

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Get Your Brain in Gear Playing HEX IT: Awesome Puzzle Game for iPad

puzzleWhatever you think your plans were for the day: cancel them. If you start playing HEX IT: Awesome Puzzle Game for iPad, chances are very good that it will be a long while before you stop.

Curious what it’s all about? Think Rubik’s cube meets slider puzzle meets the hexagon and you’ll have some idea. HEX IT is addictive to be sure but it is also easy to learn, easy to play and the right amount of challenging to make it truly fun.

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Win Big With Big Win Basketball – iPad App Review

Big Win BBall LogoDennis Rodman is back in business with collaboration on a new stats-based trading card game about basketball. In connection with Hothead Games, Rodman lent his gaming expertise for the development of Big Win Basketball.

Players are given a random start pack of virtual cards to use for the game. The deck will have at least five player cards, plus action cards, or “Big Impact” cards.

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